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Certified User Chat - Group is down? Certified User group is down again.... at least for me 16 1 week 3 days
Certified User Chat - Link for certified user? Where did the link for the Certified User chat go? 13 1 week 3 days
DellAnyone have any good trading ideas around Dell? Closed today around 13.36, below Silverlake and Dell's recent offer and around 5% lower than Icahn's offer of $14. 3 2 years 9 months
MWW Buyout Target?I remember a few months ago MWW was looking at potential suitors, with the stock so low could this be an option again? 2 3 years 2 months
Moving to AustinI'm changing teams and am moving to austin, anyone have any nice places in mind close to the city? 11 3 years 11 months
Malcolm GladwellMalcolm Gladwell is an awesome author, just finished Outliers a week ago and almost done with Blink. If you hate reading like me but enjoyed Freakonomics, you would absolutely love Outliers, explains why Chinese kids are better at Math and when Pilots are most likely to crash. Random post I know... 24 4 years 1 week
Talking to a senior guy at a MFI have a friend of a friend who is a VP at a mega fund and is willing to talk to me about his background, etc. Looking for some advice from guys at larger PE funds on the best way to handle the call. I'm currently a 2nd year analyst on clean tech pe fund. 3 4 years 6 months
Kids that ride my trainHow much does a 1st year analyst (or whatever they call themselves) that works at a place like PowerShares make? I ride the train with some of these guys every once in a while and am just so fucking curious how much they make? I'm a nosey son of a bitch, what can i say... 7 5 years 1 month
Ronnie is Such a BitchWow, i know there is a Jersey Shore thread already but i just feel like Ronnie needs his own thread for everyone to easily express their hatred for him. 17 5 years 1 month
What to do - Best exit opp? In the spirit of every 3rd post asking what some clown should do in a given scenario i pose a question...Chicken or Fish tonight for dinner? Both are thawed in the fridge and both will be going in the oven covered with shake in bake...Just can't seem to pull the trigger, what do you think will give... 17 3 weeks 10 hours


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Thirdcoast, you really think part-time programs...Thirdcoast, you really think part-time programs are that bad? I ask because i'm currently an associate at a great shop that i want to stay at but also want a solid MBA for my resume so am willing to commute to wharton, booth or Haas for the weekend program. 6 4 days 8 hours
Mind posting your stats?Mind posting your stats? 15 1 week 13 hours
Go frogs!!Go frogs!! 28 1 week 3 days
I'm the best recruiter, ask anyone i'm amazing. I...I'm the best recruiter, ask anyone i'm amazing. I can recruit the hell out of people. I'm awesome. People come up to me and say WOW what a recruiter, can you teach me to recruit? I'm just amazing. WOW. 30 2 weeks 3 days
Thanks Meredith, trying to decide what schools I...Thanks Meredith, trying to decide what schools I should target. I may be looking at PT programs and am really interested in Haas. * (SMU/TCU/Baylor) Undergrad, Finance with a 3.5 (my finance grades were higher and i have upward trajectory) * 2 years at HF that was winding down so i got to take... 29 1 month 5 days
C.R.E. Shervin: What is your "NEED" to stay in...[quote="C.R.E. Shervin"]What is your "NEED" to stay in TX, you should be young enough to move, especially if you want to work for a a BB RE firm.Life is short, move, get into Wharton. I've never heard of McCombs.To sum up, if you have to move for 5-10 years in your 20s because you have a degree... 10 1 month 3 weeks
The REPE fund gets paid for knowing what...The REPE fund gets paid for knowing what developers are of institutional quality and what asset class and geographies they should target. 13 2 months 1 day
What were your stats?What were your stats? 10 2 months 4 days
Natalie, it may be easier to respond by hitting...Natalie, it may be easier to respond by hitting the "Quote" button so it's easier for people to read everything in one place. 502 2 months 2 weeks
Care to post your stats? Just curious as i'm...Care to post your stats? Just curious as i'm prepping for GMAT now. 46 2 months 2 weeks
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