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BCG private equity and info, other insights?. 1 month 2 weeks
.. 1 year 8 months
Harvard Business School Prof. Malhotra's...Professor Deepak Malhotra is pretty much the best instructor at the Harvard Business School. He is the winner of numerous teaching awards, his Negotiations Class was over 10x oversubscribed (600+ students applying for 60 spots) this year, and his student reviews are downright flawless. This is... 3 years 3 weeks
.. 1 year 8 months
America's Best and Brightest still headed...Not that anybody should be surprised, but the strongest graduates at Ivy League schools are still being syphoned off to finance and consulting. The reasons? Huge college loans to pay back. Peer pressure at top schools. Nice compensation. Hell, even Rhodes scholars are looking for the Benjamins. And... 3 years 7 months
Raj Rajaratnam gets 11 yearsThe trial is over, and the fat cat (literally, that is one fat mofo) is going to jail for a decade. Raj is 54 now and will be 65 when he exits prison assuming he actually serves the whole thing. Of course, we all know he'll get probation in a year or two and maybe be confined to one of his mansions... 3 years 8 months
Comp for post-MBA IB associate?. 1 month 2 weeks
First Day Dress CodeWhat should one wear for the first day of their internship at MBB (not in NYC)? 4 years 1 month
.. 1 year 8 months