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BB vs. MMSo I've been fortunate enough to get a handful of offers this fall for full-time jobs- 3 BBs and one MM. I've cut it down to just two- CS San Fran or Jefferies Broadview in Boston. Not looking to have someone tell me where to go, but I'd love to hear from some of the bankers on the board what... 16 8 years 6 months
Bear, MLI'll be interviewing for FT offers with these two banks and want to hear what you guys think. I know Bear is getting hit hard lately. What are their best groups? For Merrill, if I get a position it will likely be in the Tech group. How is their activity? They looked solid in Tech deals through... 17 8 years 8 months
Canaccord Adams - How is deal flow and exit opps? Just looking to see what people think of Canaccord. I'm looking at a potential position at the old Adams, Harkness, & Hill in Boston. How is deal flow, exit ops, workload, etc? 7 2 weeks 2 days
Best Tech I-BanksI'm currently a rising senior working in Corp Finance for EMC Corp's M... 6 8 years 10 months
Fortune 500 M&AHey guys, just wanted to know what some other people would think of this opportunity. I might have an opportunity to work directly with a VP of a Fortune 500 firm in Massachusetts in their M... 3 9 years 3 weeks
UBS EquitiesI know equities is sales and trading, but can any of you guys give me some dirt on UBS's equities team? i've been reading up that UBS IBD is one of the biggest equity sellers in the world for the primary market, but what about their role in the secondary market? any good info on hours, what their... 1 9 years 2 months
Lehman Cap Markets?Has anyone heard anything back from Lehman for Capital Markets or IBD internships? I know they're doing 2 separate internship periods this summer so they've got a lot more resumes to sift through, but I've heard nary a peep from anyone on this board about Lehman offers. Anyone with info on... 5 9 years 2 months


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True targets are HYPS Additionally: Wharton Other...True targets are HYPS Additionally: Wharton Other Ivies G-Town MIT Northwestern/UChicago (mostly for Chicago) NYU Duke UVa Michigan Texas/Rice (mostly Houston) Amherst Williams Swarthmore Pomona/Claremont (for LA) Not to say certain banks don't come to other places, but these... 217 3 months 2 weeks
There's a monster thread on this board that has...There's a monster thread on this board that has people's general thoughts on this topic. Use the search tool on the forum page. 217 3 months 2 weeks
Comic sans! Honestly, no bank gives a sh1t about...Comic sans! Honestly, no bank gives a sh1t about your font unless you pick something ridiculous. Just stick to Times New Roman to be safe. Some of you people here are ridiculous. 117 6 months 3 weeks
CS also does recruiting directly for their oil...CS also does recruiting directly for their oil & gas group via Houston. Mainly look at kids from UT Austin, Texas A&M and Rice. 670 6 months 3 weeks
Barclehs is the tops. They were the first group...Barclehs is the tops. They were the first group in Lehman to get offered to stay by Barclays. As ehf said, the Swiss banks are also very strong as well. 670 6 months 3 weeks
untitled123: This Thread is meaningless, use...[quote=untitled123]This Thread is meaningless, use the damn search function. ------------------------------------------------------------ The musings and antics of a Meathead college wrestler turned asset backed securities trader.[/quote] Dude who made you the... 34 2 years 5 months
Agree with WHMD. Most times I've seen levered...Agree with WHMD. Most times I've seen levered FCF it has been off EBIT*(1-t). A lot of stuff below EBIT is hard to flesh out and normalize, so most just use EBIT*(1-t) because it is 'cleaner', ie you know all the non-recurring adjustments have been made to get from GAAP to non-GAAP. 31 4 years 3 weeks
BC has an enormous number of d-bags, but it...BC has an enormous number of d-bags, but it places pretty well into middle market and a decent number of larger banks. Nova is a bit less fun because they don't have D-1 football and are outside Philly, but BC is not like MIT/Harvard/BU - they're a solid 30-45 minute T ride into Boston too. If... 19 5 years 3 weeks
Most associates make somewhere between $100-120k...Most associates make somewhere between $100-120k base and matching bonus. I am sure there are some places that pay more than that but those rough figures are a good place to start. Things start to vary widely as you get to senior associate / VP, as some places continue to pay junior guys in cash... 6 5 years 3 weeks
They've got some pretty good relationships with...They've got some pretty good relationships with middle market PE firms, especially in TMT. Worse places to start your career but wouldn't expect KKR to be knocking down your door after two years. 11 5 years 1 month
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