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Marathon as Bschool Resume BoosterSo I'll be applying to MBA programs in the next year or so. I'm looking for opportunities to look like a "well-rounded" candidate for top 15 schools. I'm going to be blunt: will completing a marathon be a favorable addition to my b-school resume? facts: -pretty run of the mill stats: low GPA... 40 3 years 1 month
Best Troll EVER...Just might be the best troll ever. This dude imitates strangers' FB profile pics and then sends them friend requests.... hahahahahaha. Thought this might give you guys a chuckle. 9 3 years 2 months
Festival Season 2013 threadAny of you monkeys into the whole music festival scene? Specifically: Electric Daisy Carnival Bonnaroo Coachella Ultra Music Festival Any Monkeys going to any of the big ones this year? For those of you in the workforce, is taking a whole weekend off an issue given the generally... 29 3 years 2 months
Happy Halloween!!!Happy Halloween Monkeys!!!! This post is solely for the purpose of wishing everyone on WSO a happy Halloween. With all that's going on (our jobs, natural disasters, and adulthood in general), I sincerely hope you can all still take a minute to appreciate this awesome holiday. Have fun, and be... 3 years 6 months
How I feel when analysts complain about their...this is what you young BB analysts sound like to me when you are complaining about your gigs: (warning: slightly NSFW) Happy Friday... peace, I'm out! 3 years 7 months
Best Beers?So the corporate finance team at my company is throwing an Oktoberfest party in a few weeks, and it's my responsibility to buy the booze for 50ish people. Any suggestions on good Oktoberfest beers? 42 3 years 7 months
i won a math debate!bet you can't say "i won a math debate" out loud 10 times fast! 4 3 years 8 months
Manhattan GMAT Live ClassHas anyone taken the live class from Manhattan GMAT before? What did you think? I only hear good things about Manhattan GMAT prep materials, but what about the actual class? By signing up for this program, do you get all books/materials? Sorry, a quick google search didn't give me the answers I... 23 3 years 10 months
i wish more girls were this direct...major LULZ from a learning Korean video. (nsfw language) 8 3 years 11 months
America's Most Fashionable CityYou guessed it... Irvine, California. Sorry NYC.,0,6145433.story The OC's Irvine beats LA and NY for "most fashionable city" based on an actual study. I don't know the methodology, but I'd like to think I had... 6 4 years 3 days


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dbid: Nice to meet you guys! @sayandarula haha...[quote=dbid]Nice to meet you guys! @sayandarula haha sorry but I'm already taken. xP but anyways, I'm a female who's currently a sophomore studying finance and economics. i like to go on random adventures, read joel stein's articles, batman (comics and movies), muse, and chocolate. so that's a... 6 1 month 2 weeks this should be useful for you. this guy had a 2.7 gpa, but solid everything else. i think he's choosing between duke and yale. 329 9 months 4 days
marcellus_wallace: Are we talking a commercial...[quote=marcellus_wallace]Are we talking a commercial bank or an investment bank? Does an investment bank have a manufacturing plant? Is there is any real marketing done? Do they really sell true homogeneous products? Does anyone really give a shit about operations or risk? Do investment banks... 246 1 year 12 months
reddog23: marcellus_wallace: No leadership...[quote=reddog23][quote=marcellus_wallace] No leadership development program at any F500 is back office. The leadership programs are used to groom future of these companies. The work you do affects the businesses directly either in cost cutting or revenue generation and ultimately the bottom line... 246 1 year 12 months here's a source btw... do a search for Steve McLaughlin's... 246 1 year 12 months
here's a career path for you: STEVE MCLAUGHLIN's a career path for you: STEVE MCLAUGHLIN GE FMP ---> GE Corporate Audit Staff ---> Wharton ---> Goldman Sachs TMT ---> Founder of Financial Technology Partners 246 1 year 12 months
clearly i'm not as good at VBA as i thought....clearly i'm not as good at VBA as i thought.... 59 2 years 3 months
fair enough man. when i said "lower end" i meant...fair enough man. when i said "lower end" i meant lower on the US News rankings. if it makes you feel any better i went to a "lower end" non-target... better ranking than UTA, but no recruitment from major banks. 71 2 years 5 months
this got forwarded to me earlier today. kid's at...this got forwarded to me earlier today. kid's at a lower end semi-target. kid's apparently a "President and Portfolio Manager" of his alternative investments club at his school. i checked facebook and this "club" only has 12 likes. i've made facebook posts about my bowel movements that have gotten... 71 2 years 5 months
"That's the last time I hire R. Kelly for my..."That's the last time I hire R. Kelly for my daughter's pool party!" 36 2 years 5 months
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