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Building a good relationship with a mentor?Hi Folks, wold you mind helping a female chimp out? Some alumni from my high school are big IB bosses. I recently cold emailed one of them to ask for career advice and he responded within a few minutes. He gave me his cell phone number and suggested that I call him with specific questions.... 4 years 10 months
Help me understand those termsHello, I have been reading this forum for the past two months and I decided to join 1 day ago. I am applying for a summer internship with BNP Paribas and I am stuck with the following terms: 1) Degree Course 2) Expected/Obtained Degree Result Would you folks mind explaining what they... 4 years 11 months


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IlliniProgrammer: lifesgreatmystery: piggybank...[quote=IlliniProgrammer][quote=lifesgreatmystery]piggybank, you sound like one of those freshmen in college thats like "I refused to drink alcohol. its so bad for you." when 1 drink a day is actually good for you credit cards are only bad if you don't pay them off.. and charge cards are even... 4 years 8 months
BoxerRebeller: What are peoples thoughts on...[quote=BoxerRebeller]What are peoples thoughts on potential careers? its not a target school but the program is good. Likelihood of MBB or IB??[/quote] What do you mean? It's not a target school but GS and Citigroup recruit students from there? 4 years 8 months
shorttheworld: or to get a hotel room. or many...[quote=shorttheworld]or to get a hotel room. or many other things. but also if youre a finance person you should realize that getting any sort of instant cash back = a good thing and if youre too lazy to take advantage of that you's = fail[/quote] Hotel room is definitely a plus, especially... 4 years 8 months
I agree with cinopec. It would not be too...I agree with cinopec. It would not be too difficult to enter Canada under the skilled worker program. You will have to start your application early because it takes time and I heard that they will end the program next year or in a few years. 4 years 8 months
happypantsmcgee: Discover was my first but its...[quote=happypantsmcgee]Discover was my first but its not taken that many places anymore I don't think. Use/used it for online stuff only pretty much.[/quote] Serious answer now: I don't have a card for the same reasons as feenans. I am an international student with no credit history. I am not... 4 years 8 months
cphbravo96: I love how PiggyBank manages to end...[quote=cphbravo96]I love how PiggyBank manages to end up with few banana points than when he started, lol. Regards[/quote] It was fun pissing the kids off who were getting angry over such a trivial thing. The more pissed they were, the more fun it became. They were too stupid to take the... 4 years 8 months
Should I get Amex or Discover?Should I get Amex or Discover? 4 years 8 months
I want some monkey shit. Why aren't you giving me...I want some monkey shit. Why aren't you giving me enough? 4 years 8 months
cphbravo96: PiggyBank: cphbravo96: PiggyBank...[quote=cphbravo96][quote=PiggyBank][quote=cphbravo96][quote=PiggyBank]I said that I don't have a credit card for other reasons. Until you know the other reasons, keep your mouth shut and stop calling people stupid. The fact that I don't have a credit card is none of your business... 4 years 8 months
Gimme more shitGimme more shit 4 years 8 months
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