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Facebook IPO taking a dumpster dive? 'Facebook is being sued by Yahoo over patent infringement claims, which could have a devastating effect on the social network’s revenue streams.' Discuss 3 years 3 months
Regretting the move to PE?I've come to a crossroad and been offered a job at a MM PE firm. I currently work in trading at a European MM bank. My question to you guys who have made the jump from S&T to PE; Do you ever regret doing the move? Pros: -I hate trading other peoples money. -After 6-8 years I'll be eligble to... 3 years 6 months
PE secondary market?Hey guys I got a friend who has an interview at a PE fund that operates in the 'buyout secondary market' (as their website states). I work in S&T and was only able to tell him what I know of PE funds in general. Quick question; what the hell does that mean? Does it mean it works as a FoF and... 3 years 9 months


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Lessons From a PE SuperdayI might be late to the party, but fcking aye. Great job buddy 6 months 6 days
S&T 1st year Stub Bonuses Anything above 0 6 months 6 days
Sales - debunking 8 MYTHS (From a veteran)you're preaching! Cheers from a trader. 6 months 6 days
HBK Investments (Hedgefund)?okay bunch of guys. Only dealt with them, never worked for them. 7 months 3 days
Own Your Time: or What I learned from Hodgkin’s...Freakin' awesome. Have two friends who are where you were a year ago. Just forwarded this to both. 7 months 1 week
What Apps Are You Using?+1, spit coffee all over my breakfast. 7 months 1 week
What to do with my bonus?Put it to work via one or more P2P sites. 7 months 2 weeks
How exactly traders “provide liquidity” in the...Np, let me know if you need something in greater detail. Have a good one! 7 months 4 weeks
What's your worst experience in IBD?I'm cracking up over some of the comments here. I'll bust a nut with the SB's. 7 months 4 weeks
Winter coat suggestionsDepends on how cold it gets. Used the same three coats from Barbour the last 4-5 years. If hell freezes over, I'm all in on a bulky North Face jacket. 8 months 1 day