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Moto XAny techies here follow the release of Motorolas new Android phone? I was really hoping to see this released for $300 off contract, like Google did with the Nexus 4. I am a little dissapointed with the $199 on contract price but I am not sure you can really expect a phone made in the US to be... 2 years 2 months
Dragon Inside - MTM Suits Seems to be a newer MTM "custom" suit site to compete with the likes of Indochino, Black Lapel etc. Been speaking with their customer service (very responsive) and I've like what I have heard so far. All suits are fully canvassed as well which is a nice upgrade... 2 years 3 months
iOS 7 -- Thoughts?How do you techies feel about about the new features to iOS? How about iTunes radio? iOS 7 seems pretty cool from the outside and certainly adds more flash. A nice refresh from an OS that was getting pretty stale and boring. Now was it "revolutionary" as they said, no but some practical... 2 years 3 months
Tough MudderAny fellow monkeys ever run a tough mudder? I did one two weeks ago and had a blast. A but more running than I am used to but the obstacles were great and did a good job splitting up the running. Ended being about 12.5 miles and took me about 4 hours. 3 years 4 months
Cold Emailing Within Current FirmIf you're working for a bulge bracket or large bank and you are looking to change positions would it be advisable to cold email managers in the new department? If you're working in PWM at the firm and want to move into S... 4 years 5 months
STIR TradingHi guys, I am looking for info regarding a USD short term interest rate desk. What are some responsibilities of a junior guy and the typical work environment? Any good reads to gain some more insight on the desk and products that are trades 4 years 7 months
Stuck and need adviceLong time lurker, haven't posted much. I graduated in May 2008 from a non-target, Finance major 3.2 gpa. Been working in wealth management (MSSB, ML, UBS) as basically a sales/service assistant for a little over 2 yrs. Never wanted this position but took it figuring it would be better then... 4 years 8 months


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Also, use the Topic Tests that CFAI gives you on...Also, use the Topic Tests that CFAI gives you on their website. 3 days 1 hour
6 practice exams I believe along with around 5,...6 practice exams I believe along with around 5,000 QBank questions. CFAI also offers a free mock exam 3 days 5 hours
Look around and see what everyone else is wearing...Look around and see what everyone else is wearing. 1 week 5 days
search functionsearch function 2 weeks 3 days
I have a feeling Dez will be done for the year,...I have a feeling Dez will be done for the year, just like Julio Jones. I think you will see Jason Witten and the RB's (Dunbar) get a huge increase in targets 2 weeks 4 days
Lazio is flat front pants as wellLazio is flat front pants as well 2 weeks 5 days
Randel, Giants run D is awful and I think there...Randel, Giants run D is awful and I think there will be plenty of points for both Randel and DMC. Jets D is pretty good, tough match-up for Corwell 3 weeks 3 days
Not going to happen, no way.Not going to happen, no way. 3 weeks 4 days
yeah...don't do thatyeah...don't do that 3 weeks 5 days
Just grab some slim/extra slim fit shirts from...Just grab some slim/extra slim fit shirts from Charles Tyrwhitt 1 month 11 hours
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