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Apparently the UK hates womenI didn't know this was even going on, but apparently the EU may soon require boards to be 40% female. Britain is against strict quotas, instead favoring a business-driven approach. I actually can't believe this is an issue. The EU can actually get together to force diversity upon the private... 17 3 years 5 months
Looking for information on CA fundsI've been looking into hedge funds on the west coast, but quite a few do not have a substantial public profiles. Does anyone have information on the following? I have read through the websites (where available), combed the internet for interviews/articles, and have read through all the information... 1 3 years 5 months
Developing short ideasI'll admit I know very little about shorting. Equity research is not known for its abundance of sell ratings. But, as I contemplate a move to the buyside, I am trying to learn. It seems to me that successful shorts target companies with at least one of the following: (1) Blatant... 20 3 years 6 months
Unemployment below 8%Unemployment numbers revised upwards for August revised from 96,000 to 142,000, and September fell roughly in line with expectations (114,000). The cumulative effect is a decline in unemployment to 7.8%. 68 3 years 7 months
Operation Twist 2: Twist Harder...or not so hard. The Fed has committed another $267 billion to operation twist, expanding the original $400 billion commitment. This comes in the wake of grim economic projections,... 1 3 years 10 months
Following consensus to profitA lot of people have (correctly) criticized ER analysts for producing unoriginal research, and not catching companies before they fail. These analysts are not dumb people. They are probably as smart as buy side analysts- they went to the same schools and worked for the same firms. Why would you... 6 3 years 11 months
12 Average Americans: Should we still have the...I saw an article talking about how the jurors may be bored at Rajat Gupta's trial. They were praised for being attentive. I am rather disheartened by this. Your fate is being decided by 12 average Americans.... 30 3 years 11 months
If you could only choose 1 firm...I think everybody here plans to switch firms at some point, most likely more than once. But, if you had to commit to one company for the rest of your career, which would you choose? Why? I think I would want to go with a privately held investment management firm. Like the Capital Group,... 23 4 years 1 week
Expectation of coverage...without premiums?I try not to pick apart the NYT op-eds, as they are not supposed to be well researched arguments. But the below makes a case against current healthcare reform plans, while trying to argue for them. The author's... 7 4 years 4 weeks
A replacement to the university?The cost of post-secondary education is relevant to many users on this board. Those not in school are likely paying off loans or considering a graduate degree. There have been several attempts to open elite educational institutions to the masses, most notably MITs OpenCourseWare. The problem is... 28 4 years 1 month


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Subaru Impreza WRX STI and a Mitsu Lancer Evo...Subaru Impreza WRX STI and a Mitsu Lancer Evo both fit the bill - they are not exactly sexy, but it sounds like you want something fun to drive, low maintenance, and compatible with snow. These can be modded all to hell (for very reasonable rates - sub $10k) if for some reason stock isn't enough... 43 2 years 2 weeks
Dartmouth / Williams / Amherst all are pretty...Dartmouth / Williams / Amherst all are pretty comparable. Pick based on fit. Dartmouth is larger and has frats. Their off-cycle internship program is also quite unique. Williams is very isolated - make sure you are comfortable. Amherst has the 5 college system. 4 2 years 3 weeks
Oreos: Yerrrrrr the best way to sum all these...[quote=Oreos]Yerrrrrr the best way to sum all these intangibles up is by asking this question: do you want her to be the mother of your children?[/quote] I've always thought this is the best metric. Do you feel comfortable with (a) this woman raising your kids, and (b) your kids getting 50% of... 39 2 years 1 month
Amherst has much better recruiting. It's closer...Amherst has much better recruiting. It's closer to NY - firms mostly come to Pomona / Claremont for LA office hiring. Pomona recruiting is basically CMC recruiting; the opportunities are quite similar, to give you a better picture of Pomona's opportunities. MBB might have a slight Pomona bias vs... 7 2 years 1 month
I strongly advise you just to tell your parents...I strongly advise you just to tell your parents that the Chicago office does a lot of local work. I have no idea if this is true, but I assume neither do they. Throw in a "Oh yeah, the hours at this office are brutal - I'm not driving to Schaumberg / Naperville at 2am. It's not safe for me to be on... 70 2 years 1 month
You actually hit most of the firms in Seattle -...You actually hit most of the firms in Seattle - it's not a finance city. Vulcan (Paul Allen's family office - currently expanding public equities team, but TMT only). Edge Asset Management - An asset manager owned by Principal Financial. I think a couple other insurers (Symetra?) may also... 6 2 years 1 month
I think I wore a suit twice during my BB SA stint...I think I wore a suit twice during my BB SA stint. Remember, this is summer in New York - it's often 90+ and humid. I think only DB is still formal. 6 2 years 1 month
It's like the difference between a BB standard...It's like the difference between a BB standard and 1818 suit. Hickey / Hickey Freeman are both a small step above the comparable BB suits. I'd check if you want to know more about canvassing, fabric, etc. Note: I would personally never go more than a few hundred... 2 2 years 1 month
I can comment on LAC recruiting: Amherst and...I can comment on LAC recruiting: Amherst and Williams definitely get OCR from most/all of the bulge brackets, and place well at buyside AM jobs (Fidelity/Putnam/Wellington/etc). Swarthmore does not - mainly because the average Swarthmore student isn't interested in finance. Midd / Bowdoin /... 23 2 years 1 month
If your family can't help with the money, try...If your family can't help with the money, try asking some friends who might be more liquid. I generally don't recommend borrowing money from friends, but this is closer to working capital than a real loan. You have a signing bonus on the way, so you're guaranteed to be able to pay them back. Kick a... 39 2 years 1 month
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