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PWC vs KPMG vs Deloitte vs EY[quote=drnick175]Nowadays, how difficult is it to get hired for entry-level positions at the Big4?[/quote] It depends what school you are going to. At University of Illinois, one of the Big Four is hiring over 80 full time and 50 interns this year. 3 years 2 months
The Midas PetitionSigned 3 years 2 months
Banking Boy ScoutsEagle Scout here too 3 years 3 months
Stupidest financial decision that you've madeBought PBR 3 years 4 months
Dream Location for Work?Auckland, New Zealand 3 years 7 months
Quit Breeding!!!In developing countries, a child is more of a source of income than a cost. It is another pair of hands to take care of the farm, a replacement for another child's death, and a retirement plan for when you grow older. It's really only in the developed world that a child is viewed primarily as a... 3 years 8 months
Drinks on the Street[quote=Gekko21][quote=IlliniProgrammer]LOL. Us engineers have livers that are 1/3 the size of finance and liberal arts majors, so we need to be careful.[/quote] That's not the only thing that is 1/3 the size. You opened the door........and, yes, I went there[/quote] Haha I completely... 3 years 10 months
Do you believe in God?Right now, do. Tomorrow? Maybe not. 3 years 10 months
Sunday Showdown: the fictional richKeyser Soze from The Usual Suspects 4 years 2 months
Nuclear Meltdowns and Question MarksJust a thought... but why has the nuclear plant been getting so much attention from the press? xhundred or xthousand people have died from the earthquake/tsunami itself so why has the press concentrated its coverage on what appears to be a relatively minor effect of the earthquake itself? 4 years 3 months