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Changing trend for an accelerated processIt seems to me that the time frame of an accelerated process for college juniors is changing. Few years ago, any interview that happened before December was considered accelerated. These days, some banks wrap up their recruiting process before Thanksgiving. There definitely is a trend of banks... 6 days 14 hours
Need help: JP Morgan vs Lazard, NYI have an offer from one and in the process with the other. This is for a summer analyst internship. 1. Culture... 4 weeks 1 day
An accretive/dilutive question with a twistSupposed a company is being traded at 10 times its earnings. It is trying to sell a part of its business that is being traded at 20 times its earnings. Will this be an accretive or dilutive deal? I said accretive because after the sale, you are left with cheaper part of the business = lower PE... 1 month 1 week
Lazard Boston Officeclosed. 4 weeks 1 day
Goldman Sachs Brazil Intern program?The off-cycle one that goes for 1~2 years, according to the website. For anyone who's heard of it, would you mind sharing what you know? 2 years 9 months
Q about an M&A dealSay the deal size is $500 million, 33%cash and 67% stock. The acquirer issues 5 million shares for this, but then also increases 10 million share repurchase authorization limit. "Assuming this share repurchase is fully executed, this will result in a total financial impact to the company as if the... 2 years 9 months
URGENT UBS SF winter reception?Needs to be replied in two hours. I got invited to UBS SF winter reception, but I would have to buy a flight ticket there. Has anybody attended the event before? What do you think? Is it worth it? From what I gather, UBS SF office is not that awesome, and considering that I already have first... 2 years 11 months
Q about SA and MastersHere is my situation: It's my third year in college and I'm applying to SA IBD in NY (got some first round interviews lined up.) Even though it's my third year, I have enough credits to graduate in three. Originally I was going to do 3.5 years and take a 6-month-long vacation, but now I'm... 2 years 11 months
Terminology confusion: enterprise value and value...Say you are deriving equity value from Enterprise Value (EV). Many i-banking tech. interview guides as well as some posts on this website say the following: EV + non-operating assets - net debt = equity value But EV is what's available to every type of investors, so in case of liquidation,... 2 years 12 months
talk about PE internship in an IBD SA interviewFor my sophomore summer, I interned at a boutique PE, and as I prepare for IBD SA interviews, I need concise answers for my experience. So let's say the question is, "Tell me more about XXX target company's deal." And I've done industry research, read CIM, and built pre-LBO model (just... 3 years 4 days


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1. inconsistent line changes. 2. no -ing verb,...1. inconsistent line changes. 2. no -ing verb, just present tense instead 3. 1300% makes you sound like you are trying too hard 4. make your bullet point descriptions longer. Be more specific and detailed. 5. what is E-board? 6. what are your interests? 7. add a blank line when moving onto... 6 days 14 hours
If an interviewer figures you are a really good...If an interviewer figures you are a really good candidate and so gives you a free pass to the next round, would you turn it down and insist that you still should be interviewed because it isn't fair for others? When someone gives you a present, it's common sense to say thank you and take it. 1 week 10 hours
All BBs, including JPM and BAML, definitely...All BBs, including JPM and BAML, definitely sponsor. Lazard sponsors, too. CS HR claims they don't sponsor internationals from non-core schools, but I know a few who fall into that category and still got sponsored. 1 week 10 hours
Though it is not a problem at all, if you just...Though it is not a problem at all, if you just don't talk about it, they won't even know. 1 week 10 hours
Know your resume. It won't be super technical.Know your resume. It won't be super technical. 1 week 11 hours
If you liked them both, I would personally say GS...If you liked them both, I would personally say GS because BAML M&A has a big class, so you have to be at the top of your group to have exit ops as good as GS. 1 week 1 day
Don't stop networking, especially at places you...Don't stop networking, especially at places you haven't applied and reached out to. And keep asking yourself if they would perceive you as a qualified candidate. Regardless of your classmates' success, you might be able to get an offer in Jan/Feb; you just don't know which bank. However, it's not... 3 weeks 10 hours
Is it UBS? I know someone who was a super-strong...Is it UBS? I know someone who was a super-strong candidate, accepted an internship offer from UBS in September, and moved to GS after the internship. Personally, since you got an offer this early, you will have a very convincing reason for moving to another bank when interviewing for FT roles in... 3 weeks 11 hours
I would also add that ask a very, very good...I would also add that ask a very, very good question that shows you've done your research. Then have a brief conversation to leave a short, strong impression. Just keep it simple, with an impact. 3 weeks 6 days
offers given out on Mondayoffers given out on Monday 4 weeks 16 hours
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