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Ways to screw the bonds in a restructuringWhat are a few examples of things you could look for in bond (or loan) docs if you're advising the debtor in a restructuring? One example might be what's the % consent required for a covenant waiver / strip? You could then buy that amount of bonds, strip the RP test and pay all your cash out of... 2 years 2 weeks
Typical M&A Technical QuestionsHas anyone got a guide/ website that compiles typical technical interview questions? DCF, modelling assumptions, CAPM, valuation etc.. Just want something to work through to make sure I'm hitting all the key areas Thanks all 2 years 2 weeks
Blackstone - International Movement?How flexible are BX to moving their analysts / associates around their international offices? Does it ever happen? Particularly interested in their Advisory group 2 years 1 month
Blackstone Advisory in LondonAnyone have any colour on the group both from an external perspective (prestige, dealflow, exits) and internal (hours, work style, personalities in the office)? 2 years 2 months
Best IBD teams in Citi London?Any views on the board? 2 years 3 months
Structure of Citi CMO in HK?Anybody know what thr division is split into in terms of teams? I assume ECM is the largest team, with DCM behind? 2 years 5 months
Why don't more bankers / PE guys do MBAs?Surprisingly few of my peers (BB IDB) seem to be considering MBA opportunities.. considering the apparent increase in salary, why is that? Not being able to afford the fees upfront? Not being able to get in? Confused.. Why WOULDN'T you do an MBA?! 2 years 6 months
valuation/accounting for debt questionHey all. Quick question. When youre calculating the EV of a company, do you use par/book value of debt or market value? Eg. Equity of 100m, debt on bs of 120 trading at 50, EV is 160 or 220? If you're purchasing a company in an LBO then you need to refinance the debt at 101 (use this... 2 years 6 months
Metals and Mining M&AWhat are your views on working in the Metals and Mining M... 2 years 6 months
London BB - Year Out, Career Killer?Hi all, Disallusioned IBD N2 here at a London BB. Wondering how stupid an idea it would be to take a year out (ie resign then go travelling for a year [figure out what i actually want to do blah blah blah] and then look for a new job) after becoming an A1. I think it's stupid to do it as an... 2 years 7 months


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Blackstone Advisory in LondonI think the group includes their restructuring advisory group. Guess this desk is strong? 2 years 2 months
Best IBD teams in Citi London?Ps. Yes I've used the search function - all threads are very limited and/or outdated 2 years 3 months
Goldman Sachs: LondonAny updated views on ESSG? Has it changed over the last few years? Is Volcker having an effect? 2 years 4 months
Citi IBD Groups: which have the best name, how...Do these comments hold true for the London office? 2 years 4 months
Structure of Citi CMO in HK?Any info on best desks would also be useful.. 2 years 5 months
I have no moneyWhy all the discussion about 500k 2y MBAs.. surely a 1y MBA (e.g. Insead or IMB) is a much better option given the discussion above? 2 years 5 months
valuation/accounting for debt questionSo it's not black and white. . Market value for comps (whats the rationale?) and refinancing cost for buyout analysis? 2 years 6 months
P/E vs. EV/EBITDA - shouldn't P/E faktor in...[quote=Oreos]the effects on EV of cap structure are minutiae in comparison to P/E's delta to cap structure.[/quote] Isn't that what I just said? On a side note, I assume you always use market cap for a public company and book equity for a provate company - correct? 2 years 6 months
P/E vs. EV/EBITDA - shouldn't P/E faktor in...So the commonly held belief that EV/EBITDA is cap structure neutral is not true. It's just LESS affected than P/E. Fair? 2 years 6 months
P/E vs. EV/EBITDA - shouldn't P/E faktor in...There's no denying P/E is distorted by the cap structure becasue the P and the E will change (a more levered comany willl be priced differently to a less levered one and through interest it's earning will differ). My question is why this doesn't flow through to EV/EBITDA, if you're using P*NOSH to... 2 years 6 months