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VC PC Casebook ebookDoes anyone know where I can buy a copy of this ebook? I'm desperate and can't wait for Amazon to deliver.... Also desperate enough that if questionable means are the only way I'd do it. 2 years 7 months
College Career Portal or LinkedInSo I recently found a buyside position I'm very interested in that has been advertised on both my college's careers portal (recent alum: 2011) and LinkedIn. Any advice as to which I should submit my application on? I'm guessing LinkedIn would have more garbage applications, but at the same time my... 2 years 8 months
Question: Days Sales OutstandingI'm working through Pearl and Rosenblaum now and in their sample DCF, the assumptions for Days Sales Outstanding are per the image attached, or linked below. Shouldn't the downside cases have higher days outstanding since shorter DSO's means the company collects... 2 years 8 months
Nix this guy 2 years 8 months
3i InterviewHi All, Thanks for all the help so far. Have an interview with 3i lined up next week and was wondering if anyone had experience interviewing there. Any insight on APAC interviews and candidates with consulting backgrounds would be especially helpful. Thanks! FRJ 2 years 8 months
EM PE InterviewI have an interview with an emerging markets focused shop with AUM in the 2.5-3.5 billion range. From what I understand, there will be no modeling test, but definitely questions on finance, models and past experience. I'm beasting my way through Damodaran's class from last semester... including... 2 years 9 months
Is Advisory = Consulting?Recently, I met a girl from Ernst & Young Advisory, who claimed she was a management consultant. Having never had experience with Advisory, I didn't know what to say. Can somebody enlighten me? 4 years 2 months
Post-MBA MBB RecruitmentI'm currently at a non-MBB, looking to break into one of the three as I really enjoy consulting. Do any of MBB provide tuition reimbursement to b-school hires? I ask this because my current firm will pay for my MBA, but I'd like to switch over to MBB, and ideally at the lowest personal cost. 4 years 4 months
buy side portali remember someone posting a link to an invite-only information/discussion portal for buy-side professionals here a while ago but can't find the thread. did anyone bookmark it? thanks. 5 years 2 months
Apply to Safety?I've had close to 10 interview with various IBs, reaching the final round for some, but have yet to secure an SA offer. I recently discovered that one particular BB is still recruiting for an overseas office, with positions in IBD, S... 5 years 3 months


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ASIA 2015 IBD SA Recruiting[quote=haloopeedoo]goldman offers out![/quote] HK or SG? 5 months 1 week
Top MA schools for IB aside from Harvard?what about MIT? 6 months 1 week
Move To The USA To Break In?honestly you could get an MBA but if you keep being a whiney, self-entitled little bitch you're not getting shit. 6 months 2 weeks
Consolidation continues: OW acquires OC&C...[quote=DeloitteSandO]Have a link for this news?[/quote] no source either but saw a bunch of friends at OC&C change their employers to OW on LinkedIN 6 months 4 weeks
Cerner and Epic (Healthcare Consulting)...[quote=mofscripts]Epic starting pay for IC's is $65K, but most positions are through Consulting Companies on an hourly contract basis $56-65 an hour, Epic rarely hires IC's. Cerner is the same with Pay around $58K. eClinicalWorks hires herds of IC's at a time, staring pay with great experience is $... 9 months 2 weeks
Consulting exit opps pre MBA vs post MBAactually from what i've seen its normally an increase in comp, with a decreased future growth rate. 9 months 2 weeks
Interested in Parthenon Groupused to hang with some guys from parthenon when i lived in boston. literally all of them were from ivy/little 3. not sure if things will change post acquisition. 9 months 2 weeks
How to prepare for Happy Hour event for...Whatever you do, don't get drunk 9 months 3 weeks
Asia Pacific Private Equity Insights[quote=Jamoldo]Hey there - happy to give this my best stab. [/quote] By the way, could you elaborate a little more on Navis' strategy being unable to scale? 9 months 3 weeks
Asia Pacific Private Equity InsightsThanks. Very helpful as always. Also PMed you separately. 9 months 4 weeks