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Last minute revisions - Help truly appreciatedHey guys, I think I've finalized my resume. Just need some last minute suggestions: Thanks guys! 3 years 10 months


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Post IB HF CompensationSeems in-line, I'm headed to a $4bln credit shop and it's 120 + 120 (with the stub year arrangement as well, but they're open to negotiations beginning my first full year). I didn't renegotiate, I mean it seemed like a fair offer to me. Later found out through the recruiter that they (the firm)... 1 month 1 week
CFA opens what kinds of doors?I think it's a good supplement in one's career (particularly if you're going down the line of asset/inv/portfolio management). Also a solid talking point during interviews (particularly if the interviewer as also gone through or is going through the exams). I didn't want to get a MBA and I really... 1 month 2 weeks
Ex-McKinsey consultant here answering questions...Why'd you leave / where'd you go? 1 month 3 weeks
REPE LandscapeNice bump to see if anyone has any revisions / additions. Also, thoughts on Contrarian Capital? 1 month 4 weeks
Goldman Sachs - AIMS Real Estate GroupPM me 2 months 1 day
Bulge Bracket 2015 RankingsSolid list. Well thought out. 10/10. Will read to my great grandkids on my death bed. 2 months 5 days
Who are your favorite comedians? OH man forgot about Demetri Martin, he's great. 3 months 3 weeks
Who are your favorite comedians? Of those that are still performing with some reputation: Top Tier for me right now: Louis CK, Bill Burr, Hannibal Buress, Tom Segura, Mike Birbiglia, Jim Jeffries, Brian Regan Fallen off (gotten old): Kevin Hart, Jim Gaffigan, John Mulaney, Godfrey Notable ones that I never really clicked... 3 months 3 weeks
Lazard Chicago and Moelis Chicago FT First Round... 1 year 8 months
.I remember when trolling was an artform 3 years 1 week