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Lazard Boston OfficeLooks like this is a Tech office for sure. How about Healthcare? How strong are they in the area? 1 month 4 weeks
Goldman Sachs Brazil Intern program?The off-cycle one that goes for 1~2 years, according to the website. For anyone who's heard of it, would you mind sharing what you know? 2 years 8 months
Q about an M&A dealSay the deal size is $500 million, 33%cash and 67% stock. The acquirer issues 5 million shares for this, but then also increases 10 million share repurchase authorization limit. "Assuming this share repurchase is fully executed, this will result in a total financial impact to the company as if the... 2 years 8 months
URGENT UBS SF winter reception?Needs to be replied in two hours. I got invited to UBS SF winter reception, but I would have to buy a flight ticket there. Has anybody attended the event before? What do you think? Is it worth it? From what I gather, UBS SF office is not that awesome, and considering that I already have first... 2 years 9 months
Q about SA and MastersHere is my situation: It's my third year in college and I'm applying to SA IBD in NY (got some first round interviews lined up.) Even though it's my third year, I have enough credits to graduate in three. Originally I was going to do 3.5 years and take a 6-month-long vacation, but now I'm... 2 years 10 months
Terminology confusion: enterprise value and value...Say you are deriving equity value from Enterprise Value (EV). Many i-banking tech. interview guides as well as some posts on this website say the following: EV + non-operating assets - net debt = equity value But EV is what's available to every type of investors, so in case of liquidation,... 2 years 10 months
talk about PE internship in an IBD SA interviewFor my sophomore summer, I interned at a boutique PE, and as I prepare for IBD SA interviews, I need concise answers for my experience. So let's say the question is, "Tell me more about XXX target company's deal." And I've done industry research, read CIM, and built pre-LBO model (just... 2 years 10 months
former GS trader Greg Smith became an actorjust watched happythankyoumoreplease and I found him. He thinks hollywood>>wall street 2 years 11 months
Quick question about i-banking & corporate...Today I was reading the Economist and a part of the article about investment banking says, "... investment banks such as Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley are trying to expand into corporate lending, private banking and retail stockbroking." Huh? I thought corporate lending was part of what i-... 3 years 3 weeks
What happened to "industry-primers-ready-to-...I tried to read the post again but I couldn't. It says login is required. Is this a tech glitch or actually blocked? I won't be surprised if it's blocked but I just wanna know. 3 years 3 months


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Just for answering your question, I would say...Just for answering your question, I would say Dartmouth. But if I were you, I would first cross out Notre Dame for being a catholic school, then pick Dartmouth because I envy their tight-knit community. Again, this logic is just for me, but do you see my point? Choosing college should be based on... 2 years 6 months
WallStreetStandard: I think these emails should...[quote=WallStreetStandard]I think these emails should be as short as possible. 1 sentence- who you are 1 sentence- how you found him and how you are connected (e.g. school) 1 sentence- what you want from him I don't know if this is the best advice, but it works for me...[/quote] I second... 2 years 7 months
ltohang: hot1590: I had a case in which I got...[quote=ltohang][quote=hot1590]I had a case in which I got my superday invitation 4 days after the deadline that HR told me.[/quote] pls the fact that this is boutique, is this supposed to make me feel better?[/quote] The only thing that will make you feel better is the invitation letter.... 2 years 7 months
I had a case in which I got my superday...I had a case in which I got my superday invitation 4 days after the deadline that HR told me. 2 years 7 months
I think it's A and here is why. For every step,...I think it's A and here is why. For every step, two triangles move to anywhere they want. The tricky part #1: when the first triangle moves to another place, the second triangle can fill in the spot that the first triangle has just moved from. #2: triangles can overlap. So in order to make... 2 years 7 months
joxy: The camaraderie of an analyst class is...[quote=joxy] The camaraderie of an analyst class is important to me[/quote] This sounds like GS/MS > BX because of the class size. Edit: actually, I guess you can make an argument for either way. But this can be another thing to consider. 2 years 8 months
tycoon2014: hot1590: Anyone heard back from...[quote=tycoon2014][quote=hot1590]Anyone heard back from baml feb 1 superday?[/quote] GCM? Nope.[/quote] I actually interviewed for IBD. Hopefully tomorrow. 2 years 8 months
Anyone heard back from baml feb 1 superday?Anyone heard back from baml feb 1 superday? 2 years 8 months
Sounds like you've already done some preps....Sounds like you've already done some preps. Rosenbaum would be a good read, although I only skimmed through it once and never had any problems with technical questions during the interviews. What I found really helpful was setting up mock interviews with people in the industry and asking them for... 2 years 8 months
I recommend starting with recommend starting with Although it is basic, I think it's a great place to start as it focuses only on the essential parts. Once you have a vague idea of what the answers are, you can move onto Rosenbaum or WSO to make it more intuitive, then to M&I for more advanced materials. 2 years 8 months
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