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What are the issues facing foreign banks in the...Its hard to be specific without knowing the bank in particular (not suggesting you name the bank) for example UBS - Reduce RWA and get basel 3 compliant Barclays - too big to fail (more uk regulation, split/segregate banking units, sword of damocles etc) RBS - see comment from above poster,... 2 years 4 months
What are the issues facing foreign banks in the...Are we talking investment banking specifically or banking as a whole. Many issues, you can hit on capital requirements, RWAs, Basel 3 etc General banking - regulation! Regulation!! And more regulation!!! Not saying you have to pick sides if you support it or not, just seems like they may be... 2 years 4 months
Jump from research to banking, after bleeding...Congrats... don't like drinking much at bank but make your way up to "the white horse" over at exchange square, should be a ten minute walk from bank. Better drinking crowd 2 years 4 months
PE FoF Again i work for a HF FoF - so im talking HF pay.... At mine 2nd/3rd year analyst 80k base 30-80k bonus depending on how the fund peforms... Associate 120k bonus 60-120k exact figures cutting the BS is about $130k analyst and associate anything over $170k is good enough... Again analyst and... 2 years 5 months
PE FoF I work on the HF FoF - so take my advice with a grain of salt, as I can only advice you from my HF FoF and interactions with PE FoF buddies. 1. switching back to 'regular' PE from PE FoF - yes it is possible, however this is heavily dependent on your original PE knowledge. remember at FoF level... 2 years 5 months
Misdemeanor Crime... Please Help, Need AdviceI was just going to say - go to the store and BEG!!! even if it means cleaning the toilets for weeks till the owner(s) drop the charges 2 years 6 months
I'm a successful private trader. What's...I second Benjammin - the range will provide more pespective. Also if you are consistentily averaging 5% each month, what is your worst monthly loss? 2 years 6 months
I'm a successful private trader. What's...You sound like a good guy, so i will give my unbiased $0.02 Seeing that i currently work at a hedge fund, specifically a fund of funds, first you might be overstating your returns 5% monthly will make you one of the best managers right now. Your strategy might be working but it might not be... 2 years 6 months
The Preventing Paris Hilton Act of 2013There will always be loopholes to avoid taxes 2 years 6 months
Am I being underpaid?As long as your bonus is >= $20k you are fine. If its less, start looking else where, you might want to think SF, I used to live in SC and its not as huge for finance as you would think. However my friend - don't say a word till that bonus hits your account! 2 years 7 months