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Best Retail Site for Trading OptionsWhat site do you guys use for trading equity options? Why do you like it? 3 years 4 months
Debt deal - What happen to the Legislators if...So I got to thinking - Normally if you don't do your job, you get fired. I have not heard of any punishment for these so called leaders if they allow our country to default. What happens to the legislators/president if no deal is reached? 3 years 11 months
RIMM TakeoverWith the announcement that RIM is letting 2000 employees go to save $, the stock is taking a beating, down ~4% today. At what price do you think this becomes a takeover target and who is the most likely suitor - Nokia, Apple, Microsoft? 3 years 11 months
Books on Physical Commodity TradingIt seems like there's been an increasing amount of attention given to the physical commodities business on this site lately. If anyone can recommend any good books on the subject please post them here. Thanks. P.S.- Already read the King of Oil. 4 years 2 weeks


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Best Retail Site for Trading OptionsAwesome. Thanks for the info, everyone. 3 years 4 months
The Hottest Woman in Wall Street moviesHow about Rosario Dawson from 25th hour? 3 years 11 months
The Exit of Soros and Fall of the Modern Hedge...It's a shame that he's closing it due to a hostile regulatory environment rather than issues like performance or retirement. Reminds me of Atlas Shrugged... 3 years 11 months
RIMM Takeover[quote=gibbons_] Apple would be interested for its enterprise server business, but as that is all lumped together with smartphones, and thus AAPL and any other big names would essentially be paying double what they would value enterprise at as it's close to a 50:50 split between enterprise and... 3 years 11 months
Ron Paul's Debt Ceiling SolutionEddie- Thanks for the replies. I agree with your take on #2, and that is what is tough for me to get my head around. The Federal Reserve NOTE - is an gov't obligation backed by an asset to one institution that is debt to another gov't institution. So what happens to it's value when the... 4 years 2 days
Ron Paul's Debt Ceiling SolutionI don't fully understand the implications of erasing $1.6T of debt either. What I do know is that the Fed had to print $1.6T of money to buy those bonds. What happens to that money if that debt is erased - does it just stay in circulation, or do they recall all of it? Also, does the dollar... 4 years 2 days
Books on Physical Commodity TradingThanks guys, keep 'em coming. Monty - SB granted. 4 years 2 weeks
Weekend Wars: Bankers vs. TradersMidas, Out of curiosity (and I apologize if I missed this in a previous post), can you give us some idea of your career background? 4 years 2 weeks
MSF at OSUHe's probably talking about Ohio State. I think it's a new-ish program; curious about this as well. 4 years 2 weeks
What are the best independent research shops?How is Morningstar's reputation? The seemed to have a lot of analysts on the WSJ rankings this year. 4 years 2 weeks