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Birch Hill Equity PartnersI heard that they are coming to do a presentation/talk at our school. Anyone know anything about them? Thanks! 4 years 1 month
Picking a summer internshipHey guys, I'm a freshman currently in university (Canada) and I've recently received offers to two internships over the summer. I'm not really decided on what I want to do after university so I'm looking for the internship that would leave the most doors open in the future. 1) Major Oil... 4 years 1 month
Where to go for undergrad? I'm a current grade 12 student who needs a bit of advice on where I should go for undergrad :) Currently I've been accepted to the following schools: UWO BMOS with Richard Ivey HBA AEO York Schulich BBA NYU Stern UTAustin McCombs USC Marshall Queen's Commerce (pending) Given that the... 4 years 10 months


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Don't forget the women... ugh good luck getting...Don't forget the women... ugh good luck getting some quality tail over there. 3 years 11 months /problem solved /problem solved 3 years 11 months
SeamlessSeamless 3 years 12 months
3 years 12 months 4 years 2 days
Or this... this... 4 years 2 days
Watches > Ties.Watches > Ties. 4 years 2 days
IndoChino isn't worth all the hype tbh, rather...IndoChino isn't worth all the hype tbh, rather get a MTM suit properly at Mr. Ned. 4 years 5 days
whatwhatwhat: short hennessy This.[quote=whatwhatwhat]short hennessy[/quote] This. 4 years 1 month
From what I know PWM has little to no exit ops as...From what I know PWM has little to no exit ops as you are basically coldcalling people asking for their money. 4 years 1 month
WallStreet Prep Master Financial Modeling