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Internship Ideas for meAt the start of the semester i was elected to my student government as the next treasurer(cfo, controller, finance chair, etc). I have really enjoyed helping clubs, student groups manage money, help them receive funds, budget properly, etc. but i am not sure what field of finance that would be. For... 8 4 years 2 weeks
Answer some questions about an internship for...So i am a pre-med student in college going onto my junior year. i go to a liberal arts school in cali. Know I simply what to get a taste of the finance world because because i have always had a passion for finance(i am an econ major), and I just wanted to try working the field. Up until know all my... 7 4 years 9 months
How hard is it to make good by 30 years old?now assuming you start to work on wallstreet at 23 how much do you think the average 30 year olds salary is. This is kinda broad but i just want a general idea. around 100k? now not only talking about BB because not everyone can get a job there but just as a whole. For your average joe what... 7 4 years 9 months
Finance internship (Preferably banking)So I am a junior at a top 30 liberal arts college (us news), and a top 20 schools by forbes ranking. I am an unddecided pre-med. I have plently of medical shadowing, research(1 publication hopefully by the end of this summer), hundreds of hours of volunteering. Varsity athlte. I also have some work... 4 4 years 10 months
moving up from an analyst position?this is sorta a general question. But assuming you have done 2/3 years as an analyst. go back to get your mba and look for a position as an associate. what percent of people get the job. 25%? lower? What happens to the people who don't? do you have a chance at an associate position if you don't... 3 4 years 10 months
Medicine or Bankingso im in bit of a situation? i honestly can't decide between medicine or finance. I enjoy both. Am doing medical research at a hospital and have been a volunteer at an ER and done a few other medical ECs. In the back of my mind I have always enjoyed finance however. I love reading forbes, and... 32 4 years 10 months
What can I expect to make in finance?So what can I expect to make in finance after 1 year, 5 years, after 10 years, after 15, and after 20. specifically i would want to the salary progression of different jobs in the finance world from f500, investment banking, trading, etc. also what percent of people working in finance move up... 10 4 years 11 months
Safest job in finance/business?so i really am interested in finance but all i want is a "safe" job related to finance. The current financial crisis is making me squeamish about going into the finance field as I know many people who can't find jobs. I might end up going to medical school because of this. But i'm not sure where... 28 5 years 1 week
What field in finance is best for me?so i am a former pre-med who is graduating with a 3.4ish gpa and has an econ major and chemistry minor. I wanted to go to med school but just realized that i like finance. I enjoy reading about finance i enjoy talking about finance and enjoy learning more about finance. But my problem is i'm not... 2 5 years 1 week


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just quit. why would you want to get fired?just quit. why would you want to get fired? 19 1 year 10 months
PM me your idea and I'll send you over a working...PM me your idea and I'll send you over a working app free of charge 10 1 year 10 months
anymore suggestions. Not a fan of teaching and i...anymore suggestions. Not a fan of teaching and i do want to make at least a comfortable salary. also not a fan of raising money, betting on grant money, etc. 8 4 years 2 weeks
ibdibd 7 4 years 9 months
not sure if pwn is that interesting to me. It is...not sure if pwn is that interesting to me. It is mainly just stock picking. Although I like stock picking it does not seem as interesting a future interacting with clients, raising capital, etc 4 4 years 10 months
fine how about accountingfine how about accounting 10 4 years 11 months
accounting seems pretty dull. Is it just filling...accounting seems pretty dull. Is it just filling out tax forms, etc. 28 5 years 1 week
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