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Need a room - Battery ParkLooking rent a room in or close to the Battery Park area for the months of April + May. 1 year 8 months
MBA Application ResumeI'm looking for some advice from current or former MBA students. When you applied to your schools, did you reformat your resume to fit the school's template for each school you applied to? If so, is there a handy resource where I can find these templates? Or did you just use 1 resume for each... 2 years 5 months
Stock ScreenersI was wondering if there were any free "stock screening" programs available on the internet for personal use. I have been using the Yahoo screener for some time, but now I am looking for something more powerful, if it exists. Specifically, I would like to track the share performance of... 4 years 7 months


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this site could do better. a lot.this site could do better. a lot. 5 months 1 week
AcquisitionsGuy: I think my interviewer was...[quote=AcquisitionsGuy]I think my interviewer was looking for any excuse to kill the interview. His very first comment was how the other applicants were much more qualified than me and mainly came from ivies (I was coming from a very non-target). His first question was, "How would you have fixed... 6 months 1 week
OMG, people actually major in the CAPM?OMG, people actually major in the CAPM? 6 months 2 weeks
So now Tesla has to grow at 40% / yr.So now Tesla has to grow at 40% / yr. 9 months 2 weeks
reformed: TheGrind: (70% of Tuckies end up in...[quote=reformed] TheGrind: (70% of Tuckies end up in the C-Suite within a decade). Wtf..?[/quote] Good to know I wasn't the only one 9 months 3 weeks
be5378: Hi guys, I'd prefer to keep this short...[quote=be5378]Hi guys, I'd prefer to keep this short and sweet for a variety of reasons (chief among them anonymity). After spending close to 15 years in both the various special operations forces (in the military) and other government agencies, I'm currently considering attending business school.... 9 months 3 weeks
AcquisitionsGuy: I attended an admissions event...[quote=AcquisitionsGuy]I attended an admissions event for Duke and the admissions officer said that they take the binding nature seriously. He gave multiple examples of students who reneged at Duke and once other schools found out (admissions world is small), the schools that had also extended... 10 months 1 week
computerblue: OP, It sounds like you got the...[quote=computerblue]OP, It sounds like you got the Consortium grants at Yale, Tuck, and UT Austin. Congratulations. Regarding where to go to school, I'd sit down and sort out what you want to get out of your business school experience. If you are 100% sure that you want to do banking in... 11 months 1 day
I would have it done right after summer time if...I would have it done right after summer time if you're into swimming or watersports. You're supposed to stay away from water activities for a couple of months after lasik. 11 months 4 days
Has the thesis changed?Has the thesis changed? 11 months 4 days
WallStreet Prep Master Financial Modeling