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Accounting technicalsLast week at work, someone shared this potential interview question as we discussed full-time recruiting for those trying to lateral. I would love to hear people's answer to this question: "Give 5 ways to increase cash without touching the income statement." What do you think? 2 years 6 months
Professor accused me of plagiarism; best response?Please understand that this isn't a question like "Help me lie about my GPA." The only reason I am coming on here is because I have legitimately been falsely accused and want to know if anyone else has ever had to deal with this and how they successfully proved their innocence. I have a class... 3 years 2 months
Decline FT trading offer and extend graduation...Here is my situation. I have an exploding return offer in S... 3 years 3 months
Banking versus TradingFirst of all, bear with me. I know this question has been belabored to death, but hear me out. This is an alternate account of a relatively prominent user on this site .. and for particular reasons, I'd like to keep my identity safe. Background: I summered in S... 3 years 6 months
Credit Suisse group placementHi, I am a junior from a target school. Before you jump all over me please understand I am not one of the kids asking without an offer. I searched my question already and couldn't find very recent answers ... simply would like to know what are some strong groups at Credit Suisse. About me, I... 4 years 2 weeks
The Demographics of the 1%I came across this. It is a no-frills breakdown of exactly who or what is in the 'one percent.' I think it's neat because it's not slanted like all the news articles, just a bunch of facts. The part on minorities was kinda interesting too. 4 years 2 months
UBS Sophomore SymposiumI hate to make another of these but I have a really dumb question. Maybe someone who's attended this before can help out. Did you just show up with your luggage on the first day? I see on the itinerary it says we have a half-day in the afternoon at the NY office followed by a train up to Stamford... 4 years 8 months
Is this watch worth it for a quick pick-up?Hey, just got an email about a sale on Amazon and I had a question. I have absolutely no watch at all and I'll be starting my SA at a BB soon and I just wanted something to start with, I'm not a superb connoisseur or anything and reading this forum is really informative, but I have a much lower... 4 years 9 months


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NYCbandar: The white knight is strong with this...[quote=NYCbandar][/quote]The white knight is strong with this one. 2 years 4 months
Just wanted to share an update for future...Just wanted to share an update for future reference for people who may search for a similar topic and come across this thread. I chose not to take the trading offer. I reached out proactively to a couple specific people in my network who I had developed relationships with since sophomore year... 2 years 10 months
1) I should clarify that I absolutely don't know...1) I should clarify that I absolutely don't know a single thing about SEO placement (and frankly, have never considered it true placement since you aren't recruited by the firm or go through campus recruiting, you are placed at a firm after an internal ranking process within SEO) so that accounts... 2 years 10 months
nyu stern (rough numbers; includes sophomores who...[quote]nyu stern (rough numbers; includes sophomores who stayed on and SEO) jpm: 5-6 gs: 5-6 ms: 2-3 cs: 5 ubs: 3 barcap: 3-4 wf: 6 (maybe more idk) citi: 5-6 baml: 1 db: 0-1 evercore: 2-3 lazard: 1 moelis: 1 hsbc: 1-2 centerview: 0-1 bmo: 1-2 perella: 1 qatalyst: 1 houlihan: 2... 2 years 10 months
Where do analysts from BX R&R or M&A fit...Where do analysts from BX R... 3 years 2 weeks
Going Concern: Some Unknown: I'm addicted to...[quote=Going Concern][quote=Some Unknown]I'm addicted to gum. Everybody on campus knows that I'll pull 3-5 different packs out of my bag if someone asks for a piece. Go sugarless. Orbit is the best. It's officially considered a "low calorie" food for having something like 3 years 2 weeks
APAE: It depends. You have a couple options 1....[quote=APAE]It depends. You have a couple options 1. You can either take this and run like a bandit, happy to get the chance to spend two summers before graduation at the same bank, build a ton of cache and a strong reputation, and enter your analyst program as one of the most highly regarded... 3 years 1 month
TechBanking: For some basic trends in tech take...[quote=TechBanking]For some basic trends in tech take a look at the Mary Meeker reports from KPCB:[/quote]Thanks, didn't know about those. 3 years 1 month
One of the best shows of all time. Surprised that...One of the best shows of all time. Surprised that you meet that many people who aren't familiar with it. 3 years 1 month
I've never watched the show. Seems like I ought...I've never watched the show. Seems like I ought to pick it up. 3 years 1 month
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