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Interview Style by Firm (MBB)Hi! Curious; how does the interview process differ by MBB firm (style-wise) and what do each of them look for in undergrad hires in context of the interview? Thanks! 3 4 months 2 weeks
WSO Consulting Materials + Video-Conference...Hello I have a 1st round scheduled in January. 3 Quick questions; -How good are WSO's prep materials? -My plan is to go through "Crack The Case" (I've been told that it teaches the frameworks quite well but is lacking when it comes to practice) and then "Case In Point" (I've been told that... 1 4 months 2 weeks
Best books on real estateHi! I searched the forum and couldn't find the exact thing I was looking for. I'm looking for the best books, texts or otherwise, on understanding real estate A to Z, perhaps the specific topic being real estate economics. I've been looking all over Amazon and everything I've come across is... 23 10 months 2 weeks
"X Country Will Have ## Million in the...Stupid question; how do they come up with such an exact number? and isn't the number generally dependent on one major variable (in Asia Pacific's case China's continued growth between 4% to 7% per year) for countries that tout statistics like that? 10 months 4 weeks
Tell me if I'm wrongI know it's a very (very) broad generalization (as industry specifics would magnify the accuracy or inaccuracy of this statement), but shoot it down if you find any holes in the logic: It's better to look for an opportunity in an industry where market share is quite consolidated as opposed to... 4 11 months 5 days
Family business questionHad a long talk with a close friend who is thinking of going to business school and he brought up the topic of certain things in his background that business schools might scoff at. He works for one of the largest companies in the world (Oil... 15 11 months 1 week
Referrals - Help?I'm very fortunate to have known a person who has worked with one of the MBBs as a client on multiple engagements. She deals with the consultants and on multiple occasions decided which one to go with for a project. I have had her as a personal mentor since my junior year of high school (through my... 5 1 year 5 months
Internship in Hong KongAny advice on affordable and good housing? good hourly pay rates to ask for (if in a position to do so) ? Any other advice? I am starting my recruiting drive for it from now even though this is for next summer's internship to get as maximum traction as possible. 5 1 year 10 months
Traveling with multiple suitsHello all Thoughts on how to (safely) fit 5 suits into one bag?? Thanks! 15 2 years 2 weeks
University-hosted Finance ConferencesThese are usually really strange. It feels like the attendees are usually there by force, not like they're interested in getting to know students. What's the best way to network at such university-hosted events? 1 2 years 3 weeks


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Any others willing to put in their 2 cents? I...Any others willing to put in their 2 cents? I would sincerely appreciate it 670 6 months 2 weeks
I meant consulting. This is the consulting forum.I meant consulting. This is the consulting forum. 670 6 months 2 weeks
Help please?Help please? 670 6 months 2 weeks
Best firm for Energy & Utilities? (Originally...Best firm for Energy... 670 6 months 2 weeks
Betsy Massar: @konig 3.2 in engineering is a...[quote=Betsy Massar]@konig 3.2 in engineering is a decent GPA, but it also depends on the rigor of the program you attended. And it depends on the courses you did take as well as your trend. An upward trend is obviously better than the other way around; most admissions readers are willing to... 15 11 months 5 days
Frank Slaughtery: to add a data point, my work...[quote="Frank Slaughtery"]to add a data point, my work experience was a combination of a family business and a company i started and i was accepted into multiple m7 schools.[/quote] That's awesome. Curious as to how you spun it in your essays. 15 11 months 6 days
Betsy Massar: You wrote I'm really feeling it...[quote="Betsy Massar"]You wrote I'm really feeling it for this dude. His GPA is above a 3.0 (engineering), which I assume is acceptable, no? and yes, I agree with @CRE that you may be the person in question. If not, you are a very good friend, and I hope this scion of capitalism appreciates you... 15 11 months 6 days
Betsy Massar: Sure, I can see the worry about...[quote="Betsy Massar"] Sure, I can see the worry about nepotism and sinecures, and all that feudal stuff, but the admissions committee reader would only devalue the position if the candidate had an empty title and didn't do any work. I think admissions will worry more about an only-OK GPA, which... 15 11 months 1 week
DCDepository: How would the adcoms know they...[quote="DCDepository"]How would the adcoms know they are family-associated companies? Is his name, like, Richard Thomas and the companies names, like, Thomas & Thomas and Thomas Associates or something?[/quote] They're not but a quick google search (do adcoms do that if they've never heard... 15 11 months 1 week
Hi Awesome07 Thanks for your reply. I was...Hi Awesome07 Thanks for your reply. I was wondering if you could help me with this hypothetical scenario: My mentor introduces me to a partner at an MBB and tells him/her that I am interested in the consulting business and would appreciate the chance to speak to someone knowledgable in the... 5 1 year 5 months
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