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Can't change signature field in profile@"" 3 months 3 weeks
Is Brady a black woman? 3 months 3 weeks
Upcoming Films for 2015Let's keep a running list going. Here are the movies so far, most promising only. Let's leave out the superhero stuff please. The Martian Knight of Cups Irrational Man Joy Aloha Tomorrowland Spectre St. James Place In the Heart of the Sea Black Mass The Revenant Crimson Peak The... 4 months 1 week
How long do you last ?Foreplay doesn't count. Be honest 4 months 2 weeks
Freshness LagFor us more active users, the lag in the Freshness column within My Recent Posts is not ideal. Please update. 4 months 2 weeks
Official Petition to Bring Back Brady4MVPWe, the monkeys of the Wall Street Oasis online community, hereby petition the resurrection of the user famously known as Brady4MVP. Currently said individual is operating under a moniker highlighting the distinction between mba's and muffins, and he is struggling. Having recently updated his... 5 months 1 day
HologramsIs this for real? Looks kinda cool. 5 months 4 days
Questions Hall of FameCollection of the best WSO questions of all time 5 months 3 weeks
2014 in Film: A Most Vibrant YearIt’s that time of the year folks. With 2014 concluded, it’s time for another look into the very best industry: film. This past year I managed to see 25 films in the theater, which I’ve attempted to capture below. Enjoy. Films Wild The Imitation Game Interstellar Gone Girl American Sniper... 5 months 4 weeks
Knight of CupsLooks so fucking awesome. God I can't wait for this film. Looks like a combination of The Tree of Life and Requiem for a Dream. 4 months 3 weeks


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3 Myths About Excellence That I Used to Believe[quote="DickFuld"] This does not mean that people should not try to maximize their potential. It does mean that people should try to maximize their potential where they have some degree of talent, given that time does not allow people to maximize their potential in everything.[/quote] This,... 18 hours 35 min
Ask Natalie from Accepted about Business School...Hi, quick question. So I'll be applying to M7 mba programs soon. In terms of my background, I've had some roles in adult films (mostly as supporting cast, but some lead roles as well). How will this look on mba applications? Specifically for Stanford and Harvard. Thanks for your help! 2 days 22 hours
Woman Awarded $18M in Sexual Harassment Suit...[quote="Ace Rothstein"]Here's a better headshot of Hanna. [/quote] Definitely 1/1, would smash 3 days 17 hours
Leaving Your 1st Job Before 2 Full Years ThereThere's nothing set in stone. After much thought, my honest advice would be to get the fuck out of there 1 week 11 hours
How I use books to prevent burnout (plus my top 5...The emo is strong with this one 1 week 20 hours
Helping Others GrowThose who are admired aren't necessarily successful 1 week 21 hours
Recommend books for summer readingThe Art of Seduction by Robert Greene A good salesman in the streets is a winner between the sheets 1 week 5 days
Bonuses and bonus etiquette[quote="ke18sb"] The reality is a boss, regardless of industry, tries to pays his people just enough not to quit, not necessarily what they "deserve".[/quote] That's why it's always good to have your quitting hat foot out the door at all times...narrow the gap between "what you need to... 1 week 5 days
Need Quality Suits ASAPOut of curiosity what tailors do people use in NYC? Nelson Tailor Shop is one I've used 1 week 5 days
Need Quality Suits ASAPIf you're looking for a suit in the 300-400 range you're going to have to go for something like Jos A Bank, Calvin Klein, Charles Tyrwhitt, etc. And the nice thing with these is that they're sold as separates http://www.... 2 weeks 10 hours