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Einhorn does it againMan, Einhorn is on a roll. Two weeks after presenting CMG as a short, the stock takes a nose dive today. Down ~12% after-hours after missing analyst earnings forecasts. Anyone else ready to tag-along on all Einhorn shorts in the future? 37 3 years 6 months
Borat's Broker - Best Analyst Covering...This is awesome. [Quote] At 24, Abdikarimov only tracked regional mining companies, but he figured that fundamental financial analysis would basically be the same for a social... 14 3 years 8 months
Be nice WSO - especially if you are in Arizona'Annoying, Offending' Language Online Would Be Crime Under Arizona Bill If this bill passes, definitely stay out of Arizona. How many criminal acts have been committed on WSO already? 4 4 years 4 weeks
The Entrepreneur State - Safety Nets for StartupsFull Article: "Here's a new framework for competitiveness: What if the law were biased, not toward the oil and gas industry or the cotton farmers, but to the... 1 4 years 2 months
Liberal-Arts Failure Is Wall Street’s GainExplanation for why Ivies feed Wall Street - because the smart kids there are too incompetent and lack the skills to do anything else but continue to apply for for jobs that will teach actual skills. What do you think WSO? Fact or fiction? "In effect, Wall Street -- like a few other... 34 4 years 2 months
Trickle down economicsTo build on a previous posting around a flat tax system for individual income, I wanted to continue the conversation further on how a flat tax may or may not jumpstart economic growth. Further, I wanted to tie this with another on-going topic, the OWS protest against the 1%. Consider the... 12 4 years 6 months
Obama should consider a new career Betcha LEH or AIG woulda loved to have that ability. 7 years 7 months
LSE Study Abroad?Has anyone done the 1-year study abroad at LSE? Is it worth it to do it during senior year, in terms of academics and recruiting? Thanks! 3 8 years 11 months
Best groups list for ERWas wondering if anyone had any inkling of what are the best groups to be in for ER. I know there is the II rankings, but what about in terms of prestige, exit ops, etc? Best banks or industries? Etc? 9 9 years 3 weeks
Investment bankers made by circumstance? Let's hope bull market sticks around for another couple of years? 9 years 1 month


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Alright fellas, let's cut the crap on consulting...Alright fellas, let's cut the crap on consulting v banking. Here's the bottom line: 1) Selectivity M/B/B vs GS/MS/JPM - you're gonna find the exact same level of selectivity at each of these places at the analyst level. Probably a bit more at M/B/B out of undergrad given that consulting is... 184 5 months 2 weeks
What liberal arts college has a business school?What liberal arts college has a business school? 202 1 year 3 months
There was a guy who failed his test in my group...There was a guy who failed his test in my group since it was too inconclusive, but he just had to take it again... 87 1 year 4 months
Beowulf: Do you think the fact that this is...[quote=Beowulf] Do you think the fact that this is only for a summer should affect my decision? I.E try the less tolerable one first, and if I don't like it for full time - NETWORK SUPER HARD to try and move to the more tolerable atmosphere?[/quote] Keep in mind the summer experience is not... 138 1 year 4 months
petergibbons: freeloader: I wouldn't...[quote=petergibbons][quote=freeloader] I wouldn't characterize McKinsey as a churn and burn culture, I think given the global staffing model, up-and-out pyramid, and large size, there is simply a larger number of consultants who leave over time, and not necessarily a higher rate of consultants... 138 1 year 4 months
Jeff8700: I don't want to complicate this but...[quote=Jeff8700]I don't want to complicate this but can anyone go into greater depth regarding the regional vs. global staffing model between the two firms? If you wanted something in your city at McKinsey would you have a good shot at getting it? Would it be in any way possible to get an... 138 1 year 4 months
consultant09: Bain loves nothing more than when...[quote=consultant09] Bain loves nothing more than when FEMPs (former employees) come back after school. Much better than hiring an MBA who is an unknown quantity and doesn't know the first thing about consulting. Not as sure about McK's attitude towards promotion and offers to return, but my... 138 1 year 4 months
petergibbons: I'd take Bain, but you kind of...[quote=petergibbons]I'd take Bain, but you kind of come off as McKinsey. I chose against McKinsey because of its churn and burn culture and lack of promotion opportunities for BAs. Name brand doesn't matter here in terms of exit opps, and unless you're a real psychopath, quality of life and... 138 1 year 4 months
Beowulf: Here's what I'm looking for: I'd...[quote=Beowulf] Here’s what I’m looking for: I’d ideally like to stay at the firm past promotion/business school, strategy cases over operational cases, international exposure, meaningful work (i.e. do you think McK Business Analysts do less grunt work than Bain Associate Consultants?), mentorship... 138 1 year 4 months
U Accrete Me: Guys, Let me begin by saying I am...[quote=U Accrete Me]Guys, Let me begin by saying I am well aware that this has been a past topic. My question pertains to the current economic conditions, so let it be known I am not trolling. I am a senior at a Non-Target with a very high GPA, two previous internships at unknown boutique... 246 1 year 12 months
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