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PE in Asia / HKDoes anyone work in PE in Asia / HK? Currently in PE now but curious about opportunities in the region. If anyone is willing to drop some knowledge, it would be much appreciated 2 years 2 months
NYC Housing - 4 bedroom share in the East Village...My roommates and I are moving out of a 4 bedroom / 1 bath elevator building in the east village on 13th / 3rd. It's a great location downtown and near a ton of bars and restaurants. The apartment is clean and all the rooms are decent sized and good value for the price and location. It's a... 2 years 8 months
CPA / accountantDoes anyone have a good CPA / accountant for taxes in Manhattan that they can recommend? Feel free to PM me. Thanks! 2 years 8 months
Buyside in HK / AsiaDoes anyone work on the buyside in HK? Currently work in PE in the US....thinking about making the move out to HK for a few years. Would be interested in talking / PM-ing to anyone who's out there or has been out there 2 years 11 months
Percentage of PE Associates from IBDI know the landscape is changing and that PE recruiting will be different than the past, but I'm just trying to get a gauge of the number of PE opportunities that exist relative to IB analysts on a historical basis. So here's the rough estimate for how many analysts there are in BBs and other... 6 years 9 months
JPM vs GS West CoastGuys--would appreciate some insight between the two firms for the summer. GS Pro's 1. GS is GS 2. Strong TMT presence Con's 1. Potentially low offer rate?? (can anybody counter this?) 2. Low job security...rumors of analysts getting the "1 yr" program, IBD -> HR placement, et al... 6 years 9 months
JPM SFAnybody have any comments on how strong this office is? I know they have a tech and m&a team, but don't know anything else. How about its TMT group vs GS/MS/CS? 6 years 10 months
Contact GoodwillHey guys, Here's the scenario: I have been exchanging emails with an alum for a few months and when summer recruiting came around, I asked him if he could help, and he apparently sent a referral to HR for me to be interviewed. I got the call and was told it was for the Finance division of a BB... 6 years 10 months
Sales & Trading Clarification For those who are knowledgeable about this business, could you please provide some clarity on what sales and trading encompasses? I have a clear understanding of the investment banking division and equity research. However, I only have a very general understanding of what goes on underneath the... 6 years 10 months
realistic prospects of the MMI know there are a few bankers on here that have made the transition from MM to MM+ PE (Compbanker, Gametheory? I think..). Can you guys list the banks that you worked at? To preserve anonymity, maybe just give a range of comparable banks that you saw when competing on deals, etc. I summered... 6 years 11 months


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just some additional color -- at our firm we...just some additional color -- at our firm we interact w/ SAC from time to time in the context of our public companies, and just about every time, there are comments from our management teams about how SAC analysts ask very uncomfortable questions 1 year 9 months
Thanks compbanker, very helpfulThanks compbanker, very helpful 1 year 11 months
Compbanker / mbavsmfin, Curious to hear your...Compbanker / mbavsmfin, Curious to hear your thoughts on Booth as it relates to buyside opportunities and any geographical limitations (eg Midwest only) Thanks! 1 year 11 months
GPA definitely plays a role for pre MBA pe...GPA definitely plays a role for pre MBA pe recruiting. There are firms that care less and firms that care more, but as people have said in this thread, MFs can have their pick of the litter. The reality is if you're in a "top" IBD group, you probably interviewed well when you were in college and... 1 year 11 months
SSits -- thanks so much for the very...SSits -- thanks so much for the very comprehensive reply -- very helpful 2 years 2 months
deleteddeleted 2 years 2 months
I'm just starting to explore the possibility of...I'm just starting to explore the possibility of doing some time in Asia and am generally looking to understand the below. By way of background, did 2 years of IB and am currently in the midst of a PE program. Also -- just some context behind this, I am really thinking about working in HK as... 2 years 2 months
DLJ merchant banking is dead. Everyone left and...DLJ merchant banking is dead. Everyone left and they have zero capital to invest. 3 years 1 month
Salamati, I also worked on the west coast but I...Salamati, I also worked on the west coast but I respectfully disagree. - PWP SF - yes the origins of this office are two ex lehman tech bankers. I can't speak to their reputation but I know that a) I have not heard of any notable tech deals executed by them since inception b) let's be real --... 3 years 1 month
ricqles knows what he's talking about.ricqles knows what he's talking about. 3 years 1 month
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