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Debtwire or Reorg SubscribersAre there any Debtwire or Reorg subscribers here? I have a few questions about those two products. No, I am not looking for access or your user credentials. I'm doing some market research and would appreciate if you could PM me [I don't want to post comments publicly pertaining to what I'm... 1 year 6 months
Looking to speak with people in distressed/high...Please PM me if you work at a fund or bank and are a trader, analyst, or researcher, or, if you're a bankruptcy/corporate restructuring lawyer. Anything related is welcome too. Thanks. 1 1 year 6 months
eCig MarketWhat's everyones take on the eCig market and related companies? Especially with companies like mCig and their subsidiary VitaCig. I made a small investment in MCIG today b/c I was introduced to their VitaCig product this past Saturday and I loved it. I'm not a smoker, but this thing was awesome. No... 1 year 9 months
Need a currency trader's opinion....Fidelity has recently expanded their offerings of converting dollars to foreign currency and I think this might be a good time to go risk on - particularly if the numbers in the US stay strong and people start diversifying out of the dollar. Either way, I think it's a good startegy to have some non... 23 4 years 3 months
FacebookI'm really curious about everyone's OBJECTIVE opinion on facebook. Yes, we all know the hype and bullshit and this, that and the other. Every financial website is flooded with news since the announcement yesterday and it looks as though many reporters are jumping on the "stay away" bandwagon. I... 24 4 years 3 months
Sales Commissions After TerminationIf anyone could help me out with NY State Law here, or if anyone has any experience with this, I would greatly appreciate it. I was terminated on November 1st and have a substantial amount of earned commissions due to me. My company has not denied this and said they would pay me, but on some... 3 4 years 5 months
How would single currencies be reinstated to...Can anyone explain how the banks would go about reinstating and recapitalizing the individual currencies that make up the Euro. Not that I believe they will break up the currency, but I'm just curious of how they would go about the procedure. I'm assuming there would also be winners and losers?... 10 4 years 6 months
12 Lessons From Steve JobsEveryone should read this. 4 years 6 months
Looking for specific options data....Are there any market data services that provide real-time data on options volume, change in intrinsic volatility, open interest, etc? I can see all the greeks, volume, OI, etc on my optionshouse screen, but I'd like to see the real-time changes as trading goes on. 4 years 7 months
Some Trading Rules to Live By....As I've been reevaluating performance thus far this year and figuring out what I've done that has worked, and not worked, I decided to revisit a list of principles I started about four years ago when I got serious with trading. I'd love to see people build upon this including the guys with... 2 4 years 7 months


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I was "refused entry" to the UK and they asked me...I was "refused entry" to the UK and they asked me to leave the country. No joke. I shouldn't say much else. 58 1 year 9 months
I think the other problem besides the fact that...I think the other problem besides the fact that the pay is the biggest deterrant for teachers is that our education system is geared for the SLOWEST kid in the classroom. I think this is the biggest thing that has to be changed. I used to get in trouble all the time in grade school because I... 87 3 years 8 months
This is a great post and shuld be used as a good...This is a great post and shuld be used as a good guideline for prospective recruits. I'm going to add my two cents on the attach resume thing. I view it as this: attach the resume and ask for what you want, diplomatically. Don't cold email someone and ask for a job, but I don't think asking for... 48 3 years 11 months
Edmundo Braverman: Interesting. I scored a 22...[quote=Edmundo Braverman]Interesting. I scored a 22 on the narcissist quiz, which makes me a narcissist but just barely. I was kinda surprised by that, because I expected the score to be higher. I guess life humbles everyone as they get older. The thing I scored highest on was Authority (7.0) and... 47 4 years 1 month
I've had someone tell me this as well. They also...I've had someone tell me this as well. They also used words such as sociopath, autistic, OCD and bipolar. ADHD was the only clinical thing when I was a kid. I remember one day I got a call from HR and they said, "Just so you know, we had three people mention to us your latest rage on the floor.... 47 4 years 1 month
We should tear up Paris. I'll be there most...We should tear up Paris. I'll be there most likely in March and then in June. l'rasputine is usually the preferred den of Hedonism for me..... 24 4 years 2 months
mb666: That's a decent amount of $ to go out 5...[quote=mb666]That's a decent amount of $ to go out 5 nights a week. Are you in NY? I hope you're keeping it to simple bars. Somehow I manage to drop $40 in a few hours even if I go to a semi dive-bar. But yea I understand the math. That's just a lot of p*ssy. (I've been in a multi-year... 320 4 years 2 months
mb666: etherlord: Here is another one for you...[quote=mb666][quote=etherlord]Here is another one for you: 80% of the people in this thread lied their ass off, and 20% did not (by optimistic estimates). Top 20% in general population is 15+ partners. 100+ is probably top 0.1%, but in this thread it's around 50%.[/quote] I like these numbers... 320 4 years 2 months
I agree with the above for the most part. I made...I agree with the above for the most part. I made my first real estate purchase of a building in Brooklyn and it is a cash cow. I would not, however, invest in buying personal real estate here in NYC. I would suggest an index fund, some currencies, muni bonds and a few individual stocks like... 11 4 years 2 months
etherlord: IamObama: etherlord: "Median...[quote=etherlord][quote=IamObama][quote=etherlord]"Median number of female sexual partners in lifetime, for men 25-44 years of age, 2006-2008: 6.1" Statistically speaking, everyone in this thread is either very exceptional, or a liar. I think, the... 320 4 years 2 months
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