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David and Goliath: The Boutique and The Bulge...Mod Note (Andy) - #TBT Throwback Thursday - this was originally posted on 10/11/13 and is great information for those thinking about which types of banks to apply to for FT and SA positions. Autumn has arrived. For those seniors fresh off their summer analyst stint or juniors gearing up for... 1 month 1 week
Why there isn't more diversity on the streetMod note (Andy): WSO top comments - this one is from the post in response to diversity in investment banks. "Any front office African Americans in IB?". This is a great comment for anyone who hasn't seen it. Click here to see more top rated comments You asked why there isn't more diversity on... 1 year 9 months
Giving Back: Beginning as a Contributing AuthorI’ve been asked to begin contributing as an author on this site, and given how many private messages and replies I’ve been receiving to a number of my posts within several threads lately, I was happy to oblige. Let me state up-front that I unfortunately can’t do an AMA, simply because there are... 2 years 1 month
The "log in to read more" barrierI know this is a site feature designed to promote active participation and generate more unique registered users for the site, but it is incredibly annoying to not be able to see full threads without signing in. For those of us who cannot sign in at work due to company policy regarding posting on... 2 years 4 months
Good luck to all starting Summer Analyst roles...Best of luck to everyone beginning their summer analyst gigs today. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, running off to the hallowed halls of Goldman, Morgan, Lehman (wait...), Citi, and the shiny newer nameplates of Moelis, Evercore, Gleacher, and Greenhill, may you all succeed this summer in the most... 2 years 5 months
Taubman leaves Morgan StanleyWow, didn't see this one coming. [quote]Since the financial crisis, Morgan Stanley has been struggling to squeeze more money out of its sales and trading business, which has suffered as the bank has pulled back on taking... 3 years 2 weeks
Kobe Loses Three Mansions + $75m in DivorceMonkeys, This topic has been beaten to death on these forums, but in case you aren't absolutely convinced of the necessity of signing the almighty get-out-of-marital-jail-free card known as the prenuptial agreement, take a life lesson from the living case of Kobe Bryant. 3 years 10 months
Inspiration : How Bad Do You Want It? (Success)How badly do you want to succeed? Do you actually live, breathe, think, and sleep for success ... or are you simply mouthing the words, going through the motions, living a very lie? This is pretty powerful. I don't like talking about my personal background here, but I found so much of what the... 3 years 11 months
Occupy Occupy Wall StreetAnyone else see this shit and think it's hilarious? I don't care your stance on the original topic itself (I'm looking at you, ANT/TheKing/bondarb), this is downright hilarious. Occupy Occupy Wall Street, join the resistance . . . 4 years 1 month
Rent an Entire Country?Saw something from Travel and Leisure in my feed a minute ago that made me double-take. Apparently now through you can rent the entire Principality of Lichtenstein on a nightly basis, or if your means are more meager, one or some of the villages therein. Read the full article here, but... 4 years 7 months


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Yes, the basic gist is that the best candidates...Yes, the basic gist is that the best candidates seem to be stopping their career for school only if it's H/S. Many are simply not stopping at all; they're pushing for the direct promote, moving somewhere where they don't need the MBA (this is often from MF PE to 'MF' HF), or starting something of... 1 hour 10 min
If you're sure that VC is long-term career...If you're sure that VC is long-term career interest, then you absolutely need to take it. VCs like to hire people from other VCs, successful entrepreneurs who have exited businesses (and thus gained liquidity, invaluable knowledge, and a robust network of investors at other firms + quality... 5 hours 48 min
This is one of my favorite posts. Failure is only...This is one of my favorite posts. Failure is only a negative thing if we don't learn from it. My closest friends are the ones who know my failures and whose struggles I know. We have a shared trait of introspection and commitment to self-improvement. Life isn't easy by any means, but you can... 6 hours 8 min
You're in a really fortunate position. I would...You're in a really fortunate position. I would pursue something that allows you to build (more) wealth. Wealth isn't generated by wages, it's generated by ownership. Find something relevant to a passion or deep interest of yours and either buy or build a business around it. I didn't read your... 6 hours 16 min
undefined: That's what I've found. Correct me if...[quote="undefined"]That's what I've found. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I've been hearing that Wharton has kind of dropped half a step behind H/S (not just in Post-MBA PE placement -- I'm talking big picture). Would you agree w/ that?Very interesting to hear re: Columbia. I'm aware of their... 8 hours 20 min
Goldman's Leveraged Finance originates,...Goldman's Leveraged Finance originates, structures, and executes bank loan, high yield bond, and bridge financings for corporate clients and financial sponsors. Typical transactions are LBOs, M... 10 hours 14 min
This is astute thinking on your part. The primary...This is astute thinking on your part. The primary hurdles will be your age and lack of experience; if you can convince all your counterparts that your skill outweighs those, you're in business (literally). I'll echo the previous poster who said your value-add as a sell-side advisor is lower than... 2 days 22 hours
Healthcare is known to be a strong group, but the...Healthcare is known to be a strong group, but the lifestyle is very demanding. Yes, you absolutely should be getting to know the people there better in the coming months ahead of the summer. I may make a front-page post about this and flesh out some of the longer comments I've made in threads... 3 days 10 hours
The legacy Lehman groups have historically had...The legacy Lehman groups have historically had the best PE placement: NatRes (specifically Houston) and Power were the two heavy hitters. There is no dedicated M... 3 days 14 hours
I'll confirm what was mentioned above. Lev Fin RX...I'll confirm what was mentioned above. Lev Fin RX at GS is not an advisory group, you aren't doing the intensive modeling and analysis that a restructuring analyst does - you are a financing source. If you want to be able to recruit to something other than a credit fund, a classic advisory group... 3 days 21 hours
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