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Negotiation (Part 2)Long story short, mid-level position in equity research offered, I asked for significantly more in the counter offer, a bit back and forth, and got exactly what I asked for. But now I don't want to take the job because another job that I was waiting for just offered. Is that poor form? Are you... 4 2 months 1 week
When to negotiate?I have been verbally offered a mid-level position on a sell side equity research role recently. It is through a headhunter and according to him there is room to negotiate, which I intend to do, because as it is I probably won't take it. The headhunter told me he wants me to be sure that I'd take... 4 2 months 1 week
Should I make the move?I need advice from all of you again. Some background info, I have been working in research (ex-quant FI, started fundamental equities 2 months ago) for 3 years at a top traditional AM firm (400-1000B AUM). I am currently a junior analyst (the level after associate and senior associate) I have... 8 4 years 11 months
Why is it named Equity Research Rendezvous ?Why cant it be named just "Research Rendezvous"? I feel that the current name discriminates against the fixed income, asset allocation strat and commodities research crowd, which makes up a very large part of the research landscape! 7 5 years 2 months
Is an MBA worth it for me?Hi there, I graduated 3 years ago and have been working at a top investment manager in quantitative fixed income research. I am trying to figure out if an MBA is worth it for me and what my options now. Brief background about myself, I graduated from Cal (Berkeley) Engineering 2 and a half years... 56 5 years 2 months


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how about going back for more? Lets say you about going back for more? Lets say you they offer 200 and you throw out 250, 2 days later after "intense internal discussion", they meet you 250. Does it sound stupid to then say well 250 doesn't work anymore since this other firm also offered 250, can you do 300? Does it look amateurish... 4 2 months 1 week
YouCantHandleTheTruth: Recruiters do not have...[quote="YouCantHandleTheTruth"]Recruiters do not have your best interests in mind. Do what is best for you and ignore his noise.I would just ask for a dollar amount where you would take it without questioning whether you should take it or not. This will either buy you time or you accept gladly.... 4 2 months 1 week
I can provide some insight as I made the same...I can provide some insight as I made the same move. Was a fixed income quant research analyst working directly with a PM for 4 years, and taking over APM duty when PM is on vacation, on the road. Was asked if I wanted to take a job at a higher level doing equity risk modeling, took the job and have... 10 3 years 2 months
front office roles in traditional AM. I work 40-...front office roles in traditional AM. I work 40-50 on average 37 4 years 10 months
syntheticshit: jesus christ these epines are...[quote=syntheticshit]jesus christ these epines are ridic....what it comes down to is that the CFA is a hidden requirement for those in the AM industry (sometimes HF) at top shops for career advancement, and its value for breaking in is pretty marginal at best. there will always be morons who think... 39 4 years 10 months
The ironic thing is that people who shouldn't be...The ironic thing is that people who shouldn't be taking the CFA spend the most money and waste the most time taking the exam. I work in the traditional AM industry, at a company where CFA is a prereq for moving up, at least within equities groups. I actually benefit a lot from taking the exam. I... 39 4 years 10 months
PMed you btwPMed you btw 8 4 years 11 months
I disagree with Kenny, and I know exactly why he...I disagree with Kenny, and I know exactly why he has a different point of view. I notice that Kenny's industry is listed as HF. HF focuses on absolute return. They are more flexible on risk and the mantra is more like "as long as the risk is limited to _____ , everything is ok". A risk professional... 8 4 years 11 months
the difficulty of CFA is really exaggerated. It's...the difficulty of CFA is really exaggerated. It's pretty easy. I didn't spend too much time on all three levels. It's just an excuse lazy people use when they fail the exam. Also, just use the notes. Thats all I did and I passed all three levels. 66 4 years 11 months
duplicate postduplicate post 11 4 years 11 months
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