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Building a model from an OMSo my background is M... 15 11 months 3 weeks
How flexible is your shop?Just wondering how flexible employers in ER are with commitments outside of work? I hope to do a course that requires one evening a week (would prob need to finish about 5.30 - 6.00) and two weekends a month. I am currently in banking and obviously that is impossible but just wondering how... 1 year 3 months
Paper that outlines investment processHey, Kinda funny one here but I remember seeing a link posted on a thread here outlining the key things to consider when analysing an investment. It was like a page of bullet points with things you should look for in a good investment and the process from start to finish. I know this is vague... 3 2 years 9 months
Credit fund interview helpHey guys, I have an interview coming up with a credit fund. Mostly invest in Mezz debt to fund LBO's but also some convertible bonds, AAA corporate and CLO's. I have solid finance/accounting knowledge and I love investing/markets but credit stuff is new to me as its a bit more niche and... 6 3 years 2 months
Taking time to travel - ACA styleI'm reaching the end of a three year training contract with a Big 4 firm (TAS). As I approach the end I am starting to think more about my future and the options open to me. It seems the ACA qualification is regarded higher on this side of the atlantic than a CPA is in the states and its fairly... 1 3 years 9 months
Reappraising the Big 4Disclaimer *********When I refer to Big 4 here I'm talking about Big 4 M... 13 4 years 1 week
Best industry for ER?Ok currently working in Big 4 Transaction Advisory....Trying hard to make move to ER now but assuming I play the long game and go into corporate finance at a F500 (while I get my CFA) what industry/sector is best. I see a lot of jobs advertised now for oil/gas ER but assuming it takes 3 years to... 5 4 years 2 weeks
Advice on networking internallyOk really need some advice here. I recently got a job in Big 4 TAS. I was delighted with this and thought I would finally get some decent experience but unfortunately the majority of the work here is based on formal insolvency cases with no analytical finance work (basically more akin to a... 6 4 years 1 month
Does this count as modelling?Just wondering should I talk about a certain aspect of my job in interviews. I work with distressed companies and as part of this we keep very up to date cash book models. A company could have dozens of bank accounts and these models track all outstanding cheques and lodgments and transfers... 7 4 years 2 months
What technicals are asked in ER interviews?Just curious about the standard of technical Q's asked at ER interviews for associate positions. I have seen examples on here range quite broadly in difficulty and I'm just wondering what standard really is required? Could people give examples of technicals they were asked at interview.... 3 4 years 3 months


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Out of interest when people say sh1tty deal flow...Out of interest when people say sh1tty deal flow what would be typical number of deals for an analyst to work on over the two years (in terms of active mandates and deals closed?) 28 11 months 3 weeks
Thanks for the responses guys. Some really...Thanks for the responses guys. Some really helpful stuff in here. MonkeyWrench, coming from a non-RE background I have no experience with Argus (do intend to get familiar in the near future). Given that do you thinK they would give a pass and let me do excel or is it a case of know your shit or... 15 11 months 3 weeks
Thanks for doing this! Very interested to see a...Thanks for doing this! Very interested to see a day-in-the-life (week would be even better!). Are there any exit ops to industry? How does the culture differ to ER? You mention work-life balance - what is you typical work week like hours wise? How predictable is it and what are the... 28 12 months 4 days
Interesting point Ivan....Looking at jobs in the...Interesting point Ivan....Looking at jobs in the uk it seems MBA is not as necessary as in US and CFA has a slightly higher value for IBD (than it does in US where it appears as if its completely disregarded for IBD). I'm looking from the outside so interested to see if anybody can confirm this... 259 1 year 2 weeks
Would love to hear also.Would love to hear also. 2 1 year 3 weeks
Off topic, but mind me asking what you did...Off topic, but mind me asking what you did instead of Corp Dev junkbondswap? What were the reasons you didn't go for it in the end? Feel free to pm if you prefer. 4 1 year 1 month
Studying for L3 at the moment and really think it...Studying for L3 at the moment and really think it is the hardest. I found with level 2 there is huge depth and breadth but with enough time it really boiled down to knowing formula. Drilled flashcards hard (formula and concepts) and felt confident on the day. L3 looks much shorter but I find... 5 1 year 1 month
Pay seems scandalously low in UK compared to US.Pay seems scandalously low in UK compared to US. 68 1 year 2 months
Hope you like early mornings ;)Hope you like early mornings ;) 9 1 year 3 months
Off topic but mind me asking what it is you don't...Off topic but mind me asking what it is you don't like about it? 4 1 year 3 months
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