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Any policy debaters? WTF is going on here?I dabbled in high school but found Lincoln Douglas debate to be much more appealing. I challenge anyone to find merit or reasoning in this video of the 'champions': 1 year 8 months
Closed-end mutual fund product developmentCan anyone give any insight into what career implications (if any) this position has? Anyone work in this area, skill-set or relationships developed? The Product Development team is responsible for providing product management and oversight to more than 100 mutual funds. As a member of the... 1 year 8 months
Need advice on a betA friend who is a self proclaimed technical analyst feels the djia parallels a previous crash and we are in for bad times soon. I tend to disagree based on the macro effects of cheap money etc. keeping this boat afloat. So now I need to iron down the terms of a wager. What do you guys think? DJIA... 1 year 10 months
Mt. Gox filing BK So is this the beginning of the end, or the beginning of a good time to buy? Where are our resident bitcoin experts? @"BlackHat" 1 year 11 months
Craft Beer sensationSo I'm sure everyone is starting to get sick of the craft beer hysteria and the subsequent hipsteria. Well we all know once something starts to get a little stale it becomes to cool to make fun of it, so has the craft beer fad peaked??? 2 years 3 weeks
Tesla VC PitchThought this was pretty good: 2 years 1 month
Common terms for small business investment?Just curious if one is seeking small business funding to purchase an existing business ($1-2m revenues), what are common terms or structuring? I really have no clue and would like some direction. 2 years 2 months
LMFAO Check out this emailFrom: XXXX Sent: Sunday, November 24, 2013 5:26 AM To: *Redacted* Dear Ms. *Redacted*, After thinking it over I would like to disregard my application I sent this past week out for recruitment for Wells Fargo securities. Looking at my resume again I realize I can do way way better than... 2 years 2 months
San Fran meetupAndy, can you advise on a meetup in san fran? I'm doing an interview on wednesday but will be in the area from 10/4-10/11 and wanted to see if anyone wanted to meet up. i'm staying with a friend who recently relocated there and he works for a tech firm. 2 years 4 months
Interview advice:Anyone in this area or familiar with it? Not sure which forum this fits in mods, get a job maybe? Desk Overview CCG is responsible for the risk management of the commodities credit portfolio. The credit portfolio is comprised of commodity prepays, loans, commodity leases, PFE/EPE risk arising... 2 years 4 months


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baystcheese: 2.84% for 25 years (Canada) hope...[quote=baystcheese]2.84% for 25 years (Canada)[/quote] hope it works out well for you...i have some close friends who are getting out. 10 months 2 weeks
sb'd. i really hope this is a toke jopic,'d. i really hope this is a toke jopic, but either way you deserve a silver banana. 10 months 2 weeks
lolochaust: Date: July 16th, 2013 5:12 PM Author...lolochaust: Date: July 16th, 2013 5:12 PM Author: .,.,,..,.,,.,.,.,:,.,.,:..:...,:,.,.:...:.,:.:., There is a "brady4mvp wallstrretoasis" auto fill on Google. Think about that ( 11 months 6 days
also i say brady needs to be resurrected along...also i say brady needs to be resurrected along with bankerella, ant/tna, and blastoise. 11 months 6 days
DickFuld: Cruncharoo: Attention everyone @...[quote=DickFuld] Cruncharoo: Attention everyone @DickFuld is the real Ricardo Fuld. You have been outed. @AndyLouis My report violation button is not working. [/quote] if you need an attorney my friend saul... 11 months 6 days
whatwhatwhat: brody how did you end up doing on...[quote=whatwhatwhat]brody how did you end up doing on it man[/quote] he got into harvard bschool. 11 months 6 days
TechBanking: This is a pretty simple situation...[quote=TechBanking]This is a pretty simple situation to me. You tell the owners that you can only offer based on their taxed financials because that is the only thing that is verifiable. If they don't take that, don't buy the company. There are tons of small businesses so you'll eventually find... 1 year 4 weeks
Seems as if none of you have been to snapper townSeems as if none of you have been to snapper town 1 year 1 month
heister: Anyone interested in vinyl music? If...[quote=heister]Anyone interested in vinyl music? If so what genres and eras?[/quote] I have some shitty/crusty punk and 90s punk revival as well as 90s alternative. my pops has pretty much everything i'd ever want from the 60ss, 70s, and 80s. What kind you got? as for finance, vinyl has been... 1 year 1 month
UTDFinanceGuy: I think the problem we're going...[quote=UTDFinanceGuy]I think the problem we're going to see is the next generation is a service/savings rather than material possession demographic. They'd rather save or go on a nice trip than buy a big ass tv or brand new sports car. Just my 2cents that are irrelevant to this topic. [/quote... 1 year 1 month
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