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Interesting article on financials reporting, any...[quote]What’s surprising, though, is how willing regulators have been to allow the proliferation of phony-baloney financial reports and how keenly investors have embraced them. As a result, major public companies reporting results that are not based on generally accepted accounting principles, or... 15 6 days 12 hours
Any policy debaters? WTF is going on here?I dabbled in high school but found Lincoln Douglas debate to be much more appealing. I challenge anyone to find merit or reasoning in this video of the 'champions': 10 1 year 11 months
Closed-end mutual fund product developmentCan anyone give any insight into what career implications (if any) this position has? Anyone work in this area, skill-set or relationships developed? The Product Development team is responsible for providing product management and oversight to more than 100 mutual funds. As a member of the... 1 year 11 months
Need advice on a betA friend who is a self proclaimed technical analyst feels the djia parallels a previous crash and we are in for bad times soon. I tend to disagree based on the macro effects of cheap money etc. keeping this boat afloat. So now I need to iron down the terms of a wager. What do you guys think? DJIA... 6 2 years 1 month
Mt. Gox filing BK So is this the beginning of the end, or the beginning of a good time to buy? Where are our resident bitcoin experts? @"BlackHat" 16 2 years 2 months
Craft Beer sensationSo I'm sure everyone is starting to get sick of the craft beer hysteria and the subsequent hipsteria. Well we all know once something starts to get a little stale it becomes to cool to make fun of it, so has the craft beer fad peaked??? 5 2 years 3 months
Tesla VC PitchThought this was pretty good: 3 2 years 4 months
Common terms for small business investment?Just curious if one is seeking small business funding to purchase an existing business ($1-2m revenues), what are common terms or structuring? I really have no clue and would like some direction. 2 years 4 months
LMFAO Check out this emailFrom: XXXX Sent: Sunday, November 24, 2013 5:26 AM To: *Redacted* Dear Ms. *Redacted*, After thinking it over I would like to disregard my application I sent this past week out for recruitment for Wells Fargo securities. Looking at my resume again I realize I can do way way better than... 110 2 years 5 months
San Fran meetupAndy, can you advise on a meetup in san fran? I'm doing an interview on wednesday but will be in the area from 10/4-10/11 and wanted to see if anyone wanted to meet up. i'm staying with a friend who recently relocated there and he works for a tech firm. 11 2 years 7 months


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Great response, thanks.Great response, thanks. 15 1 week 22 hours
That's tough b/c your co can't do it unless it's...That's tough b/c your co can't do it unless it's part of your primary role, otherwise it's called parking your license. If your co won't sponsor you now and you can't lateral to a position they will, you're pretty much out of luck. I doubt they will allow you to do an Ameriprise type of gig outside... 37 1 month 1 week
Must wear with these: wear with these: 157 3 months 1 week
Just practice exams and see how you do, you'll...Just practice exams and see how you do, you'll most likely know most of it. 60 5 months 1 week
.. 53 9 months 1 day
check out atl, robinson humphrey and ray jay in...check out atl, robinson humphrey and ray jay in tampa too 259 1 year 3 weeks
Hedge your bets, do both at the same time. A lot...Hedge your bets, do both at the same time. A lot of finance courses cross pollinate with the CFA. 259 1 year 3 weeks
baystcheese: 2.84% for 25 years (Canada) hope...[quote=baystcheese]2.84% for 25 years (Canada)[/quote] hope it works out well for you...i have some close friends who are getting out. 62 1 year 1 month
sb'd. i really hope this is a toke jopic,'d. i really hope this is a toke jopic, but either way you deserve a silver banana. 74 1 year 1 month
lolochaust: Date: July 16th, 2013 5:12 PM Author...lolochaust: Date: July 16th, 2013 5:12 PM Author: .,.,,..,.,,.,.,.,:,.,.,:..:...,:,.,.:...:.,:.:., There is a "brady4mvp wallstrretoasis" auto fill on Google. Think about that ( 42 1 year 1 month
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