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How do you handle heavy personal stress?So everyone knows that banking is a high stress environment. When it comes to cranking out 80, 90,100 hours a week it may be a little bit more difficult to stay connected to the ones you love let alone allow stress from back home to affect you. However, life happens and sometimes tragic things... 14 3 years 1 month
How to nail an interviewYou have networked like a ninja. You’ve tapped all connections available. (Or you go to a target school or something of that nature.) You’ve read through WSO, M... 15 3 years 2 months
Search Function Filter ProblemsWhenever I search for something I have a problem with the filtering. If I apply a filter, it complete removes my search terms and replaces them with either "superday" for the date filter or something else for other filters. 5 3 years 5 months
So be honest, can networking like a ninja...So, I have this friend who I've been trying to encourage to network. I'll call her Esperanza because I really love that word. She has overcome a lot of things already. She is a 1st generation student from a spanish speaking country. She doesn't come from a wealthy background either. Esperanza... 19 3 years 8 months
Acceptable Hairstyles for WomenDespite searching, I have not seen a topic regarding ethnic hair. My goal is eventually go into Investment Banking. However, I'm not trying to get laughed out of the interview for looking too different. So, I want REAL advice. Are there any women in banking on here that understand this dilemma?... 17 3 years 11 months
Non-target IB / Does this look pretentious? Please give feedback. I don't have soft feelings. 10 4 years 6 months
Guy uses Craiglist Dating for an Interview. Is...I agonized briefly over the idea of posting this question on here for fear of sarcastic/ unrelated comments. I’ll start with a nice little craigslist ad before I begin my post. If hedgefund managers represent the rising stars on the... 20 4 years 8 months
Newsletter for a brokerage firm.I'm currently applying for this job as a writer for a small brokerage firm. My job wouldn't be to give investment advice, but to merely synthesize weekly or monthly events that may have significantly affected the markets. I really want to land this job because I love to write, and I'm always... 2 4 years 10 months
Wisely investing a "bonus"?Last night I had a dream that I used a nice chunk of cash and shorted oil. I woke up to discover today that A: oil went down, and B: I have a 3k credit on my school's bursar account. I think my dreams are sending me a message. Any how my question is what to do with it. A lot of people argue... 4 4 years 10 months
Resume Review for INROADS InternshipI am trying to get an internship through INROADS. Brutal resume advice would be greatly appreciated. 7 5 years 2 months


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Yes, plenty. I'd argue that exits from WF Lev Fin...Yes, plenty. I'd argue that exits from WF Lev Fin to HF are more likely than PE. But to repeat my cautionary tale from earlier, a lot of what happens depends on location and initiative. Don't get me wrong, recruiters do reach out to analysts, but it won't be as many emails as you would get if you... 6 1 year 6 months
I have a bit of first hand knowledge of WF. In...I have a bit of first hand knowledge of WF. In terms of exit opportunities, Lev Fin is the best. Sponsors deal flow was disappointing the last I heard and placement pretty bad. Also WF tends to not like to do PE deal due to its "conservative" nature. However, most Lev Fin analysts go to credit... 6 1 year 6 months
SirTradesaLot: I'll definitely make more of an...[quote=SirTradesaLot] [/quote] I'll definitely make more of an effort to have more than superficial conversations. Although I feel like superficial conversations are easier because then we can both pretend like everything is perfectly fine. [quote=GrandJury] [/quote], [quote=Alekz] [/quote]... 14 3 years 1 month
knivek: You fap to cancer? I am not amused. [quote=knivek] [/quote] You fap to cancer? I am not amused. 14 3 years 1 month
Financier4Hire: This guy is lying; I could...[quote=Financier4Hire]This guy is lying; I could access WSO using a Russian proxy[/quote] I was actually going to suggest use a proxy to access it. I've heard of people in China (have lots of international Chinese friends) using... 25 3 years 1 month
organic: I still find the idea of a mentor-...[quote=organic] I still find the idea of a mentor-mentee relationship unfamiliar as I'm pretty new to this whole thing. I'm warming up to it as I do have a mentor I met through an alumni mentorship program in my department, but sometimes I don't know what is appropriate and what's not. If I want to... 33 3 years 1 month
APAE: This is the brutal truth. Coming from a...[quote=APAE]This is the brutal truth. Coming from a guy who spent years promoting at major clubs in Manhattan all the way through school, when you approach the type of guys who live the table service lifestyle and can afford it, you are sending one signal and one signal only: "I see you spending... 33 3 years 1 month
brownbear1257: Any comment on what your...[quote=brownbear1257]Any comment on what your professional (or educational) background is and what the interviewers want it to be?[/quote] Education: non target, finance/ accounting major Interviewers typically prefer targets because it's just easier. Regional banks prefer regional... 15 3 years 1 month
WallStreetStandard: Thanks for this great thread...[quote=WallStreetStandard]Thanks for this great thread. Do you think you could provide a few examples on how you answer/answered fit questions during your interviews? Thanks![/quote] Hope, I'm not too late for this question. I use the STAR method (,... 15 3 years 1 month
League Table Table 15 3 years 4 months
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