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I-Banker: The titleHey people. Was just wondering whether Analysts/Associate's are designated as investment bankers or just guys who help bankers? And Investment bankers, in the real sense of the term being only the VP's and the MD's. Or is it tht Analysts/ Associate's are also called I-bankers? Jus... 8 years 3 months


Preview Freshness and Google to Mergehehehe...but i read somwhere tht microsoft and yahoo r off merger talks and now looking at partnership proposals 8 years 2 months
Pre-MBA Experience for Associate rolethanks alexey, your comments giv me a lot of hope and feelin of security. I used to keep thinking tht not being a front end IB analyst right after graduation would really slow down your career and bring a lag in you IB path. 8 years 2 months
Pre-MBA Experience for Associate role[quote=Alexey Kirilov]It depends on the bank, but many, if not the majority, of post-MBA associates I know from my class and friends do not have banking or even finance backgrounds. The MBA is the opportunity to switch careers and HELP learn the finance (but you will still probably want to learn... 8 years 2 months
How Do You Learn Excel?Hey check this link. I know this may be quite basic...though it might jus help. Check it out. Cheers. 8 years 3 months
How I got into BankingDude...wohhhh...that was a gr8 post man. U inspire a lot many people in here. Thanks buddy 8 years 3 months
KPO - WTH?hey...i happened to do a couple of internship at a BB Investment banking KPO in india. Is there any specific information are you looking at? 8 years 3 months
I-Banker: The title[quote=vadremc]Although you are an analyst, if you engineer financial models, work with teams in a deal related capacity and assemble pitchbooks, (to highlight some of the more common functions) regardless of your level of involvement and/or client/senior level exposure, you are an Investment... 8 years 3 months
analysts/associates from indian schools?Thanks a lot for your comments. I hope i clear the final round at the boutique. Im aware that a BMS cant take me too far. However, looking to get work-ex before i do my mba. And since ive decided on IB, An IB related workex would be a better option. 8 years 3 months
analysts/associates from indian schools?Hey analyster.. Good to read a thread on IB in india.. Im studying in my final year BMS.. I aspire to join IB as a long term career... Ive done a couple of internships at a BB...(Their back-end Research centres catering to Bankers)...Now i hav a final offer in hand from another BB but again for... 8 years 3 months