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JPM culture in LondonAny thoughts on the markets side? Collegial, friendly, competitive? I heard the hours are not that bad as they are in NY so any insight would be greatly appreciated. Any view on the cazenove merger? (have an offer to join at the moment and considering this and another at the moment) 6 years 6 months
Sanford Bernstein reputation in NY?Hey folks, I'm chatting with the boys at Sanford Bernstein in equity research - any comment on their reputation in NYC? I'm moving to the london office but wondering what the rep is like at Sanford? Is it as good as a bulge bracket? How are the exit options? I would be coming in as a post-MBA... 7 years 3 weeks
ER jokeA man in a hot air balloon, realising he was lost, reduced altitude and spotted a woman below. He descended further and shouted to the lady 'Excuse me, can you help me? I promised a friend I would meet him an hour ago, but I don't know where I am.' The woman below replied, 'You're in a hot air... 8 years 3 months
Shorting BlackstoneDoes Icahn wanting to short Blackstone scare you at all? 8 years 7 months
Equity Capital Markets consumers into PEHi folks, Are the skills from ECM retail transferable into PE retail and consumers? Or do you need to do more M and A to have the skill set to be effective in PE? The reason is that I have an offer at a BB in ECM, but I'm not sure how PE oriented this would be. 8 years 8 months
Hybrid Securities and structured productsDoes anyone know anything about this? The type of hours and skills needed or desired? It seems to involve a lot of accounting, regulatory understanding and law, so as to get return. I know very little, so insight on hours, type of work and whether it's a hot product would be great. 8 years 8 months
Are we going to hit a PE bubble?ok, so PE is trying to take out some firms in my sector and have failed - they're going on about leverage, sale/leasebacks and all that jazz, but the leverage hurts the operating aspect of the company. CAn this model of taking companies in, doing some fennagling and then re-listing actually work? 8 years 9 months
Equity Research into PE? Is that like even...Ok cats, So I'm in equity research. Like the job but want more chedda. Right now, it seems like a bunch of stocks in my sector are 'PE targets.' Thus, I've been running LBO models like a maniac, trying to calculate asset value and sale-leaseback. Do PE guys do this as well? Could I make the move... 8 years 10 months
I'm great at research, but I want to make...Ok, so now what? I'm an amazing researcher. I'm covering my own stocks already as a first year, but I want more cash? Any thoughts on exit options or moving into a more quantitative/lucrative area? I have a reasonably quantitative background. 8 years 10 months
Are the margins starting to improve for Analysts?Ok, so now Eq. Research is not tied to investment banking fees (at least formally), but now because of the new unbundling requirements, I've seen more bonus tied to the work of traders and the tickets sold. So, which makes sense, selling the research to sales and traders has resulted in improved... 8 years 10 months


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I bet the OP is not in banking - if you were, you...I bet the OP is not in banking - if you were, you wouldn't give a shit about this. I could care less about the bad interviews I've had - and seriously, who mentions they are part of an elite yacht club - you sound like a dink and apparently humility doesn't matter where you work. 6 years 5 months
Any front office position in banking will pay...Any front office position in banking will pay more than any consulting position b/c of bonus. 6 years 5 months
I go out twice a week but yeah also, rarely on...I go out twice a week but yeah also, rarely on weekdays. 6 years 5 months
well, if wharton or anyone else wants to pay for...well, if wharton or anyone else wants to pay for my research, then I'm happy to supply them with my work. 6 years 5 months
How would Wharton get my research? I sure as heck...How would Wharton get my research? I sure as heck don't send it to them and unless they are paying for it like everyone else, then that is the only way it is available. 6 years 5 months
In research, you need a thick skin becuase it can...In research, you need a thick skin becuase it can be a bit of thankless job. You need to be right a lot more than salesman and companies will dislike you if you write a sell note (but if it is well argued, it is ok) and you are constantly sticking your neck out on the line to make stock calls. The... 6 years 5 months
I think Canadians need to fight abit harder to...I think Canadians need to fight abit harder to break down doors, even at Ivey/Queen's. But, once that happens, then you, like anyone else, make it for yourself and your degree doesn't really matter. If you're good, you're good and people across the street will notice and want to hire you on. I... 6 years 6 months
I think you have two superbanks emerging in the...I think you have two superbanks emerging in the form of GS and JPM. JPM, with its purchase of bear seems to be doing things sensibly. I think what will emerge after is 4 below the bulge bracket -- barclays, credit suisse, deutsche and morgan stanley 6 years 6 months
No one has worked or is working at JPM?No one has worked or is working at JPM? 6 years 6 months
Yeah, you could be good - writing and...Yeah, you could be good - writing and communication skills are fantastic and frankly, having a thick skin is good. Definitely have the skill set - only thing that may hold you back is lower middle class background - everyone here is a complete upper class douchebag because your clients are... 6 years 7 months
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