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why is there no quant forum? i wonder why there isn't a quant forum, i think wso has the population for it 10 months 2 weeks
how do you avoid talking about money? -> on a...There is nothing worse than talking about money on dates. i am sure the majority of us are no john paulson but we do well for ourselves. how do you avoid these questions/comments? -Do you just want to work in finance because of the money: -like i am not going to lie money is a factor in my... 2 years 1 month
is it worth it to go to usa for a msf?i do not see a point in going to the usa unless i get a job there or am from a school such as Princeton or MIT since those names carry a lot of weight. i was wondering what do you think about a Canadian going to America for a masters degree? Will I run into work Visa probs and have to go back... 2 years 1 month
do you think making youtube videos is a bad idea? i have like 30 subscribers, so i am not even big at all. currently i post videos which my friends and family watch. sometimes they are about vacations, fitness, playing around with after effects like doing effects like teleporting/super speed/flying, videos of my dog, doing unsafe stunts like... 2 years 1 month
how do you explain to other people what you do?right now i am in undergrad 4th yr and pretty much every time i talk to someone i have to explain what my career plans are and it is getting frustrating. It is surprising how many people do not know what the CFA or GMAT even is (Toronto has a lot of CFAs). So i was wondering how does anyone in... 2 years 1 month
Canada B-school straight out of undergradhey i am writing my GMAT in a few days and I am going to send my score to a few bschools. I am trying to break into finance (IB,PE, HF). I would apply to the USA if I had a +700 so i could try and get a shot at claremount but sadly i do not think i will be getting that score. prob a 660 on the... 2 years 1 month
hate being at a non target -poor recruiting -have to explain my choice of uni in interviews -relying on grad school to help rebrand myself -morons at my school think because i worked at GM in the summer I was assembling cars.........really. i was an analyst for one of the depts 2 years 11 months
Anybody know about getting a work visa in the USA...Canadian here trying to break into high finance in the US. I was wondering how could I get a work visa in the USA. Is the best way to break in is to do a grad program MSF (Villanova)? But how do I get a visa when I am in the recruiting process? 2 years 11 months
Would you become a commercial banking trainee at...My dad is a director for a commercial banking at one of the big banks in Canada and could prob get me an interview. Would you take that position in the (commercial associate program) or go do a MFin/MFE? I dont really know how commercial banking will get me into investments though. its not... 2 years 11 months
Does it matter what undergrad school you went to...I am curious does it matter what undergrad i went to if I get into a prestigious target school? I am from canada, and I go to a non target school 3.8 gpa and was wondering if i get into lets say University of Toronto's MFE or Queens Mfin will it really matter what i did in my undergrad? 2 years 12 months


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i am from canada but i think corp dev starts at...i am from canada but i think corp dev starts at 80k base for an analyst lvl. most ppl do not get corp dev right after undergrad, usually they got more exp 7 months 2 weeks
why not tech, tech seems so coolwhy not tech, tech seems so cool 10 months 1 day
i honestly use my ipad all the time -flash cards...i honestly use my ipad all the time -flash cards for GMAT studying -watch tv shows -youtube -tv while i eat -music etc I have an ipad with a case that enables you to stand it up so it adds more practicality to your life 2 years 1 month
dinner for a girl who wasn't into me...why did...dinner for a girl who wasn't into me...why did she even go on a date with me then 2 years 1 month 2 years 1 month
bic: legitpro: *you are sounds like you're...[quote=bic] legitpro: *you are sounds like you're impulsive and judgemental nice goatee faggot [/quote] the mock interviews seem like a good resource, thanks 2 years 1 month
*you are sounds like you're impulsive and...*you are sounds like you're impulsive and judgemental 2 years 1 month
so both are pt, but i believe qsb is only 1 both are pt, but i believe qsb is only 1 yr and rotman is 2 yrs. both have good alumni from my linkedin searches. i will be applying to both schools, but i always thought qsb alumni to be stronger on bay st 2 years 1 month
hey op, i am also canadian and I am applying to...hey op, i am also canadian and I am applying to msf programs in canada because the whole Visa issue is a difficult situation in the usa. i was interested in villinova, boston, wustl, but then read about the Visa issues and decided against it. look at schulich eh 2 years 1 month
smallmoneygrower: legitpro: i found i really...[quote=smallmoneygrower][quote=legitpro]i found i really matured in college (university)[/quote] you would have got the same two hands and a thumb if you werent in college[/quote] perhaps but we will never know. 2 years 11 months
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