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L/S Equity HF and PE Offers (Post-MBA dilemma)x 1 2 months 4 weeks
VC PC Casebook ebookDoes anyone know where I can buy a copy of this ebook? I'm desperate and can't wait for Amazon to deliver.... Also desperate enough that if questionable means are the only way I'd do it. 1 3 years 5 months
College Career Portal or LinkedInSo I recently found a buyside position I'm very interested in that has been advertised on both my college's careers portal (recent alum: 2011) and LinkedIn. Any advice as to which I should submit my application on? I'm guessing LinkedIn would have more garbage applications, but at the same time my... 5 3 years 6 months
Question: Days Sales OutstandingI'm working through Pearl and Rosenblaum now and in their sample DCF, the assumptions for Days Sales Outstanding are per the image attached, or linked below. Shouldn't the downside cases have higher days outstanding since shorter DSO's means the company collects... 3 3 years 6 months
Nix this guy 1 3 years 6 months
3i InterviewHi All, Thanks for all the help so far. Have an interview with 3i lined up next week and was wondering if anyone had experience interviewing there. Any insight on APAC interviews and candidates with consulting backgrounds would be especially helpful. Thanks! FRJ 4 3 years 6 months
EM PE InterviewI have an interview with an emerging markets focused shop with AUM in the 2.5-3.5 billion range. From what I understand, there will be no modeling test, but definitely questions on finance, models and past experience. I'm beasting my way through Damodaran's class from last semester... including... 8 3 years 7 months
Is Advisory = Consulting?Recently, I met a girl from Ernst & Young Advisory, who claimed she was a management consultant. Having never had experience with Advisory, I didn't know what to say. Can somebody enlighten me? 15 5 years 1 week
Post-MBA MBB RecruitmentI'm currently at a non-MBB, looking to break into one of the three as I really enjoy consulting. Do any of MBB provide tuition reimbursement to b-school hires? I ask this because my current firm will pay for my MBA, but I'd like to switch over to MBB, and ideally at the lowest personal cost. 5 years 2 months
buy side portali remember someone posting a link to an invite-only information/discussion portal for buy-side professionals here a while ago but can't find the thread. did anyone bookmark it? thanks. 6 years 3 weeks


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We're market neutral and do generate short alpha...We're market neutral and do generate short alpha... Even in a rising market as long as the shorts go up by less than the longs we're okay. 14 2 hours 48 min
Seems like you already found the problem. That...Seems like you already found the problem. That needs solving. Firefighters don't know how to manage the relatively good amounts of money they earn. You have access to a lot of firefighters. Start with yourself and a couple of your station mates, and if you help them do decently then you'll have... 36 1 week 1 day
Sorry lol... dont know why that post moved down....Sorry lol... dont know why that post moved down. I edited it to correct a typo. 8 1 week 3 days
Call a spade a spade... You are a fund admin guy.Call a spade a spade... You are a fund admin guy. 8 1 week 3 days
yeah its still a great job. i'm quite tight with...yeah its still a great job. i'm quite tight with our ops/admin guys. just saying that you'd still be the "fund admin" guy, just in house. 8 1 week 3 days
Do you count in house fund admin as moving to a...Do you count in house fund admin as moving to a HF? 8 1 week 3 days
Is this an internship? Keep in mind that as a...Is this an internship? Keep in mind that as a search fund intern you'll be spending 95% of your time making cold calls. 2 1 week 5 days
biggsy: USA big 4 (but not NYC, Chicago, etc...[quote="biggsy"]USA big 4 (but not NYC, Chicago, etc.).. We provide services on large public deals. Curious to hear your thoughts.[/quote] Which part of this is mid market 13 1 week 6 days
I'd go for MM PE. Dead ends aren't all that bad...I'd go for MM PE. Dead ends aren't all that bad... I mean technically speaking heaven is a dead end. 6 1 week 6 days
dcrowoar: I see, thanks for clarifying. Were...[quote="dcrowoar"]I see, thanks for clarifying. Were all of you from the same shop and got head-hunted that way, through the company alumni network?[/quote] All three different shops. CEO was the lead client partner for the company at his firm. I applied online, think COS did the same but I can'... 13 2 weeks 4 hours
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