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Petition to change the name of this siteTo, fits this place perfectly MOD EDIT: This is an example of a worthless troll post. Next time please put some effort into it. Thank you, come again. 3 years 11 months
I Have $3.50. 4 years 20 hours
who is the Butthurt loser that soiled me in 5...Why u mad? Did I offend you? You must realize internet is not serious business 4 years 1 week
a summer or an summer?In another thread people were debating it was AN summer. How can you be that dumb? 4 years 1 month
Are summer and ft analysts the lowest of the low?Basically you are well paid scum? Amirite, what am I getting myself into??? 4 years 2 months
Just landed in SA Position with a BB in SFMe so happy, Coming from a unprestigous non target I thought it was not possible. Thanks WSO members for enlightening me to the world of finance. It must have been my movie star good looks and charming personality that did it, who would ever hire a guy from UC santa cruz. Umadimstylinonyou? 4 years 2 months
Are bow ties frowned upon?What about clip ons? Do you think people will be able to tell? 4 years 2 months
Applying for internships in person?What's the best way to go about this? Im thinking of going to a bunch of offices in the San Francisco financial district. 4 years 3 months
I attend UC Santa CruzAnd have a 3.9 GPA majoring in economics. Will it be hard for me to get a job as an ibanker. Will it help that im dashingly handsome (movie star good looks), very charming and personable. Or am I permafuked without an MBA from a top tier university? 4 years 3 months


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How to best position myself for IB recruitment in...Its called doggystyle, get used to bending at the waist 3 years 11 months
How do you know you'll be 'good'...Can you count down from 1000 in multiple of threes alternating with the square root of 9 x 3.50? If you cant do this is under 5 minutes it is safe to say your chances are highly unlikely 3 years 11 months
Petition to change the name of this sitePlease Sign Below 3 years 11 months
What else can you do with a finance degree out of...You can work the cash register at McDonalds 3 years 11 months
Are bow ties frowned upon?Yea its once on occasion for me 3 years 12 months
Does consulting really give the toughest...As a consultant youre a professional bullshit artist. Have to be able to think quick and come up with a "solution" at any given time. Thats why the interviews are tough, they want to see if your shit spewing is up to par 3 years 12 months
Would anyone do investment banking if it wasn...You bet they would, who wouldnt want to sit behind a desk for the better part of the day doing menial tasks? Sounds like a life you can only dream of 3 years 12 months
Ivy League Masters into Finance?You want to work in finance yet you know nothing about the field. Riiight, i hear the EPA is hiring. NEEEEEXXXT 3 years 12 months
Quitting Job (without offer?)Time to get on your grind. Dont want to be standing in line at the soup kitchen? Do ya 4 years 3 hours
Wallstreet IntershipHang an informative sign around your neck and camp out in the middle of the street till you get an offer 4 years 20 hours