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Real Estate Investment Banking RankingsI'm curious if anyone can provide some insight on who the top players are within this industry group. My understanding is that historically it has been BAML, JPM, and DB. Who are the top firms in this space today and are there any banks that seem to be quickly moving up or down the ranks? Thanks... 1 year 2 months


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Traveling to see dealsIve seen every deal weve actually bought in person and otherwise have traveled every couple months to take tours. Really all depends if the senior person on the deal wants to take someone with them. Its so valuable to actually see other markets in person and have a chance to meet market... 1 week 2 days
"Rosenbaum type book" for Real Estate...Real Estate Finance & Investments by Bruggeman and Real Estate Finance & Investments: Risks and Opportunities by Linneman are considered the go-to books. Not solely focused on valuation and modeling but very thoroughly cover most real estate topics. 1 week 5 days
Real Estate vs. Finance RotationalAgree f50 will likely play better for MBA so if you still see banking/consulting as your eventual goal, f50 is probably the way to go. 3 weeks 6 days
Brokerage Exit Opps?You might already be aware but some of the larger pe shops have dedicated people to source their debt. That seems like it would be a fairly natural transition. 4 weeks 14 hours
Entry level real estate analyst jobThis is really hard to respond to. Scattered progression and too many questions all at once. 4 weeks 14 hours
White Tee under dress shirts?v neck without tie. crew neck with tie. ive never noticed a white undershirt under a non-white shirt so i dont know why you need to match the shade of the undershirt with your dress shirt. maybe im missing something but white seems to work for everything for me, 1 month 3 days
Good tailor in NYC?Ive used binichi custom tailor a few times. William is nice and does a good job for a decent price. Does not have long hours though so you have to make it work with your schedule. 1 month 3 days
JP Morgan Real Estate LA vs Morgan Stanley Real...what the hell is going on 1 month 1 week
Any insights on HFF? Adding to the geography insight, HFF is very strong in the south Florida markets (Id say top 2 with CBRE) and has a good presence in Chicago as well. 2 months 2 weeks
RE groups at Banks buying, selling, investing in...I would just add that at a bank you might be working in an entrepreneurial environment but within a larger highly structured framework that you wouldn't necessarily find at a dedicated PE shop. The result of that is probably more checks and balances and a longer chain of command. So while the... 2 months 3 weeks