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New WSO?What's this? 9 5 years 1 month
Intern at Guggenheim PartnersMy first post ever on something besides "Monkeying Around" Is Guggenheim partners a good place to intern at?? Like I don't know how it compares with the BB and stuff... 7 5 years 1 month
Google - Search algorithms I don't know if everyone read about Google's change in the search algorithms. Anyhow, was wondering, does that affect businesses drastically by how they can't be searched if Google deems them to be pathetic/waste of space?? Is that fair? Or does this give other competitors a chance... Would it be... 20 1 week 3 hours
ProteinWhat protein shakes do WSO monkeys use/recommend And also do you guys think that things like cross fit and p90x (taking it seriously) is worth it? I know there is a lot of websites about this but half of those people contradict themselves so I like fresh answers. Love you guys! 47 5 years 2 months
Monkeys?I am putting this post up anyways. I feel that people are gonna hate here.. BUT What is the whole monkey thing about? Why is it a monkey?? Don't get me wrong though, I love this website. Love you Mr. Patrick :))) 7 5 years 2 months
What does Steffen Korbach do exactly??? He's so young.. I mean I don't think investment banking gets you that much money at a young age... does it?? 8 5 years 2 months
If you were offered to meet someone through WSO...Do people ever meet others through WSO, doing things like network or more? I mean great advice here and such but I am more of a meeting people and talking face to face. Just wondering! 65 5 years 2 months
Should the rest of the world start using music...Was reading the Wall Street Journal and saw an article about eggs and music. Since I love both things, I read it. Chinese (Cantonese majority) people are raising their chickens with music and it is proving to have a dramatic effect on the egg's yolk size and such. Would you pay 9 times as much per... 4 5 years 2 months
I'm 18Is it just because I am 18 that I don't understand like jack squat of what anyone says? Or is there like a book I could get to understand this business lingo? I found this website a while back because I was researching for college and stuff, and I want to try marketing, but some say I should go for... 30 5 years 2 months


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Each bathroom have a urinal and regular toilet....Each bathroom have a urinal and regular toilet. At first I found it weird but I love it now... 62 5 years 1 month
txjustin: Midas Mulligan Magoo: Sadly... All...[quote=txjustin][quote=Midas Mulligan Magoo]Sadly... All of you guys are wrong. It makes no difference whether Yung Gotti takes off his clit jewelry. Nobody will say shit to him about it. Asking him to do so would expose a BB to a discrimination suit, the same way telling a broad with... 129 5 years 1 month
Fix your margins.Fix your margins. 5 5 years 1 month
You are an inspirational person for us all. Thank...You are an inspirational person for us all. Thank You 122 5 years 1 month
Hahah sb for this. Thanks for the laughHahah sb for this. Thanks for the laugh 121 5 years 1 month
This kind of talk always freaks me out inside. I...This kind of talk always freaks me out inside. I am not afraid of death per say but I am afraid I didn't get to do what I always wanted to do. I honestly don't know what I would do in my last hours... I am leaving for Mexico on the 9th for mission work for a couple months and I am a bit worried... 36 5 years 1 month
What if Ronnie went for Snookie in first seasonWhat if Ronnie went for Snookie in first season 17 5 years 1 month
HFFBALLfan123: This thread should be labeled "...[quote=HFFBALLfan123]This thread should be labeled "So, how much does a nerdy college kid THINK an investment banker makes...."[/quote] bi-winning 45 5 years 1 month
rebelcross: ...anti-winning : (...[quote=rebelcross]...anti-winning : ([/quote] [][/quote] lol........ 9 5 years 1 month
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