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Dear Monkeys, This is How You Party sans the hospitalization part $2M/episode goddamn 5 years 1 week
The Allure of Wall StreetAs I stride down the streets of Manhattan, alpha male blood making the cold behave my like my bitch, volatility, I cannot help but wonder: What happened to the prestige of Wall Street? Once upon a time, loaning out money for interest was a sin. How we have progressed! How long do you... 5 years 2 weeks


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AQpaidintern: hey guys Quick question if anyone...[quote=AQpaidintern]hey guys Quick question if anyone knows what the deal is with paid Asset management internships at UBS. It's paid so i know it has to be legit because they are paying me a lot of money, but my only problem is I'm the only intern in my divison resulting in no formal training... 4 years 8 months
do care about greek life? school spirit? care about greek life? school spirit? great athletics? campus traditions? if you are serious about banking, you will inevitably end up in nyc at some point. why not try something new for a change? 4 years 9 months
cool story brocool story bro 4 years 9 months
yo why the fuck did you take my usernameyo why the fuck did you take my username 4 years 9 months
buyside strong sidebuyside strong side 4 years 9 months
FinancialNoviceII: I cant put Westbrook in there...[quote=FinancialNoviceII]I cant put Westbrook in there until he stops making those stupid plays. He shouldnt have the ball in his hand so much if he's playing with KD. I'm gonna wait until next season before I enter him into that conversation. He's made leaps though. Cant put Rondo in there... 4 years 9 months
the shampoo company?the shampoo company? 4 years 10 months
easy. go to dukeeasy. go to duke 4 years 10 months
ekudfoekud: As for this topic, what's the big...[quote=ekudfoekud]As for this topic, what's the big deal. We all know Citi is better than shittier banks such as UBS and BAML - no surprise key UBS and BAML people are coming to Citi. But is it on the way up towards JPM/GS/MS level? Hell nah.[/quote] glad to have your approval. regards,... 4 years 10 months
i bet randombetch feels better about his offer...i bet randombetch feels better about his offer now 4 years 10 months
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