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IF YOU EVER NEED A LESSON IN NOT GIVING UP!!!!!If you ever need a lesson in not giving up and fighting for it till it is really over, look no further than what Japan's Women's National Soccer team did today. Down to 10 men(or women in this case) and a goal down in the extra time, when other teams would have simply succumbed to the... 3 years 11 months
Consulting in Brazil / São PauloHey guys, I was wondering who the biggest players in Brazil are! (particularly besides MBB?) BRA seems like an interesting place for the years to come - dominant force in latin america, World Cup 2014, Olympics 2016,... I'm a US student, speak a little Portuguese and could see myself going... 4 years 2 months


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Consulting firms that sponsor B-SchoolRoland Berger does, although typically PhD programs are more popular among the European colleagues. ( ) 5 months 6 days
Staff to partner ratio Big 4 Consulting vs. MBB[quote=BigPicture] as of 30 seconds ago, the MBB firm I work at is 1:7.4. This is across the globe in total. This DOES include experts and anyone else who bills directly to the client. This does NOT include support staff.[/quote] Tier 2 (OW/ ATK/ RB) here - 1:7.5 7 months 4 weeks
Carry-On for Travel[quote=mrb87] pnb2002: I never understood some people's obsession with Rimowa (especially Europeans). You lose the front pockets and space (because Rimowas are four wheelers). Not to mention that four wheelers are terrible on carpeted floors, which many hotels are. I think hard-top four... 10 months 4 weeks
Booz (PwC) v Roland BergerDepends where you are in Asia. E.g. in China, RB is definitely stronger than Booz. Kinda tough to predict what the future holds for either firm, to be completely honest... but you'll be surrounded by great colleagues either way, so I'd probably recommend to go with your gut feeling based on the... 1 year 5 months
Attending WHU as an international student to...This is a small, fairly new but strong German finance community: Highly recommend you ask the guys there - everyone will be happy to respond in English, and there's plenty of WHU people. 1 year 5 months
ATK offer and firm outlook[quote=udkeudke]ATK is a solid shop. If they do not sell themselves in the next year to the Big 4, there is a good chance that they will not exist as a firm in the near future.[/quote] Sure sounds like a solid shop then! 1 year 7 months
How much package is good for a 7 years experience...about 3.5" 1 year 7 months
Restructuring and Turnaround ConsultingHighly recommended student workshop on restructuring by Roland Berger: Reading this thread - a quick word of caution: Big4 restructuring is doing somewhat different work from the strategy firms. Coming from audit, they have a stronger... 1 year 7 months
Pricewaterhouse to Buy Booz Consulting FirmFrom my understanding, the name "Booz & Co" will cease to exist - could anybody shed some light on this? 1 year 8 months
Luggage preferences while traveling?As one might expect, Consulting Cabaret is all over this topic! 1 year 10 months