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Experience with STEM OPT extension in IB?Some people claim that some STEM majors can get an OPT extension in investment banking (coverage + M... 1 month 2 weeks
Changing trend for an accelerated processIt seems to me that the time frame of an accelerated process for college juniors is changing. Few years ago, any interview that happened before December was considered accelerated. These days, some banks wrap up their recruiting process before Thanksgiving. There definitely is a trend of banks... 2 months 3 weeks
Need help: JP Morgan vs Lazard, NYI have an offer from one and in the process with the other. This is for a summer analyst internship. 1. Culture... 3 months 2 weeks
An accretive/dilutive question with a twistSupposed a company is being traded at 10 times its earnings. It is trying to sell a part of its business that is being traded at 20 times its earnings. Will this be an accretive or dilutive deal? I said accretive because after the sale, you are left with cheaper part of the business = lower PE... 3 months 3 weeks
Lazard Boston Officeclosed. 3 months 2 weeks
Goldman Sachs Brazil Intern program?The off-cycle one that goes for 1~2 years, according to the website. For anyone who's heard of it, would you mind sharing what you know? 3 years 3 days
Q about an M&A dealSay the deal size is $500 million, 33%cash and 67% stock. The acquirer issues 5 million shares for this, but then also increases 10 million share repurchase authorization limit. "Assuming this share repurchase is fully executed, this will result in a total financial impact to the company as if the... 3 years 1 week
URGENT UBS SF winter reception?Needs to be replied in two hours. I got invited to UBS SF winter reception, but I would have to buy a flight ticket there. Has anybody attended the event before? What do you think? Is it worth it? From what I gather, UBS SF office is not that awesome, and considering that I already have first... 3 years 1 month
Q about SA and MastersHere is my situation: It's my third year in college and I'm applying to SA IBD in NY (got some first round interviews lined up.) Even though it's my third year, I have enough credits to graduate in three. Originally I was going to do 3.5 years and take a 6-month-long vacation, but now I'm... 3 years 2 months
Terminology confusion: enterprise value and value...Say you are deriving equity value from Enterprise Value (EV). Many i-banking tech. interview guides as well as some posts on this website say the following: EV + non-operating assets - net debt = equity value But EV is what's available to every type of investors, so in case of liquidation,... 3 years 2 months


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Just curious, but if analysts receive bonus at...Just curious, but if analysts receive bonus at year end, do they also receive a half-year bonus at the end of the 2 year stint in June/July? 1 week 3 days
Just for future reference, I got an email from HR...Just for future reference, I got an email from HR at a BB that they helped many STEM majors with OPT extensions in the investment banking business. 1 month 2 days
Conceptually, lower depreciation expense = lower...Conceptually, lower depreciation expense = lower tax expense = higher cash flow = higher DCF. You may say that the purpose of depreciation expense is to force companies to mark down assets in order to reflect their "fair value", but in reality companies want it for tax purposes. 1 month 3 days
Explicitly or not, he will probably want to ask...Explicitly or not, he will probably want to ask you: - Why finance? - What kind of relevant skills/experiences do you have? - do you have any basic knowledge in accounting, finance, and/or market? My suggestions are: - study as much as you can, like basic financial statements and front... 1 month 3 days
For sublease, would you use Craigslist?For sublease, would you use Craigslist? 1 month 1 week
I actually enjoyed Moneyball even more.I actually enjoyed Moneyball even more. 1 month 4 weeks
yesyes 1 month 4 weeks
I usually caught myself sitting at the edge of a...I usually caught myself sitting at the edge of a chair, agitating to answer the question ASAP. Whenever it happened, I sat back and took a deep breath. It really helped me be more confident and answer the questions as if I'm talking to my classmate. 1 month 4 weeks
Your ID is wharton, and you are wondering if you...Your ID is wharton, and you are wondering if you want to choose another school over your ID. If you are interested in finance, go with wharton. 2 months 13 hours
Confidence is the most important thing, but it is...Confidence is the most important thing, but it is reiterated over and over in the above so I'll skip. For non targets, passion is the second most important attribute. You have to show that you know your stuff and what you are getting into, and you are genuinely interested in it. You can achieve... 2 months 14 hours
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