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Selling a small business - need referrals &...Hi guys, I'm looking to sell a small business that I own. No idea if its even salable or who the logical buyers would be. I need some help with referrals for good business brokers and/or exchanges (other than where I should be looking/posting this thing. Without disclosing... 15 1 month 2 weeks
LOCATION CHANGED - WSO Chicago Happy Hour: Weds....Who: Finance professionals and college students of drinking age. What: A WSO Meetup Why: Meet your fellow primates. Where: Emerald Loop, 216 North Wabash (Corner of Wabash... 40 1 year 4 months
Bank Debt in Brokerage AccountNoob question: Are there any brokerages out there with the capability to trade/settle TLBs into a PA? 11 1 year 7 months
Headhunter help for long/short creditAll, As the title states, I need some help identifying the headhunters that work with the relatively large-scale credit managers. I have experience helping run distressed, long/short, and CLO money with a high level of autonomy at a $1.5b-ish manager. Im looking to move to a significantly... 4 1 year 9 months
Chicago apartmentsHi guys. Hoping some Chicago guys can lend a hand. I'm gonna be transitioning to a job around Wacker... 7 2 years 11 months
Looking to sublease in July - ChicagoAnyone out there happen to have a place lined up in Chicago that they wont be using during the month of July? I'm hoping someone will be out-of-town for IBD training, or something like that. I'm moving to Chicago myself and need to find a sublease while I go apartment hunting. PM if... 2 2 years 11 months
bd capital slideshowNevermind, found the link I was looking for! 3 3 months 3 weeks
Starting an LLP for Collective InvestingI have an opportunity to begin investing for a few friends... 2 3 years 3 weeks
Shorting pump & dumpsAnyone out there have experience or have good reading material on shorting these smallcap frauds? Is it worth it, or will you get burned more often than not? Ive recently had the pleasure of researching some old pump... 17 3 years 1 month
Renegging after verbal commit/acceptance I'm already working. Received a decent offer at a firm that I think I could build a career at/from. Have like 5-6 more processes that I'm in the middle of, some of which would be better for me in the long-run. The firm who offered me a job needs an answer soon. Pros/Cons of verbally... 11 3 years 2 months


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Yes, I'm starting to see that. And yes, as...Yes, I'm starting to see that. And yes, as bullet-tooth said, take with a grain of salt. 15 1 month 1 week
Idk what your situation is. But yes, they...Idk what your situation is. But yes, they generally can. However, depending on how you finance your business, it doesnt matter too much. For all forms of credit/debt/lease financing, you will have to give a personal guarantee. So you will be on the hook for everything anyways. The... 4 1 month 1 week
Yea, don't. Cheapest is just to form a general...Yea, don't. Cheapest is just to form a general partnership - which costs nothing. step 1) go to IRS website and get a tax ID (FEIN) for your partnership step 2) get a free operating agreement from rocketlawyer step 3) never think about it again until you have real assets or value of some... 4 1 month 2 weeks
Thanks so much, all. Great referrals to sites...Thanks so much, all. Great referrals to sites... 15 1 month 2 weeks
Also, spoke to 2 brokers over the last couple...Also, spoke to 2 brokers over the last couple days, who indicated we could probably get 3-4x depending on the level of automation involved in the business, which is shocking to me. They also assured me that we are definitely salable, barring some sort of legal catastrophe. Also shocking. 15 1 month 2 weeks
Good description. Same ideaGood description. Same idea 19 7 months 3 days
FYI, we dont maintain models for our credits....FYI, we dont maintain models for our credits. All back of the envelope & understanding unit economics. We do have waterfalls for them, though. Not updated unless cap structure changes 19 7 months 6 days
Currently: 3 distressed, 1equity, 40+ CLO loans...Currently: 3 distressed, 1equity, 40+ CLO loans Traditional distressed shop, but recently started doing the CLO thing. 19 7 months 1 week
Well, I tried. But this is a lost cause....Well, I tried. But this is a lost cause. Hopefully someone out there learned something. 86 7 months 1 week
The acquisition price has already been thoroughly...The acquisition price has already been thoroughly explained. 86 7 months 1 week
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