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Gray Fox AMAI've posted here for about five years, but with much less frequency the past year and a half. @xqtrack" @Kenny_Powers_CFA" @BlackHat" and others did similar threads. Earnings season is over and it is relatively quiet, I figured I would do something similar. I've been an analyst at fundamental l/... 2 weeks 12 hours
Tiger CubsI wanted to ping the WSO community and see if there are any users here that are analysts in the Tiger Cub network and would offer some insights. I work for a L/S fund with a value focus and our analysts have very little interaction with other funds. We spend essentially all of our time in SEC... 2 years 2 months
Baupost LetterDoes anybody have a copy? I'm sure this has been brought up before, but thought I would bring it back up. I'm willing to trade a copy of all my notes from Ira Sohn (fair warning they are hand written). 2 years 6 months
Back Office CFA???I saw this headline on the bottom of my bloomberg today in the area that just keeps scrolling news, and I thought it was a spoof from some website like Dealbreaker, but its real. http://www.... 2 years 7 months
HBS Case Study on Hayman Capital and JapanCredit to Zero Hedge for posting this - a great read. 3 years 3 months


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alman: This is the first thread I've started (I...[quote="alman"]This is the first thread I've started (I think) so bear with me... I'm a late 20's CFA charterholder who works in a FO job in Asset Management (global shop that manages >$100bn) and would like to have a go at HF. I like the people I work with and it's the type of shop in which... 1 week 3 hours
JackandDaniels: Large AUM; lean headcount....[quote="JackandDaniels"]Large AUM; lean headcount. Pershing is very extreme example if AUM / person but Glenview would be another very solid option.[/quote] This is kind of like saying USC or Alabama is a great place to play football 1 week 12 hours
jankynoname: Thanks for doing this. Wonder if...[quote="jankynoname"]Thanks for doing this. Wonder if you could comment on any fundamental L/S shops or individual PMs that you respect? Are they the big names that we would all be aware of, or are there some mid-sized under the radar funds that do things really well in terms of the soundness of... 1 week 1 day
fortheppl: What are your thoughts on activist...[quote="fortheppl"]What are your thoughts on activist investing?[/quote] -The media makes activism seem like a much bigger deal than it actually is in real life. Activists are $150bn of $3 trillion in hedge fund AUM. They get 50%+ of the media exposure and are 5% of the assets. In terms of... 1 week 1 day
Carter89: Thanks for doing this. I was wondering...[quote="Carter89"]Thanks for doing this. I was wondering whether you have ever had to negotiate or push for more comp at your fund than the partners were offering and if so, how you approached those discussions. In theory, an analyst has some leverage if the shop is lean (either naturally or due... 2 weeks 16 hours
Dece: Hi, what do you think of starting out at a...[quote="Dece"]Hi, what do you think of starting out at a hedge fund like GLG? Do you think it is a good platform (rivalling BB IBD) and how is GLG viewed by the industry?[/quote] Sorry, not really familiar with GLG and can't comment/offer any advice. 2 weeks 1 day
NESCAC: Great stuff, I'll just go ahead and...[quote="NESCAC"]Great stuff, I'll just go ahead and bombard you with questions off the top of my head. HF's have never been for me (I'm a deal-junkie), but always had some curiosity.. What's the size of your fund? How responsible are you for sourcing ideas? How do you come up with potential... 2 weeks 1 day
LayeredCake: If you've worked with developers at...[quote="LayeredCake"]If you've worked with developers at HFs, can you shed some light on their career or your experience with them?[/quote] Sorry I can't offer too much advice on this topic, but I would say that if you just google "hedge fund analyst jobs", a ton of them are coding/quant related. 2 weeks 1 day
oreos: Gray Fox: -Quality of Earnings,...[quote="oreos"] Gray Fox: -Quality of Earnings, Intelligent Investor, Buffett letters, The Most Important Thing, You Can be a Stock Market Genius, Fooling some of the people all of the time, Accounting for Value, Financial Shenanigans, Inside the House of Money. Blue Ridge has a good reading... 2 weeks 1 day
floppity: Thanks for doing this. Appreciate your...[quote="floppity"]Thanks for doing this. Appreciate your comments through the years as they have been very value-add for the most part. For the most part they have also been in-line with how I think too (not sure if this is a good thing). My only question is how do you meet more people in the... 2 weeks 1 day