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Crips vs. Bloods...which is more prestigious?Mod Note (Andy) - Throwback Thursday - this was originally posted 2/28/12 Tried the search function, but couldn't find anything. I am a senior at a non-target. I wasn't able to get into banking. So I am considering alternatives to make some cash (high risk/high reward). Can any monkeys... 4 days 19 hours
So that old statement holds true..."Once you go black, you'll never go back." 2 years 11 months
Morningwood Capital Partners! HELP!!!I'm at a BB (coverage group) looking to make a move onto the buy-side. Has any of heard of Morningwood Capital Partners? I have talked to the Director there (cold-call) and honestly he seemed like a real dick but said he admired my balls. said he wood move me onto to the next steps if I could prove... 3 years 6 months
Berkery Noyes? Any info on them? They have impressive deal flow but I don't know much about them regarding street rep, culture, pay. 3 years 6 months
Anyone have experience working at/with start-up...I go to a non-target. after a very unsuccessful FT recruiting season I am looking into boutique investment banking. I recently got in touch with a firm that has been started by senior guys at a top MM (Sagent/Lincoln/houlihan/Harris Williams). Firm has quite a bit of deal flow. Does anyone have... 3 years 7 months
FUCK MY LIFE:( 3 years 10 months
Off-cycle undergraduate recruitingI go to a non-target and I'm graduating next year. I have had no luck with the recruiting season (so far) and I don't think there are too many firms still hiring. I had a few first rounds and made it to a couple sueprdays. Is it worth checking back in with these firms to see if they didn't meet... 3 years 12 months
Rejects- - come on guys, add to the list. 4 years 2 weeks
Wells Fargo Middle Market GroupAnyone know about this group? I know its not a WB or Jefferies. How is it represented in MM PE in the larger cities like Chiacgo/SF/Houston/LA/Boston? 4 years 3 weeks
Elite Boutique helpHi guys, Non-target senior. So I just got done talking to an MD at a elite boutique (Lazard, Greenhill, Evercore, etc) in a non-NY location but...Chicago/SF/LA/Houston. within an industry group. Had no personal connection with him previously (we shared something in common) and shot him an... 4 years 3 weeks


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1.51.5 4 days 6 hours
Buy a house?Buy a house? 4 days 12 hours
Yoga or LSDYoga or LSD 4 days 13 hours
Pick your franchise wisely. Frozen yogurt, marble...Pick your franchise wisely. Frozen yogurt, marble slabs, cold, smoothie places, etc...any high priced items that can be easily substituted at a grocery store will kill you during a recession. Also the seasonal type franchises are death. Avoid. 5 days 2 hours
~$100k seems low for someone with 3-5+ years of...~$100k seems low for someone with 3-5+ years of experience especially coming from banking/consulting + MBA. I'm in a in a high COL city...probably the highest in the country and I've seen $120k-$150k all in for someone coming in as a senior analyst right out of banking. Even some of the FP... 5 days 3 hours
hellohello 5 days 3 hours
they work banking/consulting hours culture is...they work banking/consulting hours culture is also very bankingish. but you will learn. 1 year 11 months
If this M&A group at a big 4 is PwC corporate...If this M&A group at a big 4 is PwC corporate finance, KPMG corporate finance, ernst & young capital advisors, or deloitte corporate finance, it is essentially a "boutique IB" that also carries a globally known name. I would take 3. It will help getting into the US. 1 year 11 months
How about moving to another FoF where you can do...How about moving to another FoF where you can do co-investing as well? 1 year 12 months
Flake: It's never too soon to start that...[quote=Flake]It's never too soon to start that transition. In fact, I would be concerned about staying too long. And fuck your boss, tell him to mind his own business (don't really say that, but if you must make sure you do it Kevin Hart style: " two plus two not knowing what the fuck it is... 1 year 12 months
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