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Private Equity: How Many Models and Bottles Can I...I was startled to realize over the past Thanksgiving weekend that apparently my 4 years of collective indentured servitude at a bulge-bracket bank and mega-fund was of particular interest to people at WallStreetOasis. As such, I have decided to undertake to the best of my abilities a blog where I... 27 5 years 4 months
Former MS M&A / KKR here to field questionsIn the spirit of thanksgiving, I have decided to host a thread where you can ask all you ever wanted about banking or PE. Please feel free to ask away. 251 3 years 8 months


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International Pymp: Solid first post. @...[quote=International Pymp]Solid first post. @ametista, I know you're asking him not me, and I'm sure he'll have a great answer for you, but I can tell you through my own experience that people who start at MBB can SOMETIMES move directly into megafunds. That said, it's not easy and it's WAY... 27 5 years 4 months
everythingsucks: Great post! Keep 'em coming....[quote=everythingsucks]Great post! Keep 'em coming. Can you describe your first week (or two?) at KKR in the next one? What was the adjustment process like coming from MS M... 27 5 years 4 months
GutShot: 1. I was wondering if you could...[quote=GutShot]1. I was wondering if you could comment at all the educational backgrounds of your peers in PE? I know that in VC, technical degrees are preferred (engineering is very common from what I've seen). For PE, is there a premium placed on such backgrounds, or is it your 'typical' (and I... 251 5 years 5 months
I haven't recruited first hand in London, but I...I haven't recruited first hand in London, but I would imagine they have their own set of recruiters over there. Look, with headhunters of any kind, there is nothing to stop you from reaching out to them. There is no social decorum that says you have to sit desperately by your phone waiting for... 251 5 years 5 months
wkc207: Just wondering if you know anything...[quote=wkc207]Just wondering if you know anything about MS in London? They have a M... 251 5 years 5 months
drexelalum11: +1 to the blog. You talked about...[quote=drexelalum11]+1 to the blog. You talked about people who go to a HF straight out of IBD vs doing so after two years of PE possibly being further along than those who waited. If a HF is where you'd ultimately like to be (for whatever reason), what utility is there in going to PE first?... 251 5 years 5 months
everythingsucks: 10xleverage:...[quote=everythingsucks][quote=10xleverage][quote=everythingsucks]I have a pretty solid lead at getting into the preMBA associate program at a place called Denham Capital. Any thoughts about this place, and would this open decent opportunities at a place like KKR after the MBA?[/quote] If... 251 5 years 5 months
bunkerbanker: So, a friend of mine is going to...[quote=bunkerbanker]So, a friend of mine is going to KKR's Mezz fund and I am going to a top (but not KKR/BX/TPG, think Providence/WP/MDP) fund.. He keeps trying to rub it in that somehow he did "better than me" in recruiting... Can you please talk about the difference between the true Private... 251 5 years 5 months
qaz123: What about BB Private Equity (GS/MS) vs...[quote=qaz123]What about BB Private Equity (GS/MS) vs BB IBD? How does MS PE compare to its top IB groups in terms of placement? Thanks so much for the help. I've learned a lot from this thread![/quote] Like I said earlier, BB private equity does not really lead buyouts. When was the last... 251 5 years 5 months
wamartinu: 1. A) Have you done any work for KKR...[quote=wamartinu]1. A) Have you done any work for KKR's portfolio companies? Is it normal for an associate in the deal-team (as opposed to Capstone) to work on operational improvement programs or they're just crunching numbers. B) You're saying KKR takes very few consultants - do they normally... 251 5 years 5 months
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