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Risk of heart disease for bankersA new study suggests that working 11 hours a day elevates your risk of developing heart disease by 67% relative to those who work an 8-hour day. 11 hours a day is a blessing compared to what bankers are working, and most people at hedge funds/pe firms will be working at least that, if not more.... 4 years 3 months


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Can you beat this amount?Well I spend $1200 a month but I also have a great girlfriend and a good social life. I think balance is the key, although in this economy it's good to save up as an entry level employee as a hedge against career risk. 3 years 7 months
Hurricane Irene ThreadI can't believe the media is still hyping this crappy thunderstorm. 3 years 10 months
Best Prop Trading Firms 2011Toro Trading is a another up and coming derivs firm. 3 years 10 months
And YOU thought you had a bad day[quote=Midas Mulligan Magoo]Some of you guys call me a savage, while some think I am joking but you are all patently mistaken if you think that the disciplining of your woman is anything less than your divine right and an genetic duty. I am not saying that all women need an iron fist and a led... 3 years 11 months
engineer breaking into IB1) You MUST list your cumuluative GPA to be considered. If you took the SAT and did well list that too. 2) Cut your resume down to 1 page...they will not read a 5 page resume for an entry level position. It must be 1 page. Focus on work experience. 3 years 11 months
And YOU thought you had a bad day(double post) 3 years 11 months
And YOU thought you had a bad dayThey should have the death penalty for this kind of shit. 3 years 11 months
Best paid UG jobTop bucket at Citadel is ~220k first year. DE Shaw probably pays a lot to analysts (~120+bonus or so). Prop shops with performance comp if you are a star at Jump/IMC/Optiver or other places that have you trading almost immediately (Jane Street/SIG/DRW have ~1 year year training programs) could pay... 3 years 12 months
Does consulting really give the toughest...[quote=qweretyq]Jane St is definitely tougher to get into than MBB. But I don't think this applies to other prop... SIG and a couple others were much easier I agree with the above about MBB interviewing everyone for first rounds ... I interviewed with all 3 and the first rounds were not too bad... 3 years 12 months
Does consulting really give the toughest...I would guess that less than 1% of McKinsey consultants could pass Jane Street's interview process. Probably 10% of Jane Streeters would get hired at McKinsey if they interviewed. The difference is an order of magnitude. In general glassdoor sucks, its data is pretty unreliable. Also they are... 3 years 12 months