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LOCATION CHANGED - WSO Chicago Happy Hour: Weds....Who: Finance professionals and college students of drinking age. What: A WSO Meetup Why: Meet your fellow primates. Where: Emerald Loop, 216 North Wabash (Corner of Wabash... 8 months 2 weeks
Bank Debt in Brokerage AccountNoob question: Are there any brokerages out there with the capability to trade/settle TLBs into a PA? 11 months 1 week
Headhunter help for long/short creditAll, As the title states, I need some help identifying the headhunters that work with the relatively large-scale credit managers. I have experience helping run distressed, long/short, and CLO money with a high level of autonomy at a $1.5b-ish manager. Im looking to move to a significantly... 1 year 1 month
Chicago apartmentsHi guys. Hoping some Chicago guys can lend a hand. I'm gonna be transitioning to a job around Wacker... 2 years 2 months
Looking to sublease in July - ChicagoAnyone out there happen to have a place lined up in Chicago that they wont be using during the month of July? I'm hoping someone will be out-of-town for IBD training, or something like that. I'm moving to Chicago myself and need to find a sublease while I go apartment hunting. PM if... 2 years 3 months
-Nevermind, found the link I was looking for! 2 years 4 months
Starting an LLP for Collective InvestingI have an opportunity to begin investing for a few friends... 2 years 4 months
Shorting pump & dumpsAnyone out there have experience or have good reading material on shorting these smallcap frauds? Is it worth it, or will you get burned more often than not? Ive recently had the pleasure of researching some old pump... 2 years 5 months
Renegging after verbal commit/acceptance I'm already working. Received a decent offer at a firm that I think I could build a career at/from. Have like 5-6 more processes that I'm in the middle of, some of which would be better for me in the long-run. The firm who offered me a job needs an answer soon. Pros/Cons of verbally... 2 years 6 months
GMP SecuritiesCan anyone give some info on these guys? I'll take any info I can get. They are a Canadian bank & have some US operations in NYC. Apparently they are hiring on the FICC side. 2 years 6 months


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You mean like this?http://www....You mean like this? 4 hours 21 min
None. A wise analyst once said: never give away...None. A wise analyst once said: never give away something you might need in the future. (particularly relevant to money, tithing, charities, and giving change to the homeless) 5 hours 26 min
first <3 I dont see a time restriction on...first 6 hours 42 min
post-labor day, please post-labor day, please 1 day 7 hours
spitbloodTCU: Success is learning how to...[quote="spitbloodTCU"]Success is learning how to convince other people to do the work for you, paying them less than you make off it, and pocketing the difference. Repeat until wife is half your age and you can't decide which sports car to drive to the beach house. Suckers slave away at horrible... 1 day 9 hours
Do not tell company A about the competing offer...Do not tell company A about the competing offer. Do not ask for more money. Either renege or dont. I was in a similar position about 2yrs ago. Ended up reneging on a high yield gig at an insurance company to take my current job because yolo. I reneged a few days before the start date, but... 2 weeks 3 hours
Warms my heart to know other people in the world...Warms my heart to know other people in the world get the Whitney Tilson joke 2 weeks 5 hours
oreos: I once heard "eh-bu-duh" said really...[quote="oreos"]I once heard "eh-bu-duh" said really quickly, sounded the most retarded thing ever - made me question the CEO's quality.... People do the "dee ay" to avoid confusion with EBITDAR[/quote] Every midwestern US private company CEO says it this way. Makes my ears bleed 2 weeks 6 hours
UIUC. the end. To add a little more color: -...UIUC. the end. To add a little more color: - Cheaper, so the investment is probably gonna have a much higher ROI (yes, this is proper way to weigh college decisions, contrary to what most people think) - You are probably equally likely to get a decent gig at UIUC, if not more likely. It is... 2 weeks 6 days
Have met in a sbux before. He was alone waiting...Have met in a sbux before. He was alone waiting for a meeting to start next door. Nothing like what I imagined. Looks much older... 1 month 1 week