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Buy a Watch Before Prices RiseFigure lots of people just got paid / know their number and given the CHF move and how the watch stocks responded they will have to try and take pricing soon. So probably a good time to buy a watch. Let's not make this a brag thread but what do you have your eye on and how pressured are you to buy... 2 1 year 3 months
how tough is buyside traditional asset management...I'm talking mostly the larger fund families - Fido, Putnam, T Rowe. Its always been the backup plan, but after hearing some anecdotes, I'm beginning to question how easy it truly is to walk in with a few years of experience at an (under-performing or you wouldn't be there) hedge fund and land a job... 12 4 years 2 months
MSG and RationalityAnyone want to venture how MSG will open Monday? I view it as a test of investor rationality - the upside being the TWC contract and the downside being the "chink" in Lin's armor (for those of you that haven't heard yet, ESPN actually put that on their homepage after the NO loss). In this case,... 1 4 years 2 months
Brain Teasers - Quick read From google. Its just sad that instead of this, we continue to have the MD, VP, Associate and Analyst cross the bridge with one flashlight. 4 2 weeks 8 hours
Low-eyestrain glasses? heard about them from a buddy who literally plays video games all day now. He claims they work and they apparently make clear kinds. I've quickly realized how bad of an idea contacts are, even if you take them out after ordering dinner,... 5 4 years 5 months
Key CPG metricsBesides the obvious top and bottom line numbers, what are key metrics for a consumer packaged goods company. I'm looking for stuff along the lines off same-store-sales in retail. What ratios do those metrics inform (for by comparison, price to SSS growth in retail or TEV to proven reserves in... 4 years 5 months
Visit MBA targets?Specifically h/s/w (and cbs). I'm on the east coast, and in philly, nyc and boston relatively regularly so there is little excuse for me not to visit and go to an info session if they track these kind of things. Only issue is, I'm absolutely crammed, and don't want to move stuff around to listen to... 6 4 years 9 months
Northeastern Housing for Boston Summer InternshipIs this a good idea? I've heard horror stories about the NYU dorms in NYC, and this seems similar, but the location for Northeastern is great - in the middle of Back Bay/Fenway, close to my employer (and places where my friends/potential roommates work), and by the Prudential center for food/... 4 5 years 1 month
Would you ever getthese Allen replica business cards from american psycho (customized with your name/firm): And would you have the balls to give them to anyone in the industry, who would know instantly what they were, or would you stick to handing them out to kids with... 5 years 2 months
McKinsey Office AmenitiesWhich offices have the nicest digs? I'm assuming the big ones would have an advantage here, but between NY/NJ, Chicago, SF/Silicon Valley who has a gym, gourmet cafeteria, etc. And info about other non-firm standard perks would be great too. 18 5 years 2 months


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Things to keep in mind - make sure your parents...Things to keep in mind - make sure your parents don't control brokerage accounts that you are a beneficial owner of, those would need to be disclosed. Be prepared to not be able to trade - derivatives especially can be annoying as you'll need to close positions you can't roll. Also would... 14 11 months 3 weeks
I haven't liked any ThinkPad's I've used,...I haven't liked any ThinkPad's I've used, including the X1/Carbon. Got a surface pro 3 a few months ago and am very happy (it's almost the size of an actual page so you can read PDFs on it without squinting). 32 11 months 3 weeks
This is a terrible idea. Commuting on a bike in a...This is a terrible idea. Commuting on a bike in a major city, especially while tired, is a death wish. 25 11 months 3 weeks
I started in banking and have been doing long-...I started in banking and have been doing long-short for a few years now. I have colleagues who joined right out of school, and think that path is better. The reason very few people start on the buyside is training analysts from scratch is a pain and people would rather pay an extra $100k in... 21 11 months 3 weeks
BB "luxury" dress shirts are a great value on...BB "luxury" dress shirts are a great value on sale, even after last year's price increase. Fabric of a quality with true luxury brands, with a conservative styling but still available in extra slim fit. The red fleece stuff is more contemporary. Remember though they do a lot of business in Japan... 18 11 months 3 weeks
Used car pricing on the kind of stuff you would (...Used car pricing on the kind of stuff you would (I assume entry level luxury sports sedan car or non-luxury SUV/car with options) isn't great either, especially if you get "certified pre-owned" vehicles for peace of mind. Unless you can find a 5+ year old car with low mileage, which is hard.... 25 11 months 3 weeks
The old paine webber handbook is useful for...The old paine webber handbook is useful for industry specific metrics and what to look for. 6 11 months 3 weeks
Nassim Taleb has a story in one of his books...Nassim Taleb has a story in one of his books about some prof at Wharton telling him he needed to be in a scalable profession (i.e. one where incremental cash flow is not proportional to incremental effort - think money managers, recording artists, etc.), which is effectively operating leverage on... 17 11 months 3 weeks
People say go custom but low-end MTM (think...People say go custom but low-end MTM (think Suitsupply) doesn't even compare with something like Black Label with a few hundred bucks of alterations. Better MTM (good HK guys, Martin Greenfield) is similarly priced and will still probably need a couple suits before they get it exactly right, and a... 14 1 year 2 weeks
For early-stage startups, basically only take the...For early-stage startups, basically only take the job if you love the product/market fit, the team and the backers. Hiring MBAs is a bit of a red flag though, unless you have directly relevant experience, will be in a functional role like sales or b dev. You want 50bps+ of equity here, with... 52 1 year 2 weeks
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