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Response to "My Private Equity Recruiting...Mod Note (Andy): This comment by @Northsider was posted in direct response to @Candor's post "My Private Equity Recruiting Process" Having been through PE recruiting on both sides of the table now, I have a few reactions: 1. I heartily disagree with the idea that having a closed deal at all... 10 months 2 weeks
NorthSider's Semi-Regular, Curated Linkwrap...All too often lately, it seems, I am behind on replying to private messages. Though it is my sincerest intention to follow up on each item in my backlog, there is one question I receive more than all others: Which newspapers, blogs, periodicals, books, editorialists, academics, etc. do you follow... 1 year 2 months
Summer 2015 PE RecruitingLet the games begin... private equity interviews are already in full swing. 1 year 7 months
Does herd mentality play a role in the popularity...Mod note (Andy): WSO top comments - this one is from the post 1 year 12 months
Why You Should Reject that Start-Up JobI've always considered myself entrepreneurial at heart. Even since I've started my work in IB, I have continued to work on developing a few "back pocket" ideas that I'm excited about. Indeed, ever since I can remember, I have wanted to start my own business, not because I hope to be the next... 2 years 1 month
Why are we Obsessed with "Work/Life Balance...I've been doing a fair bit of thinking about the idea of a "work/life balance", and it's a topic that I encounter more often on this board than just about anywhere else, so I thought it an appropriate forum for discussion. When I was in college interviewing for the typical set of sought-after... 2 years 1 month
Basic Questions About PE Recruiting Answered1. When does PE recruiting cycle start? Varies from year to year, but for the last 3 cycles, the main process has either run during March / April of your 1st year (2012 and 2014 Associate classes) or January / February of your 2nd year (2013 Associate class) 2. When does it end? Most funds... 2 years 2 months
Bon Voyage SAC CapitalFrom bloomberg: [quote]Billionaire Steven A. Cohen's SAC Capital Advisors LP, the hedge fund accused of fostering a culture of rampant insider trading, has agreed to plead guilty to securities fraud and wire fraud, pay a record $1.8 billion and shutter its investment advisory business. The... 2 years 3 months
Steven Cohen Charged in SAC FiascoSurprised this hasn't made the rounds on here yet. I'll let the article speak for itself. [quote]Steven Cohen's long personal immunity to accusations of insider trading that have circled his hedge fund and former employees has come to an end. The Securities... 2 years 6 months
Bye Bye BitcoinIn what is perhaps the most inevitable headline of the last couple months, the government has begun closing in on Bitcoin. The Washington Post reports that the Department of Homeland Security has frozen the Dwolla account of the primary Bitcoin exchange, Mt. Gox. Importantly, the DHS is in charge... 2 years 8 months


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There are large funds that sponsor Associates to...There are large funds that sponsor Associates to b-school. 5 months 2 weeks
= FV ( IRR %, NPER, PMT, PV) Where: -NPER is the...= FV ( IRR %, NPER, PMT, PV) Where: -NPER is the number of years held -PMT is the regular dividends paid out (probably 0 for a traditional buyout) -PV is the cash investment at close There are a number of simple ways of calculating what you're asking. Barring mid-period payments, the IRR... 6 months 2 weeks
Great post, the preponderance of which rings true...Great post, the preponderance of which rings true from my experience. Having been through this process on both sides of the table now, I have a few reactions: 1. I heartily disagree with the idea that having a closed deal at all differentiates you as a candidate - especially the suggestion that... 7 months 2 weeks
1) Financing fees are generally amortized and are...1) Financing fees are generally amortized and are tax deductible as they are rolled out. 2) Debt breakage costs are typically deductible. 3) 70% of success-based transaction fees are also generally deductible. 8 months 2 weeks
yankeegooner: NorthSider wrote: 3. I think...[quote=yankeegooner]NorthSider wrote: 3. I think the OP would be floored by the proportion of interviewees with significant mistakes on the model test. Even candidates who reported confidence at the beginning of the interview (I always ask how they felt about the model) often had calculation... 10 months 1 week
Jo110: Why are all the comments assuming the...[quote=Jo110]Why are all the comments assuming the asset prices are higher automatically? Depends on your market. But you'd analyze that and look into the development plans for the community you're buying into first right? And you'd get something in a rentable area in case you lost your job. [/... 10 months 2 weeks
Esuric: Ipso facto means a truth or a fact onto...[quote=Esuric]Ipso facto means a truth or a fact onto itself. Thus, the way that he used it implies that an advantage, by fact, is not a direct consequence of having deal experience in PE recruitment. This is not fact and it is not implied a priori. It is an assertion, an unsubstantiated one at... 10 months 2 weeks
Can we delete this thread, please?Can we delete this thread, please? 11 months 5 days
fpm9789: Forgive my ignorance, but if I had a...[quote=fpm9789]Forgive my ignorance, but if I had a final round with a firm last week and still haven't heard back, am I for sure dinged, or is there the possibility they a) are checking into my background or b) have me on a waitlist in case someone declines an offer? Not sure what the convention... 11 months 5 days
Key question: who is going to direct this picture...Key question: who is going to direct this picture? 1 year 2 weeks
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