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Anybody know about BOA FMAP program?Can any shed some light on the program? Exit ops after the 2 years? Compensation in NYC? 5 2 years 11 months
Which offer would you take?Big 4 Advisory or second tier BB Finance Division? Which one has more long term growth and earning potential? 7 3 years 2 days
BAML FMAP OpportunityGot an offer recently still waiting for specifics but does anyone know the starting compensation and progression for this Program located In NYC. Also is this considered Middle office? Any other specific information would be helpful. Thanks 14 3 years 1 month
***Middle Office Lifestyle DiscussionHey All, I would like to get a discussion going on the true value of Middle Office Careers specifically Finance (Treasury, Strategy,Product Control), and Risk Management at a BB. Some people prefer these types of roles and honestly, Its the best they can get (non-target). Just want to get some... 10 3 years 2 months
Big 4 Advisory ADVICE. PLEASE HELP!!!! Hey All, I am a Junior at a non target in the NYC region. A Finance and Accounting double major who recently accepted an offer to intern at a Big 4 Advisory type program. I have internships at a F500 company and the Federal Reserve. I have recently discovered that I pretty much have the option... 7 3 years 3 months
Federal Reserve of NY what?So the FED has offered me an internship. They say they retain 83 percent of their interns full time. What's the exit ops? Compensation? How will this look for recruiting full time next year? Thanks 16 4 years 1 month
Working For The Fed This SummerHello All, I have an opportunity to work for the NY Fed this summer ( Junior summer) and I was wondering if anyone can speak on the opportunity a bit and help determine if it will place in a good position come graduation or beyond. Can people transition from the FED to IB or S... 1 4 years 2 months
Barcap Finance Division Help!!!Hey All, I was wondering if you all can shed some light on the Finance Division at Barcap? Any chance to move around to FO or up within the division? Any great groups to try and leverage into? Is starting salary in line with street standards? (70 plus 10) Does Bonus vary with the group... 5 4 years 3 months
Middle Office Help!Wassup guys, Wondering of anyone knowledgeable can shed some light on Middle office positions such as finance division ( supporting traders) and risk at BB's like Barclays? Interested in comp, exit opps, skill set or anything you can offer. The search function doesn't really touch on this... 3 4 years 3 months
Barclays Finance DivisionGuys, Anybody have any info on Barcap's finance division? I believe it includes product control and Financial control. Anything including exit ops, comp, or specific groups would be greatly appreciated. Thanks 4 4 years 4 months


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Bump? Bump? 5 2 years 10 months
Damn only 3k signing? Anybody have an idea of...Damn only 3k signing? Anybody have an idea of year end bonus? 69k is nice for middle office though. 5 2 years 11 months
Do they start at 70 in nyc? Because I know they...Do they start at 70 in nyc? Because I know they start at 60 for North Carolina 5 2 years 11 months
BumpBump 7 3 years 17 hours
What about for an Internship? Would a MO...What about for an Internship? Would a MO internship at a BB give me a better opportunity for FT recruiting? Not to mention the MO internship pays alot more. 7 3 years 1 day
BumpBump 10 3 years 3 days
Rutgers, Pace University maybe. Rutgers, Pace University maybe. 12 3 years 1 week
Rutgers, Pace University maybe. Rutgers, Pace University maybe. 12 3 years 1 week
After the Bonus check clears....After the Bonus check clears.... 2 3 years 2 weeks
Rutgers Business School is highly underrated....Rutgers Business School is highly underrated. Rutger's kids are known as scrappy and hardworking and the street loves it. Now Goldman Sachs tends to be a little on the Prestige whore thing so I wouldn't shoot only for that particular firm. I think you need to reach into the network because there... 26 3 years 2 weeks
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