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Lazard Acquires Goldsmith AgioLazard acquires investment bank By: Kira Bindrim Published: July 10, 2007 - 12:51 pm Bruce Wasserstein’s Lazard Ltd. said Tuesday that it was acquiring investment bank Goldsmith Agio Helms... 7 years 11 months
Banker Pet Peeves and Best PracticesLooking for a little perspective here. When our firm brings a deal to market (and we're talking about the middle market here), we'll frequently market to the private equity universe via limited or broad auction processes. For those of you who participate in these processes on a regular basis... 8 years 3 weeks
Safe at CitiCiti cuts: I-bankers could be safe by Vipal Monga The announcement by Citigroup Inc. on Wednesday, April 11, that it would cut 17,000 jobs across the entire company won't mean the bank will see many reductions in its investment banking arm, sources say. The bank's CEO, Charles... 8 years 2 months


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BetsI have heard tell of the Wendy's double-triple challenge, a challenge wherein the combatants purchase two Wendy's triple cheeseburgers and combine them to make a six patty pile of arterial blockage. First person to finish the combined burger and a Biggie fry wins. Wendy should throw in a free... 6 years 11 months
Harris Williams?I know a few current and former HW guys, both personally and professionally, and it's a very good shop. Most of the guys I know still there are Assoc / VP now (know one Director), and I can tell you that pitch stat is darn near accurate, at least in true bake-off scenarios--I was actually... 6 years 11 months
Harris Williams?Pretty sure all their offices are busy right now, but that's just a guess. The guys I know are all out of Richmond, and I know that office does well. Both the Boston and San Fran offices have been around a while--through ups and downs--so I feel like if they were incapable of generating adequate... 6 years 11 months
The Status of WSOI've been monitoring and periodically posting on this site for a while now, and I don't think I've seen a decline in valuable content for the wanna-be banker or new analyst, but I have seen the ratio of dross-to-quality go up a bit. Readers just have to sift through a bit more noise, which can be... 6 years 11 months
Keyboard Shortcuts - I'm a huge nerdAll of these are great. For those of you who have the TTS Turbo macro, learn to use it (the font color toggle, number format toggle, and the decimal toggle are my favorite features, among others). For those of you who do NOT have their macro, find somebody who does and get it from them. A... 6 years 11 months
questions about boutique/MM banksI've posted a lot about middle market firms in other threads, but wanted to chime in. I spent the beginning of my analyst stint at a larger firm (but not BB), then switched to a very small, growing MM firm, where I quickly became an Associate. After spending two plus years as an Associate, I just... 6 years 11 months
What is a "Good Analyst" See this post: 6 years 11 months
What are the good boutique banks in LA that hire...Only one i know of out there is Barrington 6 years 11 months
meeting with I outdress him?nice shirt and slacks, maybe blazer if you really want, tie definitely not necessary 6 years 12 months
Question for all analystsAgree with the above poster. Usually start with some kind of template and customize from there. That being said, however, I actually enjoy doing them from scratch or close to scratch, if I've got the time (which is becoming much more rare these days). Templates have always made me a little... 7 years 10 hours