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Accounting technicalsLast week at work, someone shared this potential interview question as we discussed full-time recruiting for those trying to lateral. I would love to hear people's answer to this question: "Give 5 ways to increase cash without touching the income statement." What do you think? 5 2 years 8 months
Professor accused me of plagiarism; best response?Please understand that this isn't a question like "Help me lie about my GPA." The only reason I am coming on here is because I have legitimately been falsely accused and want to know if anyone else has ever had to deal with this and how they successfully proved their innocence. I have a class... 71 3 years 5 months
Decline FT trading offer and extend graduation...Here is my situation. I have an exploding return offer in S... 18 3 years 6 months
Banking versus Trading - Did a summer in S&T First of all, bear with me. I know this question has been belabored to death, but hear me out. This is an alternate account of a relatively prominent user on this site .. and for particular reasons, I'd like to keep my identity safe. Background: I summered in S... 21 2 weeks 15 hours
Credit Suisse group placementHi, I am a junior from a target school. Before you jump all over me please understand I am not one of the kids asking without an offer. I searched my question already and couldn't find very recent answers ... simply would like to know what are some strong groups at Credit Suisse. About me, I... 4 4 years 3 months
The Demographics of the 1%I came across this. It is a no-frills breakdown of exactly who or what is in the 'one percent.' I think it's neat because it's not slanted like all the news articles, just a bunch of facts. The part on minorities was kinda interesting too. 5 4 years 5 months
UBS Sophomore SymposiumI hate to make another of these but I have a really dumb question. Maybe someone who's attended this before can help out. Did you just show up with your luggage on the first day? I see on the itinerary it says we have a half-day in the afternoon at the NY office followed by a train up to Stamford... 3 4 years 11 months
Is this watch worth it for a quick pick-up?Hey, just got an email about a sale on Amazon and I had a question. I have absolutely no watch at all and I'll be starting my SA at a BB soon and I just wanted something to start with, I'm not a superb connoisseur or anything and reading this forum is really informative, but I have a much lower... 14 5 years 1 week


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NYCbandar: The white knight is strong with this...[quote=NYCbandar][/quote]The white knight is strong with this one. 25 2 years 7 months
Just wanted to share an update for future...Just wanted to share an update for future reference for people who may search for a similar topic and come across this thread. I chose not to take the trading offer. I reached out proactively to a couple specific people in my network who I had developed relationships with since sophomore year... 18 3 years 2 weeks
1) I should clarify that I absolutely don't know...1) I should clarify that I absolutely don't know a single thing about SEO placement (and frankly, have never considered it true placement since you aren't recruited by the firm or go through campus recruiting, you are placed at a firm after an internal ranking process within SEO) so that accounts... 22 3 years 2 weeks
nyu stern (rough numbers; includes sophomores who...[quote]nyu stern (rough numbers; includes sophomores who stayed on and SEO) jpm: 5-6 gs: 5-6 ms: 2-3 cs: 5 ubs: 3 barcap: 3-4 wf: 6 (maybe more idk) citi: 5-6 baml: 1 db: 0-1 evercore: 2-3 lazard: 1 moelis: 1 hsbc: 1-2 centerview: 0-1 bmo: 1-2 perella: 1 qatalyst: 1 houlihan: 2... 22 3 years 3 weeks
Where do analysts from BX R&R or M&A fit...Where do analysts from BX R... 92 3 years 3 months
Going Concern: Some Unknown: I'm addicted to...[quote=Going Concern][quote=Some Unknown]I'm addicted to gum. Everybody on campus knows that I'll pull 3-5 different packs out of my bag if someone asks for a piece. Go sugarless. Orbit is the best. It's officially considered a "low calorie" food for having something like 10 3 years 3 months
APAE: It depends. You have a couple options 1....[quote=APAE]It depends. You have a couple options 1. You can either take this and run like a bandit, happy to get the chance to spend two summers before graduation at the same bank, build a ton of cache and a strong reputation, and enter your analyst program as one of the most highly regarded... 9 3 years 4 months
TechBanking: For some basic trends in tech take...[quote=TechBanking]For some basic trends in tech take a look at the Mary Meeker reports from KPCB:[/quote]Thanks, didn't know about those. 3 3 years 4 months
One of the best shows of all time. Surprised that...One of the best shows of all time. Surprised that you meet that many people who aren't familiar with it. 26 3 years 4 months
I've never watched the show. Seems like I ought...I've never watched the show. Seems like I ought to pick it up. 36 3 years 4 months
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