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Facebook Agrees to Buy Instagram Photo App for $1...From Bloomberg: Facebook Inc. (FB), the world’s biggest social-networking service, agreed to buy the Instagram mobile photo-sharing application for about $1 billion in cash and stock, its biggest acquisition yet. The transaction is expected to close later this quarter, Menlo Park, California-... 13 4 years 2 weeks
Stupidest financial decision that you've madeGot this idea from blackfinancier's post about other people's bad finances. What are some of the dumbest financial decisions that you've personally made? One of mine: - Loaned close to $10,000 to a close friend/best friend and he bounced to Alaska. I have not heard from him in years and have no... 90 4 years 2 months
Market Bleeding today - profitable plays?With the market taking a huge dive today (5/6/2010), what are your ideas on quick and profitable plays? 28 5 years 11 months
1 Year Economist subcription $64 Discount Mags has The Economist Magazine One-year Subscription (51 issues) for $63.99 when you enter stackable codes 1079 and WINTER20 at checkout. 2 6 years 4 months
Russian Standrad VodkaWhat does everybody think about it? 2 6 years 7 months
Resume - Any input is appreciated any input greatly appreciated. 1 1 month 2 weeks
Rip apart my resumeQuick and dirty cut and paste of my resume. Feel free to rip it apart First Name, Last Address phone gmail EDUCATION Santa Clara University Santa Clara, CA Bachelor of Science in Finance Mar 2009 Cumulative GPA: 3.5 Major GPA: 3.8... 7 6 years 11 months
Cash Flow Statements and preferred dividendsWhen constructing a cash flow statement, how should preferred dividends be treated? Here's what I did: Cash flow from operations Net Income (minus preferred dividends) Cash flow from Financing Dividends paid: 0 (because I already took it out from net income in cash flow from... 3 8 years 1 month
GEMBAfundsAnybody ever heard of them, I can't seem to find much/any significant information about them? 1 8 years 4 months
Revolution PartnersAnybody have info on them? It seems like they are in same tier as TWP, etc... Are they up and coming or purely niche? 1 8 years 6 months


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What ended up happening for the bachelor party? What ended up happening for the bachelor party? 123 1 year 3 months
Edmundo Braverman: Probably the best way to...[quote=Edmundo Braverman]Probably the best way to determine whether or not something is a "sucker's" bet is if your bookie charges you vig on the bet. No vig (as is the case with teasers, parlays, and exotics) = sucker's bet. No need to charge a vig when you have a reasonable expectation of keeping... 42 2 years 6 months
How did these become the "cool" brand over other...How did these become the "cool" brand over other artist's headphones? 50 Cent, Ludacris, Lady Gaga, etc.. all have lines of headphones, but Beats obviously dominates the market. 62 2 years 6 months
Do you plan to have kids?Do you plan to have kids? 83 2 years 7 months
Roulette is about 2.5% or 5% depending on if it's...Roulette is about 2.5% or 5% depending on if it's a single zero or double zero wheel. All bets on the board carry the same edge. 15 3 years 2 months
Baccarat is a sick game, you are essentially...Baccarat is a sick game, you are essentially betting on coin flips. Banker bets are about 1% edge and player bets are about 1.25% edge. You may run into asian businessmen betting 10K + per hand. 15 3 years 2 months
SlikRick: Craps is the most fun game in Vegas....[quote=SlikRick]Craps is the most fun game in Vegas. Statistically speaking, I don't think any bet is better than the Pass Line (49.2%). However, this is an incredibly boring way to play. Betting on the numbers keeps the game interesting and makes you much more vested. Just NEVER bet on the field,... 15 3 years 2 months
I've written off my FTP funds as a loss. I feel...I've written off my FTP funds as a loss. I feel sorry for all the players that kept their entire bankroll online. 56 3 years 4 months
For those that recommended Chicago, is the cost...For those that recommended Chicago, is the cost of living truly cheaper than other big cities or is it only cheaper if you live in the suburbs? 58 3 years 7 months
Doing Laundry is bullshit, pay someone to do it.Doing Laundry is bullshit, pay someone to do it. 72 3 years 9 months
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