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Getting B-School Recommendations Years in AdvanceHey everybody, So I have a quick logistics question regarding B-School recommendations and wanted to see if there was a standard protocol on how I should go about this. I am finishing out my analyst program at a strong group and feel like I'm in really good standing with all the senior... 3 2 years 1 month
Bitcoin Will Explode This Weekend; or How I Got...Was initially going to post this as a response in @TheKing's excellent introduction to Bitcoin but figured a bumped thread would generate less discussion than a fresh one. Here's my call for the week: BTC is at ~$950 (via Mt.Gox, Coinbase) right now (Wednesday morning), but will break $1,200... 9 2 years 5 months
For Those Who Missed It: House of Lies Season 2...Just in case this didn't pop up on your radars, House of Lies started its second season tonight. Looks like this season's going to be largely in Vegas, should be cray cray. Enjoy 9 3 years 3 months
NSFW Models 'n Bottles #2Since user mikeswim was nice enough to create such a thought provoking, intelligent, and relevant post on finance lifestyle, I thought I'd follow suit and share some of my own photos of models in bottles. Hope it inspires the same high-quality discussion as episode 1. Enjoy the rest of your... 6 3 years 3 months
Bill Ackman: Everything You Need to Know About...Excellent video from BigThinks for all you n00b chimps and for all you more experienced monkeys that need something to explain what you do to all your chimp friends. Enjoy. (Also, be thankful that it's not Einhorn's creepy little girl voice giving the 45 minute lecture.) William Ackman:... 18 3 years 5 months
Just Updated Resume, Please HelpHey WSO, I just updated my resume and wanted to get some second, third (etc.) eyes on it. Please let me know what you guys think. Thanks, NR 11 3 years 4 months
Facebook Roadshow MaterialsNot sure this has been posted yet, but roadshow materials are now available from FB's roadshow. Roadshow site & Video Prospectus [TechCrunch] Facebook IPO Prospectus 4 4 years 3 days
Warren Buffett Diagnosed With Prostate CancerWe might not always agree with his politics, but a glorious mind should be respected regardless of whether or not it agrees with yours. This is sad news, but he should be okay. Let's hope the experts remain bullish on his health. 9 4 years 2 weeks
The Rainmakers Behind The Top 10 M&A Fees in...I recently came across an article in the January 2012 issue of Institutional Investor that had in depth profiles of 2011's top deal fees and their driving forces. Unfortunately, I can't reproduce the article, but think it's still incredibly valuable to share the list. I think that too often a... 8 4 years 3 weeks
Apple to Issue Dividends, Repurchase $10B of...Hot off of this morning's conference call, it looks like they're gonna kick some of that cash mountain back to shareholders. Thoughts? What will aapl finish at today (currently up ~2.2%)? Are you long on aapl / will it reach $1,000? From Chris Velazco of ...Tim Cook notes that... 20 4 years 1 month


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Mega Fund (KKR, Blackstone, Apollo, TPG, etc.)Mega Fund (KKR, Blackstone, Apollo, TPG, etc.) 69 6 months 2 weeks
I use TNR, with my name in Engravers. If you...I use TNR, with my name in Engravers. If you really want to impress a particular bank though, ask a buddy there what the firm's font (every bank has one) is and adjust accordingly. It will be a good touch. lol 117 6 months 3 weeks
jackofalltrades: To preempt that next thred......[quote=jackofalltrades]To preempt that next thred... Yes; I think you should put your middle intial on your resume. It gives you more credibility IMO.[/quote] Half hour too late jackie. 117 6 months 3 weeks
A Posse Ad Esse: Nouveau Richie: Silian...[quote=A Posse Ad Esse][quote=Nouveau Richie]Silian Braille on Bone colored paper.[/quote]Cillian bro.[/quote] You are correct sir. I was just testing you anyway... you passed with flying colors! 117 6 months 3 weeks
Silian Braille on Bone colored paper.Silian Braille on Bone colored paper. 117 6 months 3 weeks
happy doesn't know what he's talking about. WF...happy doesn't know what he's talking about. WF usually takes blood, semen, and stool samples. 47 6 months 3 weeks
Local Motors Rally Fighter + 2019 Tesla RoadsterLocal Motors Rally Fighter + 2019 Tesla Roadster 50 7 months 2 days
A post so good it brought me back from the dead...A post so good it brought me back from the dead. Particularly enjoyed #s 1-3. Funny we have basically the exact opposite problem to number 2 here in Silicon Valley, so many people that think they're the oddball contrarian that the "contrarian" position often becomes the dominant meme in the echo... 22 8 months 3 weeks
Quaneaser: This is probably the best thread of...[quote=Quaneaser]This is probably the best thread of I've seen on this site about this topic: Specifically I've always liked @Nouveau Richie's post and breakout: Bulge Bracket: GS, MS, JPM, Barclays, CS, DB, Citi, BAML, UBS Tier-2... 67 1 year 5 months
Last summer my shop gave it on day 1 of training.Last summer my shop gave it on day 1 of training. 83 1 year 6 months
WallStreet Prep Master Financial Modeling