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JPM Background Check- Quite ThoroughTry getting a TS clearance 4 years 3 months
PE interview question - If you can only know 3...[quote=stant62]Can someone explain to me the rationale behind the importance of the target company's leverage? In a PE transaction, the target's balance sheet is rebuilt from scratch with a new D/E ratio so theoretically the old D/E ratio is not relevant in terms of pricing of the new debt. I would... 4 years 6 months
Weekend (Bonus) Wars: IBD vs. S&T That's nice... Why is that? 4 years 6 months
Weekend (Bonus) Wars: IBD vs. S&T Honestly, the hoarders of the Wall Street bonuses will likely go to the top revenue generators. From the 1990s and up through 2007 I understand that at most BB firms tailored their business-models to focus on revenues primarily driven from trading activities. Going forward I think it's safe to say... 4 years 6 months
Won't Question, Won't AnswerMission first... People Second. ;) Gotta feel it when you say it though. lol 4 years 6 months
PE interview question - If you can only know 3...Before I read anyone's responses I'd go with the following: 1 ) P/E Ratio -- Give me an idea on how relatively expensive the company would be for my firm to acquire. 2) Operating Cash Flow -- Gives me the indication on the businesses core operations 3) Debt/Assets Ratio -- I don't want... 4 years 6 months
Won't Question, Won't AnswerAs an active-duty military member currently serving in Iraq (about to redeploy to Afghanistan) I can tell you how most of us feel: We don't give a crap. The WSO member "Aggravate" brings up an excellent point pertaining to military members' ability to berate each other but still effectively work... 4 years 6 months
Harvard Scammed by 23-Year OldA story about a guy who ALMOST had it all... I guess depending on how he did on a polygraph he may still have a shot with the CIA.... meh 4 years 7 months
Interview Q - If you were given a grant of $xyz,...I honestly don't know my ass from a pumpkin seen how I'm just a "prospective monkey" still toiling away in God's military but this honestly just sounds like a "fit" type of interview question. They want to see how your mind works when presented with trivial matters---this would be my guess at least... 4 years 7 months