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deleted12345 1 month 1 week
2015 in Film: A Year in ReviewThe best time of the year has arrived. With 2015 behind us, it's time to take a look at the film industry ahead of the Academy Awards. This past year I managed to see 17+ films in the theater, which I've attempted to highlight below. Enjoy. Films Anomalisa Brooklyn The Revenant The Martian... 22 3 months 1 week
Personality TypeWhat's your Myers-Briggs personality type? Do you think it's an accurate representation of your personality? Do you think the test has validity? I'm ENFP, along with Robin Williams, Bill Clinton, and Dr. Seuss Take the test HERE if you haven't already. 66 4 months 2 weeks
What is the loophole?Awesome article btw on this dude's journey. My mouth is watering. 1 5 months 3 weeks
The Economics of SexCame across an interesting video that talks about the history of sexual relationships from an economics point of view. Discuss. 38 5 months 4 weeks
The Truth About Online DatingThe founders of Coffee Meets Bagel gave a TED talk recently about online dating. Discuss. 25 6 months 2 weeks
Just found this sitePretty epic stuff here 5 6 months 4 weeks
Efficiency TricksI'm trying to be more efficient at work. What are some good tricks to be more efficient and minimize procrastination and time wasting? I'll start off...create your own deadlines throughout the day for every task you have to do, making sure to write them down. This helps because people are always... 21 8 months 5 days
Can't change signature field in profile@"" 1 1 year 1 month
Is Brady a black woman? 4 1 year 1 month


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I used to think these kinds of threads were...I used to think these kinds of threads were hilarious but at this point they're just sad I'm fairly confident that most people who come on here with big dreams of starting a hedge fund don't even know what a hedge fund is 37 1 week 3 days
mergersandacquisitions78: And unfortunately,...[quote="mergersandacquisitions78"]And unfortunately, these days, I'd say in many BB coverage groups, there isn't a single banker making five bucks a year.[/quote] I would hope not...that's below minimum wage 75 2 weeks 1 day
Dude. While it's an interesting idea, honestly,...Dude. While it's an interesting idea, honestly, if you can do and understand all of the EOC and Blue Box problems in the actual books as well as any available historical exam/mock questions, and you don't have projectile vomit or violent diarrhea on the day of the test, you would probably have at... 39 3 weeks 4 hours
Around here we're straight hard liquor in a glass...Around here we're straight hard liquor in a glass or bust. Maybe a glass of water here and there so you don't collapse Sugar is for people who don't know how to drink 5 3 weeks 1 day
OP you can't accurately imagine your professional...OP you can't accurately imagine your professional future using a present day perspective, you have no idea what the future will hold. Just take a vacation, get laid, recharge your batteries and keep steering the ship. Baby steps Read this book: 23 3 weeks 2 days
IronCondorGorilla: On a separate train of...[quote="IronCondorGorilla"]On a separate train of thought, how do people feel about making the move from ER compared to IBD?[/quote] On another train of thought, how do folks feel about the transition from dentist to hedge fund? Also, exit opps after hedge fund? Can I go back to scrubbing... 17 3 weeks 3 days
Yeah brah, definitely cop a sick MBA. Don't worry...Yeah brah, definitely cop a sick MBA. Don't worry about money man, it's just paper. There's something worth far more than a few green bills: coming onto an online forum full of 200,000 random people and uttering the three most jealousy inducing words in the english language, the one unambiguous... 12 3 weeks 3 days
thebrofessor: 2. don't put your pussy where...[quote="thebrofessor"]2. don't put your pussy where your paycheck is.[/quote] Couldn't agree more, I definitely wouldn't recommend dropping trou and rubbing your vagina against an ATM machine 55 3 weeks 4 days
The girl was probably 'crazy busy' because it...The girl was probably 'crazy busy' because it took her hours to figure out how to do simple tasks. Inefficiency and incompetence aren't traits to be proud of The person who achieves stellar results and is one of the first people to leave each day is baller. The person who lives in the office and... 33 3 weeks 5 days
What is with this forum's obsession with golf??...What is with this forum's obsession with golf?? Thus far two comments on golf and zero comments on banging bishes and getting sloshed, which are always the answers to every life crisis OP, the answer to your dilemma is conceptually simple. Figure out what you're talented at or have superior... 54 3 weeks 5 days
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