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Signing Bonus Taxation YearI received my FT offer in the fall of 2011 and received half of my signing bonus in January 2012. I started in February 2013 and received the rest of my signing bonus then. My firm did not give me a W2 for 2012 and is saying they are just putting all of my signing bonus in my 2013 W2. From my... 2 2 years 8 months
Books and resources for learning how to storyboardStoryboarding is consistently identified as one of the core skills necessary for consulting. Can anyone recommend any books or other resources that are helpful in learning how to storyboard more effectively? The books below came up in my search. Resonate - Nancy Duarte ( 1 3 years 2 months
Resume Review RequestJust to give a little background, I am currently slated to start at a tier 2 consulting firm in February but am interested in spending a few months in California working for a startup in the meantime (just graduated in May). I would appreciate if a few people could look over my resume for general... 7 3 years 7 months
Resume Review -Interested in ConsultingHi guys, I would really appreciate if you could look at my resume and offer any suggestions. I plan on applying for summer internships soon and am most interested in Deloitte Consulting. Let me know if you have any questions.Thanks. 3 1 month 3 weeks


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It's pretty dry... try to get an international...It's pretty dry... try to get an international edition book. They're pretty easy to source. 71 4 weeks 1 day
guillaume: Regarding compensatory taxes: I don'...[quote="guillaume"]Regarding compensatory taxes: I don't know the details, but my understanding is that, after 12 months of traveling to the same client in the same city, the IRS thinks that you should just move to that city, and so they begin treating your travel expenses as taxable income. I... 3 1 month 1 week
F. Ro Jo: guess this is a crock of shit then:...[quote="F. Ro Jo"]guess this is a crock of shit then:[/quote] You do realize S... 28 1 month 2 weeks
Bluevball8: Not a troll. There are layoffs but...[quote="Bluevball8"]Not a troll. There are layoffs but the more I hear the more it seems exactly what I said:Soft performance of the firm, people identified as not doing great, early "force outs". It's probably to dress the numbers a bit.[/quote] Can confirm. Deloitte is still above plan for the... 28 1 month 2 weeks
abcnyc: Strong overall profile! Good luck with...[quote="abcnyc"]Strong overall profile! Good luck with your remaining interviews. If you don't mind sharing, what are examples of your B/B+ extracurriculars?[/quote] Thanks! During college: teaching assistant for 3 classes, analyst on student-run endowment fund, executive board of 100-person... 50 2 months 1 week
wanna b: Did not get interviews at either. Was...[quote="wanna b]Did not get interviews at either. Was not surprised by the HBS ding, but did expect to at least get a Wharton interview. S&O does send a number of people to both of those schools every year, but they typically have something unique about them (national leadership positions,... 50 2 months 1 week
Ernest Alexander is another good choice. I would...Ernest Alexander is another good choice. I would not recommend leather under $500 unless you find a good deal. Otherwise the leather and build quality won't be that great and it won't last very long Tumi is good quality, but everyone has one and I just personally hate things with logos. 18 9 months 2 weeks
It sounds like you've already made up your mind...It sounds like you've already made up your mind about whether you should stay in consulting. Given that you do not, some things to consider: 1. Is this the first offer you've received? 2. How does the offer compare to what else you've received or might expect to receive? 3. Are you passionate... 3 11 months 1 week
Interesting that you've made progress working...Interesting that you've made progress working towards MBB. Most people say MBB is next to impossible to lateral to after undergrad. And it makes sense - why would an MBB want to invest all the time and money to train someone that's just going to leave for BSchool in 2-3 years anyway? 16 1 year 4 months
Deloitte does a lot of the same stuff BCG does (e...Deloitte does a lot of the same stuff BCG does (e.g., strategy), but Deloitte also does a ton of undesirable things (e.g., implementations, PMO, everything related to the Affordable Care Act, everything related to Dodd Frank). So, while it's possible to have comparative case/project experiences... 18 1 year 6 months
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